Friday, December 31, 2010

The Eventual Pick of Regular Explorers - Rolex GMT-Master Replica

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The techniques which are employed for the production of these replicas are unique. The most recent automatic chronographic movement in the replica watches has made them one of the most widely accepted watches all over the globe.

The actual praise and recognition in this regard should still be given to the original Rolex for producing magnificent and brilliant watches. Even the imitations of these original Rolex watches are much better than the original timepieces of numerous brands.

The robustness and the durability of the Rolex GMT-Master replica watches are marvelous as well. These attributes have become the grounds for people widely looking to buy these replicas. Another feature of these replicas is that these have the capability of exhibiting the times of manifold time zones. It is tremendously simple to adjust the time of all the zones on your watch. With this brilliant watch, you have the time of two time zones on your wrist which could be very constructive for traveling rationales.

In order to fulfill the requirements of people belonging to middle class, the Rolex replica watches are available at very reasonable and inexpensive prices. These watches can easily be purchased from your local stores or website on the internet. It is the ultimate selection of people who are more recurrent travelers since the times of two time zones can prove to be very useful for them. Indisputably, these replicas are very deluxe and precise.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Magical Memories Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Here's my MAGICAL MEMORIES digi kit that is only available at Artscow. You can use this digi kit to make layout of your Disney adventure vacations and other photos.

I've also made lots of templates using this kit. Hope you like this.

Erratic Weather

Been hearing news about too much rain in Sydney these past few days to think that it's summer there already. I spoke to my sister the other day and she confirmed that it's raining cats and dogs and they are wearing rain boots and rain coats for it is raining most of the times.

The weather is so erratic as what sis mentioned. Sometimes it's raining, sometimes it's too hot and there's even a hail storm. Argghh the weather is really changing.

My Winter /Snow Photobook Templates at Artscow

Here are my Winter /Snow Photobook Templates available at Artscow. The good thing about templates is that you'll not worry anymore if you have no more time to make a layout because these templates of mine are easy to use. Just drag and drop photos and you're ready to have it printed at Artscow.

Click image to view the photobook

Just drag and drop your winter or snow photos. It's fun to play in the snow, snowflakes sparkle like blue diamonds and for sure your snow photos have lots of memories in it. My templates are available in different sizes 12x12, 8x8, 6x6 and 9x7.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Winter /Snow Digital Scrapbooking Kit

I've been quite busy these past few days as I'm not only doing some online tasks but I'm also making some digital scrapbooking designing as well. I decided to make a winter/ snow digi kit that I named SNOW FUN Digi Kit for you to enjoy. I just love this kit turned out and it's exclusively available at ARTSCOW, they are not download but you can use it to make personalized photobooks, mousepad, mugs, and more and have it printed at Artscow.

So for those that experienced winter while wearing their favorite ugg boots, you can easily make photobooks and other items out of your snow and winter photos. Just drag and drop your photos or add some journaling or texts and have it printed at artscow.

Enjoy my kit.!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Photobook Templates for Cruises/ Travel or Vacation

I made a travel/ vacation kit for Artscow i named TRAVEL TIME and here are some of the photobook templates that I made using the kit. You can use the kit to make your own layouts for photobooks, bags, watches etc.

Here's a perfect Cruise photobook template that you can use to put your pics from your cruises.

Just drag and drop your photos at these templates available in 8x8 and 6 x6 sizes. No need to make a layout as it is already ready. Enjoy!

Photobook Templates for Babies

Kids grow so fast these days as if they are taking any human growth hormone, so while they are still babies and kids, take the time to scrap and put their precious baby photos.

These are the 8x8 and 6x6 photobook templates that I made for babies. I used my PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES kit at Artscow for these templates. You can use these templates for FREE, and have it printed at artscow. Just drag and drop photos or even add journaling.

If you don't like to use templates, create your own using my kit. Enjoy!

Note: images are linked

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog Contest at

I'm just so excited as my friend Faye of is holding another contest at her blog . I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this because I love that Fossil watch. There are lots of entries submitted and I'm sure everyone wants to win. The Contest ends on December 18, 2010, so hurry you can still join. Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Personalized Apple iPhone 4 Case from Artscow

I just love ARTSCOW and I know you too! They have the most affordable prices and good quality personalized products that you can order. I have ordered tons of items from then since january 2009 and I'm always satisfied with the quality. Products are printed in Hongkong and shipping time is about 2-3 weeks depending on what items I ordered.

They have new products launched this month and one of them is this Apple iPhone 4 Case that comes in white and black colors. I'm not sure if they'll have cases for htc sense in the future but that would be a great addition to their products.

Here are just some of my Apple iPhone 4 Cases templates that I made at Artscow. You can put your own photos and text as well. It's just easy to customize. It costs $15.99 each.

CHECK OUT MY Template Gallery at Artscow.

Personalized Mousepad and more

These days, almost all things can be personalized. Thanks to ARTSCOW for they have tons of items that can be personalized and can be given as gifts to friends and family members. They have photobooks, umbrellas, mugs, watches, mousepad and more that can be personalized. You can put your own photos, names and even quotes.

I've been making some templates from time to time at Artscow and customers are free to use them. The customization is just quite easy as it is has the drag and drop feature. The items are perfect as gifts for yourself or for others. It may not be as expensive as those cubic zirconia rings but the memories and love that you put into those items are much more valuable.

Here are some of the mousepad templates that I've done at artscow. Check them out at my TEMPLATE GALLERY.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Christmas Digi-Kit at Artscow

Here's my Christmas kit "CHRISTMAS CHEERS" available exclusively at ARTSCOW.

If you don;t have time to make layouts at Artscow, you can use my templates HERE. available at different sizes

My Christmas Digi Photobooks at Artscow

I've been very busy these past few days because I've been working on my Christmas kit and Christmas Photobook at Artscow. Actually, I'm a little bit late in launching my Christmas kit at Artscow as many customers already ordered their Christmas ornaments as early as 1st week of November.

Anyway, if you're still thinking of what to give this Christmas for your loved ones then I can suggest that you can make a nice brag book or photobook. Guys would love to get hand rolled cigars but women will be pleased to have personalized items such as photobooks, bags, cosmetic cases and more.

Here are some of my Christmas photobooks at Artscow (available in many sizes: 12x12, 8x8, 6x6 4x4) that you can use for FREE at ARTSCOW. Just drag and drop your photos and it's done.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking Some Time Off from Digi-Designing

Weeh.. I've been working extra these past few days designing and making kits for Artscow. I already had my Christmas kit and just recently a Disney inspired digital scrapbooking kit. I've been rushing those kits for the last week hoping to get more sales at Artscow since they are having huge sale right now for all items. I have submitted my last kit for this month and I got so exhausted making the templates.

Now that 2 of my kits are in at Artscow once again, I have more time to learn more about tee tree oil for beauty treatment and some other stuff. I always have more time now to make other opps that are due and more time to go online (window) shopping.

After that, I'm set to make a Valentine's kit just in time for Feb. next year. I'll share some photos and links of my new kits at Artscow later.

Submitting to Web Directories

I remember when this blog was still new, I've tried to submit it to many web directories as much as I can hoping to increase my traffic and search engine positions. I think it helped since I got some hits coming from Google searches.

I'm also trying to optimize some of my blogs by using keywords on the title as I read on some seo blogs that it'll also help in the rankings.

Being Beautiful This Christmas

My goodness, Christmas is fast approaching and I'm actually getting excited over the various activities and parties that we'll be attending. I'm also planning and scheduling my visit to the salon for a hair spa soon. I hope I can have a clearer skin and no zits will come out. I hate to find an acne treatment the last minute.

I still need to buy new clothes that I'll wear for Christmas and other parties (hehe), plus more gifts for some kids.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Christmas Kit and more

Aside from trying to design a kit and make new templates for Artscow, I'm quite busy researching and reading more about colon cleanse that I can use in the future. I actually started a Christmas kit but with the looks of it, I'm not going to finish this up until this weekend as I'm busy with my online works.

I also noticed that all orders for Christmas stuff at Artscow are already in just to make in time for Christmas and my kit will be a little too late already. Sayang.... I wished I had more time so that I was able to finish it and make more profits out of it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scrapping Ideas

I scour the web when I want to look for digi-freebies and commercial use items for my scrapping stuff. I literally hop from one blog or site to another just to find that perfect kits that I can purchase or download. It's just like when you are looking for the most effective diet pill in the market, you need to look everywhere, ask your friends and even read reviews online.

The net is also full of scrapping ideas where I also get my my inspirations.

Sugar Hill Co.: My New FAVE Digi-Scrapping Kit Store

I was browsing for Medicare plan and trying to know which one best suits for me as I really need to address my health issues. After taking some time to do that I ended up browsing for new digital scrapbooking stores online and it lead me to Sugar Hill Company. Actually it was my friend Zanne who introduced me to this wonderful site where there are nice scrapping items both for personal and commercial use.I was hooked at their site during the NSD about a week ago and I was able to grab few CU products that I can use to create my own kits. My happiness was doubled when my dear friend Zanne gave me a $20 worth of shopping spree at Sugar Hill. I was able to buy lots of overlays and doodled items mostly from Miss Tiina. Actually, I'm starting to make another kit and I was happy that I already used the CU things that I bought already.

Printing Your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

I've been scrapping since 2007 and it was only last year that I was able to have some of my digi layouts printed over at Artscow. It's always exciting and thrilling to see my hard labor of scrapping turned into book as these photobooks. Others have tried to print their layouts at their hp printers and have good results but I reckon it's less expensive to have them printed at Arstcow than to print it on your own.

I have about 12 photobooks already and still have pending projects. I hope I'll have enough time to finish them but since I'm also designing for artscow, my time is divided already.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shopped at NSD!

Yey, I shopped. Instead of indulging on too much foods where I can take Lipofuze after that, I indulged myself with lots of CU (commercial used) goodies last (iNSD) inter National Scrapbooking Day last weekend.

My scrapper friends are buzzing me with lots of good scrapping stores that are having 50-70% off on their CU items so I was able to grab lots of tools that I can use to make digi kits. Actually, I already used some of them on my papers. Yey loved them!

Samples of my loots will follow soon. So, have you shopped as well?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Artscow Digital Scrapbooking Designer Kits Contest Result at Artscow

Teeheee.. my digital scrapbooking kit TRAVEL TIME entry won 1st place at Artscow Digital Scrapbooking Designer Kits B-Weekly Contest. It earned me $100, yey!

Now that the contest is finished, I can take out my stress by soaking in one of those jacuzzi tubs, that is if I own one. I can't help but to feel pressured when I'm joining the contest because there are times that I'm not sure if the customers like my design. Thankfully, I have won 1st- 3rd places every time I join.

Sadly, I don't have an entry for this week as I have no time to make some new designs because of my online works. I hope I can have extra time to make another kit so that I can join once again. I'm thanking Artscow for it is giving me another extra income, aside from the daily sales that I'm getting from templates that I made there.

Check out my FREE ARTSCOW TEMPLATES. All you need to do is put your photos there and it's ready to be printed at artscow.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Find Jobs Other Than Digital Scrapbooking and Designing

If you think that scrapping and designing is not your thing, then you need to find jobs that are really close to your heart. Nothing is great than doing what you love as it can give you more fulfillment and happiness. Online is a great source of work opportunities and you need to be aggressive and little patient in finding the work that will suit your talent and your qualifications. Patience will always pay off in the end.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My TRAVEL TIME Digital scrapbooking Kit at Artscow

This is my newest kit TRAVEL TIME, exclusively found at ARTSCOW. I'm offering this FREE up until Oct. 30, so be sure to ADD it YOUR KITS so you can use it for free at Artscow.

I also have lots of photobook templates and other items. Be sure you are logged in at your ARTSCOW account so you can add and use it to make your photobooks.

Digital Scrapbooking Designer Kits Contest Result at Artscow

Teehee, I won 3rd place at Artscow's bi-weekly digital scrapbooking contest! My UNCHANGING LOVE kit got the 3rd spot, eventhough I think I deserve a much higher place because I have lots of quickpages and templates that I offered for free. But since it's a contest and customers have their own preference on kits, then I'm still happy for the prize.

I'm so thankful that I learned how to design kits for ARTSCOW and right now, I see it as one of the successful home business that I can think of. It's hard to design kits that can take up a week to finish and 2 weeks the most for making various templates but all the hard work will paid once the kits and templates are used by their customers.

Right now, I joined the contest once again and I hope I can win the 1st place this time. I'll be sharing the kit and link on my next post.

The Need to Be Fit

Like they say, exercise makes us fit and healthy. Since that I’m having a sedentary lifestyle nowadays because of too much digiscrapping and designing, I guess I need to be more mobile by exercising. I’m walking with my dog in the morning for few minutes and I know that is not enough.

My bestfriend and I once thought of buying a treadmill so that anytime, we can just hop in it and run for few minutes of so. We even saw refurbished fitness equipment being sold and we’re tempted to buy. I guess one day, we can buy one or if not I just haveto walk for longer minutes.

Pending Scrapping Projects

While browsing and sorting my photo files that I can scrap in the future, I found some photos of my nephew. It also reminds me the days of my vacation at their house in Sydney few years back. I had the chance to take care of him while he was a toddler and I saw how hard it is for him to have eczema. His skin was dry and often itchy, what makes me pity him is that he’s scratching it until it bleeds.

He has some ointment medication that was given by the doctor as an eczema treatment but most of the times he doesn’t want he mom to put it on her skin. Fortunately, now that he’s already 7, his eczema was gone already and I just hope it will not come back. I’m looking forward to get more of his pictures and if I have extra time, I can scrap their vacation photos here.

Digital Scrapbooking Kits Freebie Hunting

I have not bee doing some freebie hunting for a while since I'm a little bit occupied with digital scrapbooking kit designing. Aside from that I'm doing some research online about health and acne products that I need. I just need to be more conscious about how I look these days so I'm compelled to do so.

I'm checking out lots of designers blogs for possible freebies and eventhough I can design digi kits of my own, it's also nice to grab beautiful creations from other designers that I can also use in my scrapping. I'm also hoping that there are also freebies that is ok for CU- commercial use.

Off to hunt now and will try to share them here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Matter of Patience

For most of us, keeping in shape is one of the things that we all wanted to achieve in our bodies. If you’re trying to lose weight, I guess you are finding good ways on how to attain the perfect body. Losing weight is not an overnight thing, for others taking vitamins for weight loss can be the answer but it may not work for you. So check ways on how to lose weight that can suit your body.

First, you need to discipline yourself and focus on your weight goals. It might be hard for others but if you set your goal and you’re passionate in shedding those extra pounds in your body then nothing will be impossible.

Work, Birthday and more

Oh dear, I'll be turning another on my life come next month and I'm already at the age where wrinkles and other problems are surfacing. I'm not really worried with my wrinkles because I can remove forehead wrinkles with some medications. I'm just worried about my health and knowing that I really should get up and see a doctor.

In the meantime, I drowning myself with work so I can save and not be worried all the time that nothing is happening to me while I'm just at home. At least I'm very productive with my work, digital kit designing and blogging.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Unchanging Love Digi- Kit Exclusive at Artscow

This is my newest kit, UNCHANGING LOVE available only at Artscow. This is FREE for 2 weeks only from Oct. 3- Oct. 16, 2010 (HK time) only. Feel free to copy my sample photobooks that I made there as well . ADD TO YOUR KIT at ARTSCOW, to get it FREE. After Oct. 16, it will be sold exclusively at Artscow.

You can make lots of layouts using this kit. Perfect for weddings, pre-nup, anniversaries and even for your little girl

If you don't have an account yet at Artscow, Sign up

Friday, October 8, 2010

Overflowing Digi Kit Designing Mojo

So my designing mojo since the other day and I have to hake advantage of that. I set aside my blogging stuff for a while that day and deeply think what theme should I make this time.I initially wanted to make another girly kit but since I have some already, I thought something else will definitely make my customers buy.I already had a color theme for it but I changed my mind later on and I'll just do that next time.

Some few friends suggested that I make a travel kit and I thought it's a great theme since all of us have travel photos that are waiting to be scrapped and printed into a photobook. So with that theme in my head, I quickly opened my photoshop and the color wheel chart to create a color scheme.

Now, I'm already made some elements from scratch and will use some CU elements most especially the realistic flowers that I'll put in there. I just need to make some more elements and patterned papers and it will be ready. As usual, I'm excited with my upcoming kit so watch out for it.

I'm thankful that whenever I'm lazy blogging or too burned out with online work, I can design digi-kits to help me refocus and relax. Instead of puffing an electronic cigarette
that others do when they are idle, I bring out my creativity onto my digi scrapping designs. I can't wait for the kit to finish and uploaded at my Artscow gallery.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here We Grow Digi Kit

I always admire designer Dani Mogstad. I remember when I frequently visits her blog to see her designs and latest layouts with her cute little girl's photos. Eventhough I don't buy kits that much lately, this HERE WE GROW kit from Dani Mogstad is so cute and a great buy. Sold at Sweet Shoppe Designs for $7.99 (a bit pricey but worth it).

You can scrap baby photos, both girls and boys. Kids grow up so fast even without the aid of hgh supplements these days that's why you need to document their photos as they grow up.

Work It Digi - Kit

If you're documenting your health and weight loss journey , this is the perfect kit for all your photos. This is a collab kit from Trixie Scraps Designs and Golden Girls Digital Designs in girly colors. Sold at scrapmatters for $6.99.

Sometimes it's really hard to get fit and maintain the weight that you've been wanting all those years. Just in case you want some help in losing those extra pounds, you click here or much better, start your exercise regimen by either brisk walking in the morning, going to the gym or start eating healthy foods. Those are a good start.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

House Call Emergency Digital Scrapbooking Kit

My mom is in the hospital right now because of hypertension but I hope she will be discharge soon. Though she is not looking for a colon cleanser that works, her doctor has once again changed her medication that will really suit her. Hope that she will not get dizzy once again.

Anyway, if you are looking for a medical House Call Emergency Digital Scrapbooking Kit for some of your photos, here's a kit that includes quite a number of elements like medical scissors, ambulance, syringe and more.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Late Night Digi Designing

Just in case you didn't know, I've been designing digital scrapbooking kits since 2007 and have sold some of my designs at an online scrap store. I had to resign from my work after a year because I can't keep up with the designer duties of the store and it's eating up my time. Aside from that I was not earning that much with my designs so I have no choice but to quit.

I went back in digi-designing just last year when I saw that ARTSCOW, is having a bi-weekly contest at their website. I thought it was a good chance to earn extra so I entered my old designs and I was so happy that the it won a place at the contest. I was inspired so I end up making new digital scrapbooking kits that I can join even though it means that I need to stay up late than usual. I really don't have to worry if I'll develop dark circles around my eyes because I know there are lots of under eye creams in the market today.

I just hope that every time that I join the contest, I'll win the 3 major place so as to compensate my hard work. Watch out for more of my designs. You can see my digi kit designs at ARTSCOW.

Expertise in Adobe Illustrator

Aside from wanting to search for an accredited online college degrees that can help me with further studies, I also wanted to learn more about Adobe Illustrator. I’ve tinker with the program a little bit and it’s still quite confusing to me. There are certain designs that I wanted to make but with my little knowledge on the program, I end up just being frustrated. I know I have to allocate more time in learning about it just like what I did with Photoshop CS3.

I reckon, I should familiarize myself first with all the buttons and for sure in no time, I can use the program with confidence. My niece is also good at Illustrator and perhaps I can ask her to help and share some of her expertise.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Placed 2nd at Artscow's Bi-Weekly Digital Scrapbooking Designers Kits Contest

Last Saturday while waiting for the Bi-Weekly Contest result over at ARTSCOW, I needed to rush to the restroom once again. It seems that I need to check on some colon cleanse detox and consult my doctor already for it's becoming annoying already.

Anyway, it's every 2 weeks that Artscow is having a contest for digi designers and those with the highest weekly use count will win. I entered my PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES Kit and fortunately it placed 2nd so I won $50.

Now if you use that kit on any of your designs, you'll be charge an additional of $3.49.

Enjoying Making Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Aside from thinking on how to get rid of blackheads on my face, I'm also trying to challenge myself in coming up with new designs of digi elements and papers on the digital scrapbooking kits that I'm making exclusively for ARTSCOW.

There's a stiff competition in the store and I need to be more creative and include lots of quickpages and make lots of photobook and other artscow samples so that my digi-kit will stand out from the rest of the designers. I also have to survey what are the most popular designs and what theme is mostly used by the customers so that I have an idea on what to create next.

Actually I just finished a new digi kit but with little preparation that I have and few samples that I made, I wasn't able to join it for this bi-weekly contest. I'm actually enjoyed making all those digi kits for it not only can hone my designing skills but it also can add to my monthly income.

Keeping Fit and Slim Digital Scrapbooking Kits

If your goal is to keep slim, fit and lose that unwanted fats in your body by exercising, taking diet pills for women or whatever method that your body is used to, then this weight loss and slimming digital scrapbooking kit can help you record all your weight loss journey.

Scrap all the memorable photos that you have and in the end you'll be amazed how much effort and hardwork you have put into your weight loss goal.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's into Hybrid Scrapping

I was at YM with a friend the other night discussing some stuff and that includes her need to look for an acne solution for herself. She's been annoyed with all the acne that she has for sometime now but I told her to just visit her derma doc for proper medication.

Aside from that, we've been talking about scrapping and I learned that aside from digital and paper scrapping she's now into hydrid lately. She has done a cute greeting card for a start and she's now making some new stuff using digi kits that she's printing. I hope if I have enough time. I can also learn and make some hybrid items.

My Precious Little Ones Kit at Artscow

This is my newest kit PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES at Artscow. This is FREE for 2 weeks only from Sept. 5- Sept. 18, 2010 (HK time) only. Feel free to copy my sample photobooks that I made there as well . ADD TO YOUR KIT at ARTSCOW, to get it FREE. After Sept. 18, it will be sold exclusively at Artscow.

If you don't have an account yet at Artscow, Sign up

Used Cellphones

I certainly agree that some of the high tech cellphones can be expensive and for those with small budget and with basic communicating needs using used cell phones can be an option. I’m quite impressed that there are companies who buy and sell old cellphones that can actually help those with tight budget and also helping the environment by keeping those old phones from landfills.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Designing Another New Kit

I was designing a kit on my laptop when my brother suddenly asked me to check on some car insurance rates online because one of our vehicle's insurance will be renewed this year. We're hoping to get an affordable one because we have limited budget.

Anyway, like what I said, I have started a new kit since last week and I'm almost done with it. It will be again uploaded at my ARTSCOW account soon. I'm not quite sure yet, if I'm going to share it for free or will sell it once I've uploaded it. The theme of my new kit can be use for weddings, anniversaries, family and other layouts. I can't wait for it to be finished.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Educational Toys for Kids

Parents should really give their children educational toys because children learn by playing. It’s a good way to develop and hone their skills at a young age. These toys also help the mental growth and development of any child. They’ll also have the chance to play, explore and learn at the same time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comment on Deep Memories

For adventurous individuals using adult toys can be more pleasurable, exciting and daring to use.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Digi-Scrapping and Other Ways to Relax

Sometimes it's just to nice to pamper ourselves after working so hard. Going to the spa for a massage or dip in a hot tub are luxurious and a pleasurable way to recharge and relax. Nothing beats when our bodies are given such a treat. What I like about going to a spa salons is that I don't have to worry about replacing those spa filters if I have one at the house.

Aside from that, shopping is also best to unwind, though sometimes it''ll just bore a hole in our pockets hehe but I know all women enjoy doing it. You can also take on a hobby, digital scrapbooking is also relaxing and it enhances your creativity. If you have not done this, you better try it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Win Cool Prizes at Quicker8 Blog Contest

I'm trying my luck to win at Faye's blog contest right now. It will end this Sept. 8 so I still have time to join. She has some cool prizes for everyone, though an HDTV is not included as one of the prizes, she's still generously giving away 3 items. Any one can join even if you're living overseas because she'll ship it.

Here are the prizes at her blog contest.

1st prize – Ladies Chronograph (big face) watch
2nd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Commercial Use / Personal Use Freebies

Love this paper flowers from Yalana Designs. Grab it if you can.

Digi Designing

While some of you are looking for jobs on health care job site or at the newspapers, I'm happy to note that aside from blogging, I'm also designing digital kits (just in case you didn't know) for Artscow.

I already made 5 digi-kits and I'm already earning from it which is a good sideline for me. Right now, Artscow are encouraging all their designers to design templates for notepads, photobooks, and now greeting cards. I have designed few notepads and have got a commission out of it. I hope I can earn more on my kits soon so it will compensate my hard work

Try Digi-Scrapping

I know it's not fun to be sick but instead of putting too much of your energy on being lonely and negative, it's always best to get into a hobby. You can refocus your thoughts on some other things like digital photography or digital scrapbooking just like in my case.

Just in case you don't know how to digi-scrap, there are tons of tutorials that you can read online to get you started. You also don;t need to buy digi supplies for there are designers who are so generous in sharing their creations.

Managing Some Works

I've been busy these past few days with all my online works. I'm so thankful for all the blessings that's coming my way although there are times I have to admit that I became a bit lazy due to my ailments. I'm also piling up some paper works and other documents and I guess I already need a document management system that will make my work a bit faster so I can multi-task too. I know, I also need to manage my time well so I can do lots of works in a day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CatScrap's 4th Birthday Celebration SALE

It's CatScrap's 4th Birthday Celebration, there will be a whole week of festivities and store-wide 30% off and daily extra 10% of sales. There will be August Guest Designers that will join the fun and it's Liz of Paislee Press Designs plus Sandra of FruitLoOp Sally, Nathy of Cinnamon Designs, and Sara of zinnias & swallowtails.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Favors

Getting married is one of the best events that anyone can experience in our lives. Preparation can be a little tiring most especially finding the perfect invites, favors, flowers etc. but if we know the right suppliers and resources then I guess it’ll become easier. Your review of Wedding Avenue will really help couples who are finding wedding favors and other wedding accessories that are unique and elegant. I went over to the site, found many samples, and even saw some discounts.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Internet = Creativity

It rained the whole evening last night and I heard from family and friends that there's massive traffic and lots of floods everywhere. I will not wonder anymore because these days when heavy and sudden rain poured, it is 100% that there'll be sudden floods and traffic.

My net connection was totally cut off around 10 pm at the time that I wanted to look for clothing wholesaler online and finishing some of my online works. I waited and waited but it's not coming back. So instead of getting annoyed, I just opened my Photoshop and make some few elements on the new digital scrap kit that I'm making. Oh well at least I was creative that night that I didn't know it was already past 12 midnight not until mom went out of her room.

Morning Bath

I gave my dog Sophie a bath this morning and it was funny because as soon as she saw the towels in my hands she slowly hid under the table and I know she knows it's bath time once again. I called her and it was sweet because in just one call and my hand command she came to me immediately.

It took about 2 hours for me to gave her bath and to towel dry her off. I also combed her hair but it's too frustrating because of the tangles that I can't get off. Sophie was moving too fast and quite playful so I have a hard time with her. She's sometimes wants to bite playfully esp. when she doesn't want her hair pulled.

I got some scratches on my hands and even though I know Sophie has anti-rabies injection I still need to treat my hands with alcohol and betadine that I got from our medicine cabinet (wish it was a Robern Medicine cabinet) for safety.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freebie Desktop Wallpaper for August

My friend Kaje e-mailed me the other day asking my permission that she wanted to make a desktop wallpaper for August that she'll offer for free on her blog. She used my CHERISHED MEMORIES kit that I made about a 2 months ago and is exclusively available only at ARTSCOW.
I said yes and here's the Freebie Desktop Wallpaper for August that she made using my kit. Download it at her blog (image linked) and don't forget to say thank you when you have downloaded it ok.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Country Quilts

We’re already on the second quarter of the year and soon it’s holiday once again and I guess it’s never too early to look for possible gifts already. In this way, we can scour the net for new and unique gifts this year. Thanks for the review of Country Village Shoppe and now I have more choices like country quilts, county baskets, candles and more as they are great to decorate in our homes as well.

Importance of Vitamins and Supplements

I’ve been advised by many to take vitamins and supplements since I’m not getting any younger anymore plus to give myself extra boost or energy to keep me going. My work also requires me to stay up late when work deadline is coming so I needed that too but there are times when I’m lazy or forgetful to drink them. Now I need to discipline myself if I want a healthy body.

Bath Towels

I’m a towel person. I have a towel just for my face and another one that I use for my body after taking a bath as I’m not comfortable using just 1 for my whole body. Bath Towels are fun to buy especially if they are soft that will not harm our skin. Thanks for the review of USATowl and I just learned that they have wholesale towels at a good price.


We really need to get insurance whether for your car, health, home etc. for we never know when accidents will happen. It’s will come in the blink of an eye and when we least expect it so being prepared is good choice. Thanks for sharing the site for we now know where to get cheap insurance in easy steps.

Hunting for Digi Kits and Home Ideas

Aside from hunting for fabulous free digi-scrapping kits online I'm also fond of looking for contemporary furniture online that I can incorporate in our house. There are days that I'm also browsing for nice home ideas so that when the time comes for our house renovation, I'll already have an idea what I want it to look.

It's so inspiring to see lots of beautiful houses these days and I'm dreamin' that one day our house will be just like those houses.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Birthday Bash Digi-Kit at Artscow

This is my latest kit that I'm offering for free at Artscow for 2 weeks only. You still have the chance to add this BIRTHDAY BASH kit up until Jul 24, 2010 only. So hurry. You can use this to make layouts then later on you can have it printed over at artscow.

I have also made some quickpages at artscow so you can make photobooks easily. If don't have an account at ARTSCOW sign up HERE.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sports Memorabilia

I believe that most men love sports and those that are really die hard fans will always make extra effort in getting to know more about their favourite team or even players. Your review of Hollywoodcollectibles will surely be a great help for sports memorabilia collectors just like my brother.

Carpets for the House

With your enthusiastic review about CarpetExpress, it made me browsed the site and just like you I found their collection of carpets very appealing. Now I know where to get a carpet the next time I’ll need one and I hope I’ll be given the same 50% off like what you got.

Comment on Affiliated Auctions Review

Thanks for sharing the site of AffiliatedAuctions where we can join military auctions and more online or at their venue. It is nice to know that there’s a site that can give info about different auctions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comment on ImmunoLytics Review

It’s not often we get to read good information about molds and other organisms that can actually harm our health. It’s good to know that there are mold test kits by ImmunoLytics that can help determine if our environment is not safe anymore for our health. In this way, we can prevent future illness and help people learn more molds that thrive in our environment.

Comment on Fremont Industrial Supply Review

About two months ago we noticed that we are running out of water in the house, my bro checked it and he found out that the motor that pumps water in our reservoir is not working properly. Usually the motor will just automatically run to pump water in. Right now, we are just manually doing it and we have no choice but to replace the motor. I’m asking my bro to find a replacement and up to now he has not seen any Electric motors that are similar with our motor. I guess we need to check out Fremont Industrial Supply that you have reviewed and check if they carry such motor.

Comment on Innovatech Review

I remember when my sister was renovating their house and removing their old floor tiles, they’re having quite a hard time doing it by themselves. To alleviate their burden they hired professionals to do the job in changing the tiles and polishing the other floors in their house. If not for the high performance concrete polishing machine that they have the job will not be done in a swift manner.

Comment about Marine Engine

My brother is the one in-charge of our vehicles and just recently our van was having trouble and it looks like that the engine is failing already and need to be seen by a certified mechanic. I hope it can be fix asap as it is so hard when vehicles are not in good condition. Thanks for sharing this review and for sure someone will find it helpful in finding good rebuilt Marine engine and more.

Monday, July 19, 2010

THE INCH WEIGHT LOSS digi-scrapping kit

Hey there scrappers, if you're one of those that are reading hydroxycut advanced reviews, exercising, dieting , eating healthy foods or whatever method you're doing to get off those unwanted fats of yours, I reckon it is also nice to document your weight loss journey.

This THE INCH WEIGHT LOSS digi-scrapping kit by Dawn Inskip is perfect for your photos. Sold at Pickleberry Pop for $5.50. Check it out and happy scrapping! I hope you'll be inspired to scrap when you see this kit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Things Freebie

Before I even begin my research for the cheapest term life insurance, I'd like to share this freebie that I found online. GOOD THINGS mini kit by Lipstick Designs.

I'm hoping to scrap soon but I don;t think that is possible because I'm a little bit busy these days. I'm also designing kits that I'm uploading over at artscow and that eats up my time also. I have so many photos that I wanted to scrap but I will set it aside for a while since my designing mojo is here. Maybe if I got lazy making designs then probably I can scrap again.

ON Designs Retirement SALE

I guess scrappers will really love her designs and since ON Designs is retiring, grab the opportunity to buy her on sale digi kits. Not quite sure why she's not designing anymore, maybe because she's already exhausted with designing and other duties of designers at the store.

I know how it feels because I had experience selling at a store because it's eating up my time and I could not keep up. It's like a quick weight loss for me bec. often times I'm tired. Anyway, grab some sale till July 15th only