Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Miss Digital Photography

Oh dear I miss digital photography so much!

Gone where the days when almost everyday, you'll see me carrying my DSLR camera with me and taking photos of just about anything. I got too busy with some work and other things and I guess that made me lose some of my interest in it for a while.

Gladly, I have made 3 photobooks of my photography shots and I'm not sure if I can make another one. Hoping one that that my enthusiasm for photography will come back enormously. However, I do get to take pictures using my DSLR but not like the days when I use to be so passionate about it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

No Time to Blog and Scrap

I'm chatting with my sis over YM using her iPhone and net at the grocery hehe. I was just too happy to know that they've moved to their newly constructed house for a week now and happy she was because she has a big, spacious and lovely home. I have not seen the entire house with their new furniture, stepping stones and other stuff inside their home but I'm pretty sure it's gorgeous.

She's also worried about her online works since she hasn't checked her account because there's no internet connection at their new house yet. I told her I might help her if I'll be able to finish mine early. Sis is just too busy lately because there's too much going on with their life today. Moving to a new house is really hard and tasking, being a mom and wife is even harder.

To Blog? To Scrap or to Design?

I stayed up late last night hoping to get more works done so I will not be too overloaded this week. I also spend some time asking myself does lipozene work?, will I make another kit? to blog or to scrap? Yay, I have to many things to do and many thoughts in my mind lately and I hope I can accomplish lots of things despite my mind being overcrowded for a while.

Anyway, my goal is to finish all my online tasks this week so I can start designing another digi kit next week. That is if my health permits me to do so. Well, I'm very positive that thing will work out good if not perfect for me. Ok I need to work more so moolah will be rolling in my pp acct.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personalized Photo Cases from Artscow

Aside from getting lots of emails from companies for shopping or beauty products that I subscribed, I also get mails about health and fitness such as creatine, diet pills and more.

Artscow's newest promo is this photo cases in different styles for only $4.99 and that also includes FREE shipping. A great deal already for you can order any of pencil case, digi cam case and CD cases. I always love personalized items for my personal use and as gifts to my friends and relatives.

I personally recommend ARTSCOW, for they have great quality and good prices. I've been ordering from them since 2009.

To avail of this promo use CODE:
4PHCASES expires on March 3, 2011.

Pentax OPTIO WG-1 GPS Digi Cam

Do you love the outdoors and taking pics? If yes, then don't go out without a digi cam with you. Check out this new ourdoor point and shoot cam from Pentax. This PENTAX Optio WG-1 is
* Waterproof to 33 feet
* Shockproof from 5 feet
* Coldproof to a sub-freezing -10 C° or 14 F°
* 14 megapixel sensor captures your exploits in detail
* Digital microscope mode enlarges up to 37X

Sometimes bringing your too sophisticated camera at the outdoors can be daunting but this new cam from Pentax can be as tough and rugged in the wild. Now I'm drooling for this cam and if I'll be putting this on my list of things to buy then for sure I'll be needing a payday advance loan to get all what I have in my list. Yay!

Diet and Weight Loss DIgi-Scrapping Kit

I you're trying to lose weight either by exercising, dieting or taking the best slimming pills, you can document your weight loss journey by scrapping your photos. I know this will keep you motivated and inspired in achieving your goals. This may be a difficult journey in your life but once you see the end result, you'll feel happy about it.

This I'M LOSING kit by Ginger Scrap Designs is perfect for your weight loss photos and healthy plans.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dogs/Pets Digi-Scrapping Kit Soon

Yey, I just finished another kit the other day and I'm so excited over it. I love the colors and the elements that I made and put in it. I still have to make an alpha and soon I'll be releasing it at Artscow.

Right now, I'm thinking of making another kit and I thought that dogs or pets digi kit will be next. Those that in dog training, or have pets at home can scrap their pets photos. It's also perfect because I have a pet dog named Sophie and I'm sure she'll become my inspiration when I'll decide to start making a kit. So watch out for this kit, ok.? I also have many themed kits in line and I'll be making them one at a time. I hope my creative juices will flow freely all the time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For Boys Digi-Scrapbooking Photobook Template

Every time I make a digi-scrapbooking kit at Artscow I make it a point to make lots of different templates using that particular kit. My recent COOL DUDE kit, which I'm offering for free only until Feb. 19th already has lots of adds.

I made this BIG BOY NOW photobook template where in you can add your son's photos and/or journaling and have it printed over at ARSTCOW. I've been ordering photobooks from Artscow since 2009 and I'm very pleased and satisfied with their products. They accept credit cards and paypal as mode of payments. Items will be shipped or arrived within 3-4 weeks since they come from Hongkong.

Check out this template that I made.

Unstretched Canvases from Artscow

Aside from receiving cheap car insurance quotes in my inbox, Artscow has been giving some good deals on their customers all the time. Their recent promo is this unstretched canvases for just $2O and that includes free international delivery!

Use this COUPON CODE to avail of this promo in 4 different size such as 18”x24" etc. COUPON CODE :VDAYCNVS. Expires on Feb. 28, 2011.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Cool Dude Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Yey, finally my new kit is up at ARTSCOW. I have received some requests from friends and artscow customers to make a kit for boy and I thought I grant their request so here is what I came up.

I named it COOL DUDE, perfect for boys and any men in your life. To make your scrapping much faster, I have created lots of templates (photobook, bags/cases, etc) so you can just drag and drop your photos and put some of your personal touches.

I'm so very thankful for having this kind of talent. Aside from blogging, I can also earn a little bit from my designing works and I don't even need to worry looking for a job like those of charlotte jobs online. I'm hoping that my designing mojo will always flow as I have many more themed kits on my list to do.

BTW, if you don't have an account at ARTSCOW, SIGN UP HERE, so you can add my kits. Thanks all!