Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let the Pictures Tell a Story with a Digital Scrapbook

Almost every aspect of one’s life has joined the digital bandwagon. With gadgets and tools designed to make things easier even the field of arts and crafts were not spared from this revolution. People who are passionate about making scrapbooks are finding the digital approach as something new, easy and unique. Yes, digital scrapbook is the latest trend when it comes to making those pictures come to life.

Without a doubt, scrapbooks are a popular hobby especially for moms or individuals who are trying to find ways on how to organize their set of pictures. With the digital method, everything is fast and easy. All you’ll need is a reliable computer and with a few mouse clicks here and there, designing a page could take you a minute or less.

There are several reasons why one should try digital scrap booking. Since everyone now use digital cameras, most pictures are now stored on the computer. You can save a memory space and organize the pictures better by making a scrapbook. It eliminates the need to print the images and buy actual scrapbook tools. So it does not only save money but a great deal of time as well.

A wide range of design templates are also available online and some of them are even for free. So with a photo editing software and with a few templates, making your first digital scrapbook is easy. It may take some practice in order to get familiar with a few tricks but once you get the hang of it, it will be nothing but fun.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Best Friends Forever Digi-Scrapping Kit

best friends forver kit


Here’s my newest digi-scrapping kit BEST FRIENDS FOREVER at Artscow. I have made heaps of templates for you to use and I’m very happy with the outcome of this kit as you can use it on son many projects.

You can scrap your friendship photos, your baby, kids, teens and little girls. You can only use this kit inside ARTSCOW, if you’re not yet a member SIGN UP HERE for Free.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Engagement Rings to Propose to Your Beloved

Engagement rings are easily the most important part of a wedding because without them any wedding would be considered incomplete and wrong. However, in this modern day, engagement rings have become extremely expensive because the diamonds in them have become expensive. This makes it particularly difficult for a man looking to impress his girlfriend or wife to be. If you are one such man then it is very likely that you would appreciate the fact that there are many online websites and jewelers that offer high quality engagement rings for extremely affordable prices. Even so, deciding to buy an engagement ring online means that you would have to keep the following things in mind during the purchase process.

1. What does your beloved like?  The first thing you should prepare for is to buy something that your beloved will like. This could be the most difficult of decisions that you ever make. Hence, doing some research into her preferences, likes and dislikes would not go amiss. Go through her jewelry box, take note of what she wears and appreciates and even ask her friends for advice.

2. Is she okay with colored diamonds?  Colored diamonds are a rage in the fashion world because numerous celebrities have decided to sport them. However, colored diamonds are not something that every woman appreciates because they are a little different from convention. Hence, find out whether your beloved likes colored diamonds and, if she does, which colors does she like?

3. Which setting should you go for?  The next thing you should prepare for is the setting of the engagement ring. The setting of the engagement ring plays a major role in the type of diamond that you choose as well. Furthermore, there are numerous settings to choose from and the choice needs to be carefully considered.

4. What metal would be ideal?  Finally, you will have to see what metal the engagement ring is made up of. The metal needs to be chosen on the basis of a variety of things including your beloved’s preferences, your budget and even whether your beloved is allergic to any metal.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pc

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pc
My sister and her hubby arrived from overseas last month for their yearly vacation in the country. All were excited especially their 3 college students for they can bond again as a family. They each got a samsung mobile phone while the eldest got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC as gifts. Wow, I envy my nephew for that. Oh well, at least he needs it more than me. I’m sure he can do many things with his mobile pc now but I’m just hoping that he’d study harder so he can graduate already.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Digi-Scrapping Kits Retirement/Closing Down Sale a Two Little Pixels




I've been online since this morning trying to finish some templates for Artscow and researching about apidexin because a friend asked me to search for her when I read on my work e-mail that there's an ongoing retirement and closing down sale of PU and CU digi-scrapping products at Two little pixels.

As usual, I got intrigued and excited upon reading the sale so I went to the site and browsed. I saw some CU designer tools and I’m contemplating if I’m going to buy them. There are items that only costs $1.50 depending on the kit. I think I need to grab some of the CU items that I can use in the kits that I’ll be making soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Home/House Related Digi-Scrapping Kits

Whether you sold your house, purchased a new house, built your dream house, had a complete house renovation or got the services of a carpet cleaners raleigh nc that can help with your home cleaning, it’s always fun to scrap all your home photos to keep the memories. I know you have tons of photos that are just waiting to be scrapped. To get you started, here are just some of the home/house related digi-scrapping kits that I found at Sweet Shoppe designs.

Click on the image to go to the designer’s kits.
Home/House Related Digi-Scrapping Kits Home/House Related Digi-Scrapping Kits

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Digi-Scrapping Your Summer Vacation Photos

Summer is over at our part of the world but many are still having their vacation just like my sister’s family even it’s already rainy seasons. We all wished we have a motorhome (with a motorhome insurance) so that we can all travel to different places with ease. Now, we all have tons of photos to get printed and scrap and sometimes it’s overwhelming to see and even start.

I can personally advice to organize your photos by putting on each folder with proper label so that it will not be hard to find when you need it to scrap or print. Next, sort out the pictures that you want to scrap/print so it’ll be easier. I know, you want all your photos printed but choose the best and the highlights of your travel.

There are so many travel kits available at different online digi scrapping stores online that you can buy or if you want to save, just use ARTSCOW’s photobook templates because you can just drag and drop your photos and have it printed right away. I know sorting photos is time consuming but once it’s done and you have it printed, it’s worth it.