Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jewelry Trends

Just like home design and clothing, jewelry also has seasons and trends. Before spending your money on giant silver hoops or a diamond tennis bracelet, check out the emerging runway trends in jewelry design to make sure your look is in style.


Pearls aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. It’s hard to believe that something akin to getting sand in your eye to a human creates such a beautiful object inside an oyster, mussel or clam. Those little irritants harden and beautify until they are harvested and made into the necklaces, bracelets and rings seen on this year’s runways. Because pearls are sensitive, they should be kept on velvet liners or soft pouches to maintain their luster.

The New Locket

The new locket isn’t a locket at all but a cute little bag just big enough for a lipstick. These bag necklaces can be long or short, made of leather, metal or fabric. They can stand out or blend into your outfit just as you like.

Earrings as Statement Pieces

Wearing a statement necklace may be a thing of the past (unless it’s one of the trendy bag necklaces). Shoulder length earrings are the new statement pieces. These ornaments can get so long, you will need to be careful when you throw a bag over your shoulder for fear of catching on one.

Textured Metal

Imagine the jewelry Athena or another Greek goddess might wear, and you’ll be spot on for the new textured metal craze. Chunky bracelets in crushed gold or silver are in. Smooth metals are out. Keep pieces shiny by cleaning with a soft cloth.

Beachy Keen

Why give up that vacation feel just because you must work? Bright colorful beads made of clay, shells or glass interspersed with feathers or charms are a runway hit. Add texture by layering a choker with longer strands.

Keep your jewelry wardrobe up to date by adding in a few trendy pieces. Whether you go high fashion with pearls or keep it casual with beads, you’re sure to turn heads with your stylish look.