Friday, October 2, 2015

Crafts and Music

I have always been inclined to arts and crafts ever since I was young. I remember doing paper crafts, cutting and pasting here and there. Making topiaries made of buttons, ribbons,and flowers are enjoyable. When cross-stitching became hit in the 90's, i also tried my hand making some masterpieces that I still have up to now. I have over 15 frames cross-stiched items in our house and some in our shop. Those are priceless possesions of mine that can't be bought, to think I can't make any of those again. I enjoy my hobbies and it's my way to express my feelings and let out my creativity.

While I enjoy arts and crafts, my dear friend enjoys playing the piano. It has always been her fave anyway since we are in elementary. I'd come to their house while she plays piano in their living room while me and my other friends gaze with amazement over her playing skills. She has played on one of the best pianos in the market for they have piano at home.

I hope you have hobbies too..