Thursday, February 27, 2014

Encouraging your Kids to Be Creative

Every kid has their own liking and their parents should need to encourage them to become creative. Exposing kids to various fun activities at young age may develop their own hobby or passion. I have stated some few ways on how to keep your kids busy and you might want to read it.

Activities can show off their creative side, who knows you might discover that your child has a passion for drawing , writing, singing and playing musical instruments. Not all kids can play instruments so it will be a nice asset of your child. Enrolling them on various short music courses that uses quality instruments and that may include using 7 200 and professional instructors to guide your kids.

Learning doesn't stop at school because they need to practice and learn more at home. Guide them as much as you can on the things that they want to do.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My 36th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

This is the second book (out of 4 books) that I made for my 2012 PROJECT 366 (Photo-a-Day) photobook. I had it printed over ARTSCOW and as usual I loved the outcome.
The size is 8x8 with 20 pages.
This book is from April - June 2012 wherein I took photos each day and compiled them in a photobook. Each photobook compiles each 3 months of the year so for 2012 I have 4 books done. I will  be sharing the other books vol. 3 and 4 soon

Here is my 2012 Project 366 Photobook for April -June 2012 vol. 2

Layout Over the Weekend

Weekend is gone once again and we all need to go back to work. Aside from browsing through these beautiful necklace selection online I was able to start some new layouts. Actually, this is a long time project of mine but since I became so busy with some works and other layouts, I shelved it for a while not until last weekend.

I was inspired to start this layout once again since my HS batch is going to have our 30th pear reunion this coming May and I thought if I'd finish this photobook, I can have it printed at Artscow. I wanted to bring this book too at our reunion so that my batchmates can see this. These are photos during our 25th reunion 5 years ago and I guess it's already high-time to have it printed.

Hoping to finish this photobook before May and wishing I'll have so much inspiration doing this. See I have already about 12 pages done so  I guess 20 more pages ...