Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids and Music

Every kid loves music as it can keep them motivated, energetic, inspired and motivated. Play a music and in no time a kid will sing or dance to the tune of it. Some kids will grow up with fondness to music and will eventually make it as a hobby or a profession too. Learning a musical instruments for kids can be an easy thing especially if they like what they are doing. If you see your child being inclined to music or wanted to play musical instruments, encourage them or support them in every thing that they do.

Doing so will make them more inspired to do the things that they love. Let them enroll in a music class if you can afford and let them explore. Buying a musical instrument can be expensive but it can be an investment too. There are >classic seagull acoustic guitars at musicians friend if you'd like to buy.

Just make sure not to force your kids if they don't like it because they will not have fun at all when you do.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Finished 8x8 Photobook

Finally, I was able to scrap last week! It's been many months now that I have done so that's why I'm so happy to be able to finish another photobook.

Actually, there are free shipping promo for 39-paged Photobook from Artscow once again that will end today January 28th. To avail that I hurriedly made some layouts of my 2012 vacation with my cousin and hubby.

It's just really a simple layout with more focus on photos, it's like a magazine type of photobook. I was able to have it printed and actually it was shipped already. I will just wait for it to arrive in our house probably this week already.

Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Three more months and kids will be out out school once again for their summer vacation. It only means that they will stay at home most of the times. For many parents this will be another challenge for they need to keep them busy too even though they are out of school.

Some kids are impatient when they are doing nothing and to keep them away from  bugging their parents all the time here are some ways to keep them busy during summer vacation.

Arts and Crafts
You and your kids can make art works. Let them do coloring, doodling or painting. Let them explore and show their creativity.

Make paper scrapbooking where they can paste their photos and put some labels. This is a good bonding time as well for you and your kids. You can let them make some arts of their own like cutting some images or shapes.

There are so many fun activities using paper, cloth, pencils, crayons and more.

Enroll them on singing using nady microphones or playing musical instruments if you see they are inclined to this craft. This can encourage them to be disciplined and to explore their skills and be confident.

Never force them to do something that they don't like because in the end they will not finish it or they will not enjoy it at all.

If your kids love sports take them to sports clinic where they can learn more techniques and to meet other sports enthusiast.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My 35th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

It was my niece's 9th birthday two years ago and that time we opted not to have a party anymore. Her parents just thought that we'd have a swimming instead where family members can join and have fun.

A resort is just nearby so we planned a swimming at Club Manila East on a hot summer day. We got there early and swum till the afternoon.

I collected all the photos during our swimming and made a very simple layout using my photoshop. I wanted to focus on the photos more that's why there is minimal designs on each page.

I find putting a big photo on each page fun so some of my pages are like this.
I ordered this 30-page photobook at ARTSCOW and after 2 weeks, it arrived at our house.

SIGN UP at ARTSCOW if you still don't have an account there because they always give free photobook coupons where you only pay for the minimal shipping fee.

Check out my other photobooks.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Keep and Preserve Family Memories

One of the best things that you can do for your family is to preserve all your precious memories that you have captured through your digital photo camera and video camera. These days, almost all people already have cameras using mobile phones, ipads or digi cams to shoot photos or videos and there's no doubt that tons of photos and videos are taken over the years.

Here are some ways on how to keep and preserve your family memories.

1. Print Photos - Don't let your photos just seat on your hardrive or memory cards for years. From time to time choose photos that you love and have them printed.

2. Share Photos - Social media has made sharing to our friends and family much easier. Share all your family photos via, facebook, instagram and twitter but make sure you set them private so that only your friends/family can only sae your photos.

3. Photobook- If you are creative and have knowledge in using photoshop you can layout your photos and make digital scrapbooking. However, there are many free photobook templates online where you can use.

4. Album / Cases- Put the printed photos on albums and label them accordingly. It's always fun to see those photos from time-to-time as it can relieve lots of memories. Store them in safe cases or boxes, you can find sturdy boxes of different kinds at can choose metal, plastic or vinyl cases to store your albums and other family memories.

5. Burn on CD/DVD etc. - Burn or store your videos on multiple DVDs/CDs so you can have more back-up. It's also fun to watch old videos from time-to-time.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Memory Keeping

The holiday is over. We have taken so much photos for memory keeping. Now it's the time to have them printed and saved in an album. Don't just let your photos just seating on your harddrive or memory card. They deserve to be printed!

I know it'll be hard or expensive to have all our photos printed but nothing beats the happiness that come with it when it is already printed on photo paper or even on photobooks.

I will try to make photobooks this year or I might have them printed one by one. You can also put your printed photos on a frame, hand them on the wall or put them on shelves. You can start making shelves or drawers where you can display your photos. Online stores are very handy, for more industrial needs for your home photo projects, just browse the site.

There are lots of fun ways on how you can keep your family memories, you just need to be creative. Make a book or a video. Make a scrap paper layouts with your photos and involve your children while making them as it can be another bonding time for your family.

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