Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Digi- Scrapping Templates from Traci Reed

Oh my gosh take a look at this huge Free Digi- Scrapping Templates from Traci Reed !!!! Don't fail to download this at her blog. Love this and I can't wait to use them.. ahhhh wish I can have my mojo back first!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Order Your Halloween Invites

Halloween celebration is creeping fast and if you are going to host a Halloween party this year then you’ve got to organize things at this point. You can start by ordering some Halloween Invitations at They have lots of themed spooky and scary Halloween Party Invitations that you can ask for customization, you can even add a logo or a photo if you like.

At Invitations Shoppe, you can choose Invitations Halloween from their wide array of unique collections plus they can ship your Halloween Invitation orders the same day it is approved. Send your invites early to avoid hassle and your guests can prepare for the costumes that they are wearing.

Proj. 365: Scary Spider

Litratong Pinoy entry
Litratong Pinoy entry: kakilakilabot
Ok I a not crazy about spiders. I just hate them. One day we saw this big and yucky spider at our place and with the looks of it it was about 4 or 5 inches. I am not sure what is the thing that it is holding and it must be sac for her eggs? Ewww.. This will really freak me out.

Free Digi- Scrapping Templates from Manda Girl

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Download them at Manda Girl

It's freebie hunting for me today eventhough lately I am not doing digi-scrapping. You know once you are a scrapper you'll always be a scrapper. I know I will get back to my routine again once my schedule is not that busy anyway. I have tons of online and offline works that needed my attention and I hope I'm wonder woman so that I can finish them all in just a day. I have many things to do this weekend like cleaning up my closet because I've been looking for this blouse for a while now and I have not found it.

Proj. 365: Butterfly Beauty

PROJECT 365: Butterfly Beauty

Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas: Time for Family Gatherings

Oh I just can’t wait for Christmas to come this year. Why? It’s because 2 of my siblings together with their family from overseas is coming home for Christmas vacation and I know it’ll be fun for sure. I guess not only our family are having Christmas gathering this coming December and I reckon family gatherings and parties will be left and right. It’ll be a busy month so don’t forget to order your Christmas Party Invitations early so that you’ll not filled up with too much things to do.

You can order your  Photo Christmas invitation
Not only they have fun, unique and special designs that you can choose from, your Christmas Party Photo Invites will be shipped for free. and you can have your invites modify at no extra cost. For more info and more designs to choose from for your Invitations Christmas.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas in July !! Christmas Drawings

PROJECT 365: Christmas in July
PROJECT 365: Christmas in July
Saw my niece Reign making some stuff at the computer and turned out she was drawing Christmas tree and Christmas gift. I was a bit in awe because this early she already have Christmas in her mind. Not quite sure why all of a sudden she draws Christmas maybe she had fun memories that she remembered that day.

She just got a bit annoyed at me when I took some photos of her and her

Proj. 365: One Stormy Day

PROJECT 365: Stormy Day
It was stormy here at our place about 2 weeks ago. Since it is really rainy days we need to prepare ourselves for storms and typhoons that will hit our country. It was when storm Feria when classes were suspended almost nationwide because of too much flooding. We all wish that is was already summer because it's time to head to the beach and enjoy the sun. I just envy those in the US because they can enjoy their Disney vacation. Anyway, it's raining just now and we just hope that it will not turn into typhoon again because it's not fun when many people being affected.

Christmas in July !! Jolly December Word Art Freebie

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Ahh I miss digi-scrapping, just got no time to do my fave hobby these days but I know I'll get back int full swing with it soon. Today I decided to scout for some freebies to add to my tons of collections and I was a bit thrilled because this early The Daily Digi is into Christmas theme lately they called Christmas in July. Wow they are gearing us up for the holidays already huh.

When I think about Christmas, endless family gatherings, gift giving, lots of eating immediately come to my mind. I remember eating non-stop one family gathering that I end up having an ingestion. It's so embarrassing but at least I haven't turned into a balloon yet that requires me to read weight loss supplement reviews online already.

Anyway, enough of that. Going back to scrapping, The Daily digi has this Christmas word art freebie that you might want to get. Download at the daily digi.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Boo! It's Gonna Be Halloween!

Few more months and howling will begin. Aren’t you excited over Halloween where you can dress up with a theme? It’s always fun to receive Photo Halloween Invitations and to attend parties. The most awaited part is to see all the guests’ costumes that they can show off. If you are organizing a Halloween party then you’ll not have a hard time looking for Halloween Party Invitations for they are readily available at Invitations Shoppe.

There are lots of unique designs like Photo Invitations Halloween that you can choose from. Modifying your Photo Halloween Invitation is just easy to request and they can insert any logo of photo of your choice, plus they can ship at the same time the order was approved. Order now at

Proj. 365: Plastic Balloon

PROJECT 365: Plastic Balloon

Proj. 365: A Bug's Life


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personalized Christmas Invitations

In few months time everyone will busy again for Christmas and how fun it is to buy gifts, wrap it and give to our friends and relatives. It’s also the time to have parties and for sure Christmas Party Invitations will be sent out once again. Though the preparations can be tiring for some but if you order your Christmas Invitations early then you’ll have more time to prepare for other things. You can order Christmas Party Invitation at Holiday Invitations for they have exclusive and unique designs. Adding a photo or a logo is also permissible. Your Christmas Invitation designs from will be proof emailed to you within one hour and will be shipped on the same day the order is approved for free. It's great deal isn't it.

Amazing Stop Motion Video using Photos

I was browsing You Tube and found this amazing video of PEN Story in stop motion.They took 60,000 pictures, printed 9,600 prints and another 1,800 pictures and no post production. It involves a lot of hardwork I'm sure. Love this !!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ahhh I Want a Vacation!

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Just looking at the photo above just makes me want to leave my work right now, pack my bags and just fly to this inviting beach in South America. Just love the sound of the waves and how the sand touches my body. The pristine beauty of the place would definitely make me long for a much needed vacation. If i have my way, I'll just log on line and look for great travel deals to Rio, maybe a Caribbean tour too or a Hawaiian vacation or any place where I can let my hair down not worrying about work and other mind boggling stuff.

FREE Custom Baby Announcements !

Found this cool layered PSD FREEBIE custom baby announcements from CoffesShop. It's a 5x7, 300 dpi file perfect for your lil girls. I am downloading this huge file and hopefully can use it for some other projects.

Get this nice free HERE
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Halloween Party Invitations

Are you looking forward for Halloween? I am always keen on receiving Halloween Invitations because I get to dress up with a theme. It’s always been a witch costume but that is so lame already so I need a costume upgrade too. Some friends will be planning for a company Halloween party so as of this early they need to order Halloween Party Invitations so that they can send them out early. They saw a lot of exclusive designs at Holiday-Invitations and I guess if they will order by bulk they’ll be more affordable especially they offer free shipping at Company logos or picture can be requested to be printed in the Invitations Halloween as well.

Friday, July 17, 2009

When Will I Scrap Again?

Talk about being lazy and busy and that’s what I am lately. I’ve been very busy with a lot of things, not only with my online works but offline duties as well. I have been meaning to scrap pages for my many photobook projects but with the little time left each day, I have no more energy to whip up a scrap made from scratch.

Although I am scrapping my Project 365 project once in a while I can’t say that is a scrapping that I have done many months ago. This Project 365 is just easy because I am using a photo template that I have downloaded. I also used few elements on it. Anyway, eventhough I am busy with work, I am too lazy to even start any exercise. My sedentary life is eating me up once again and I want to change that. I have noticed that I don’t have the body that I longed for so I am reading for weight loss supplements that work and maybe it can help me a bit. I promised myself that I will go back to my old exercise routine once my schedule is finally settled.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proj. 365: Fire In Our Town

Oh my goodness.. I heard a loud siren from outside last Friday and when I looked out it was a firetruck coming. I knew right there that there's a fire somewhere. I stepped outside and look up in the air and here is what I saw, thick clouds of smoke. More firetrucks are coming from different towns to help and at this point we still have no clue what area is being affected.

I grabbed my camera and rushed to the second floor of my store and took these shots. We are glad that in about short span of time the firefighters were able to stop the fire. We just heard from the neighborhood that many houses have been burned and no one died fortunately. During these times we can't help but to be afraid since fire can really kill and destroy properties. We really can't predict what will happen or when disaster will attack so being prepared like owning a term life insurance or fire insurance policy will greatly help. We never know what the future holds so we need to ready.

Proj. 365: After The Rain

PROJECT 365: After the Rain
Basang basa sa ulan
Oh boy did it ever rained so hard last week and yesterday that it left our town flooded.