Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CatScrap's 4th Birthday Celebration SALE

It's CatScrap's 4th Birthday Celebration, there will be a whole week of festivities and store-wide 30% off and daily extra 10% of sales. There will be August Guest Designers that will join the fun and it's Liz of Paislee Press Designs plus Sandra of FruitLoOp Sally, Nathy of Cinnamon Designs, and Sara of zinnias & swallowtails.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Favors

Getting married is one of the best events that anyone can experience in our lives. Preparation can be a little tiring most especially finding the perfect invites, favors, flowers etc. but if we know the right suppliers and resources then I guess it’ll become easier. Your review of Wedding Avenue will really help couples who are finding wedding favors and other wedding accessories that are unique and elegant. I went over to the site, found many samples, and even saw some discounts.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Internet = Creativity

It rained the whole evening last night and I heard from family and friends that there's massive traffic and lots of floods everywhere. I will not wonder anymore because these days when heavy and sudden rain poured, it is 100% that there'll be sudden floods and traffic.

My net connection was totally cut off around 10 pm at the time that I wanted to look for clothing wholesaler online and finishing some of my online works. I waited and waited but it's not coming back. So instead of getting annoyed, I just opened my Photoshop and make some few elements on the new digital scrap kit that I'm making. Oh well at least I was creative that night that I didn't know it was already past 12 midnight not until mom went out of her room.

Morning Bath

I gave my dog Sophie a bath this morning and it was funny because as soon as she saw the towels in my hands she slowly hid under the table and I know she knows it's bath time once again. I called her and it was sweet because in just one call and my hand command she came to me immediately.

It took about 2 hours for me to gave her bath and to towel dry her off. I also combed her hair but it's too frustrating because of the tangles that I can't get off. Sophie was moving too fast and quite playful so I have a hard time with her. She's sometimes wants to bite playfully esp. when she doesn't want her hair pulled.

I got some scratches on my hands and even though I know Sophie has anti-rabies injection I still need to treat my hands with alcohol and betadine that I got from our medicine cabinet (wish it was a Robern Medicine cabinet) for safety.