Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artscow: FREE (8 ) 7” x 5” thirty-paged PhotoBook

Wow here's another freebie coupon code from ARTSCOW.. I remember availing of their 39 paged 7x5 photobook last year when I only paid for the shipping :).

I was talking to my sis over YM early this afternoon and we're discussing lots of things about the stuff that she is asking for, Mopar performance parts and lastly the photobook that I gave her last Christmas. She loved it and she's asking me if I can make another one for her daughter.

Right in time there's a coupon code given by Artscow to claim 8 free 7” x 5” thirty-paged photo books credits.

Expiration: March 3, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Artscow Photo Playing Cards Crazy Sale Coupon

Who says that playing cards can't be personalized. Artscow is having a crazy sale right now on Photo Playing Cards which is only $2.99 and that includes shipping already

Expiration: Feb. 28, 2010

I just wanted to quickly share this amazing ARTSCOW coupon code, now I need to finish my project 365 layouts and also read about Mesothelioma and learn more about it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My 40-paged 7 x 5 Photobook from Artscow

I heard our doorbells ringing and when I came out the postman handed me a note where I need to go to the post office to get a package. I knew it was my 40-paged 7x5 Photobook from ARTSCOW that I ordered way back late October last year. It's my Christmas present for my sister. Would you believe, I only paid $4.99 on this one? What a good deal right because at that time I think I got a Free 5x7 coupon and I only paid for the shipping.

It's her vacation photos when she came here in 2008 from Riyadh. I was so pressed with time so I wasn't able to make it like a scrapping style. All I did was to put their vacay photos and our family and thought it'll be a nice surprise.

COUPON CODE: Artscow 8"x8" 60-paged Photo Books , $19.99 shipped

Here's the latest coupon code from ARTSCOW: COUPON CODE: Artscow 8"x8" 60-paged Photo Books , $19.99 shipped.
EXPIRATION: March 10, 2010

Hurry up it bec. you'll only pay $19.99 FREE shipping

I'm actually making a 60-paged photobook and that is my 2009 Project 365 or Photo-a-Day project. I already finished the layouts but I still need to put some journalling on them. Been busy these days that's why I set it aside for a while cuz I still need to check and other freebie sites to see what they are offering. I also going out on Friday till Saturday so probably I'll finish that by next week so that I can still avail of the checkout coupon code

Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo of the Day: Crispy Pata

Hmmmm yummy! This is CRISPY PATA, one of our fave to cook for special occasion. The last time we cooked this was last New Year's Eve and it was a hit. It is so crispy and delicious that you can eat it alone while dipping it on special soy sauce.

If you'll always eat it, there'll come a time that you'll be asking how to reduce belly fat after munching so much. Just a warning you don't need to eat this all the time because it is fattening and oily but if eaten once in a while it is heaven!

DSC Blog Train 6x4 Brag Book

Image clickable
Found this cute brag 6x4 book from DSC and thought I'd share here. This beautiful Feb. Valentine Kit is a collaboration among DSC designers and ther made some 6x4 bragbook template for us all and it's on a blog train.

You can visit the participating blogs where you can download the brag books. While you are doing that I'm off to find some acne solutions for my 3 acne on my chin that is annoying for a while now. I dunno it's been appearing from time to time, maybe because I've been staying up later these days. I'm sure I'll find a cure for that.


Blessing poured in last week and now I have tons of work to do. No, I'm not complaining bec. I am so thankful and feel blessed. It is seldom that I am burning my butt sitting in front of my laptop just to finish my work. Lately, I've been bothered when I saw my hair thinning that I need to find hair loss shampoos first that. Yay! But first I need to go back to work. I also did some freebie hunting a while ago and I think I'll just share a good find later in. Right now I'm just overloaded with work that my scrapping is set aside for a while.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finishing my project 365 60 pages 8x8 photobook

I've been staying up late these for I have tons of online works to do. It's not often that this is happening so I might as well take the advantage of it because for sure there'll be low days once again. Fortunately i had some time to almost finish my Proj. 365 layouts and I'm excited to have it printed over at ARTSCOW. I got a checkout coupon for 60 pages 8x8 photobook and I want to avail it. I've also been reading about alli reviews lately not for myself but for a friend who is bothered by her weight. I wanted to help her so I've been researching online.

In the meantime, I have to finish it before March 11 so I can get the $19.99 free shipping of that photobook. In the meantime I need to read more about
before I begin my hunt for more freebies.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ARTSCOW Personalized Fleece Blanket

Whilst browsing for a stainless steel backsplash for my bro's kitchen, I opened my e-mail and found this coupon: Artscow new promotional items is the ARTSCOW Personalized Fleece Blanket that you can get for $14.99, including free shipping. You can design this fitting cover with any photos of your family or even one of your vacations.

Coupon Code: FLCBLKT1499
Expiry: Feb 28, 2010
* Photo Collage Full Color Printing
* Measures 27 (W) x 35 (L) inches
* Made of polar fleece
* Soft and comfortable
* Provides warmth with light weight
* Machine washable and dries quickly
* All blankets are white colored with black satin trim
* Good alternative if allergic or sensitive to wool

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FREEBIE: Valentine Digi-Kit: Love Blossoms

image clickable- download it at designer's blog

Yay!. Valentine's day is coming once again. Few more days and it's here. I know lovers out there are already thinking of what gift like ps3 games for your man or Coach bag for your lady.

This Valentine's freebie digi-kit from Lisa Whitney is perfect to sacrap all your Valentine or any photos. I am not that active in scrapping lately but hopefully soon so I still hoarding this beautiful digi-kit. Enjoy scrapping.