Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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FUNKY NATURE Kit Collab. kit by Laura Skathi and Tara Dunstan >>>>>her blog.

:Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

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Sunset at Port MacQuarie from my recent vacation in Australia Jan. 2008

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hoooray !!!

.... to my new blog everyone!! This is my 5th blog (3rd domain) (not too many huh??? ) which I hope I can update regularly, lol. I hope you'll find it interesting, i'll be sharing anything here from tutorials/tips, photos, my life, my scraps and whole lot more.

Exchange links are welcome, add me first then message me if you have done so then i will link you too.. Thank you. Have a great day!

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Litratong Pinoy: #4 Hugis ay pahaba

This is the 1st time that this new blog of mine joined the Litratong Pinoy. Our theme for this week is rectangle shaped things. I was looking through my archives and saw these crayons that my niece Reign loves to use to color her drawings. She loves drawing so much since she was 2, it runs in the family i guess bec. his father is a visual artist.

(Ito ang unang beses ng blog kong ito sa Litratong Pinoy. Ang tema sa linggong ito ay hugis pahaba na bagay. Tumitingin ako sa mga naipon kong litrato at nakita ko itong mga krayola ng pamangkin ko na paborito nyang gamitin sa pagkukulay. mahilig syang mag drawing simula ng 2 tao palang sya, mana sa tatay nya na visual artist.)

May iba pa kong lahok sa isa kong blog, tignan nyo sana.

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Setting up your domain you bought at and Blogger as your blog host

I want to share this tutorial on how I redirected my blogger to my own domain purchased at

Anyway here is my own version of the tutorial and this will only works for domains bought from It works easily if you follow the step by step procedure, I have done this to all my 3 blogs so I know it really works.

1. Log in to 1&1 control panel . Add a new "www" subdomain for click DOMAINS -> New -> Create Subdomain -> enter www DO NOTHING ELSE with this !

2. Put a check on your box then click DNS >> Edit DNS Settings >> Click the CNAME button>>> then put on the alias blank field. Click ok.

3. Go to your BLOGGER, click Settings -> Publishing), switch to CUSTOM DOMAIN and enter This may take a while and your blogspot addy is redirected to your domain

4. Go back to your 1 and 1 control panel, check your then click DESTINATION>>>Edit Destination>>Click FORWARD your Domain

5. On the Forwarding Destination field , put (THIS IS IMPORTANT don't put www or else it your will not redirect properly).

6. Choose HTTP REDIRECT and click ok.
7. Your blog should be working by now, if not wait a day or 2.

I hope someone will be helped by this. You can buy your domain at for only $6.99/ year much lower than godaddy.

NOTE: You can also see this tutorial at my other 2 blogs using as my domain server

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where's my mojo?

Wow i think it was Nov. that i last put my hand in digi-scrapping. It's been a long long time now and I don't think my mojo has come back yet. Actually i don't know where to start again, i have over 2 thousands of photos from my recent trip to Sydney and I have great photos to scrap but hey... I can't start... (kinalawang na yata ako)

Next time i will start hoarding digi freebies again as I miss doin that. Mojo .. mojo please come back.. hehe

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wow it's so hot !!

Yay, yay.. yay.. Our weather is like crazy and mad. It is scorching hot and humid even at early mornings as if there is no more wind blowing. Wala lang just complaining how hot is is... miss ko na ang lamig sa Aussie but when I am there I keep complaining naman how cold it is.. Lol, i am not contented ha..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gosh I'm back in Pinas

Holy molly cow... I am really here in Pinas!! My happy days in Australia is gone already. It was really hot here, I actually expected it. My flight is tiring and long and I need some rest.

I have some more stories and pictures or video over at my main blog A SLICE OF LIFE. I will be sharing more in the next few days. I am just so lazy uploading all the photos yet.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm going home !!

Oh my goodness, I am already going home tomorrow and my flight is before lunch 11:20 am at Qantas airlines. I am already ready to go home but will greatly miss the kids Braiden and Bianca and of course Micah, my sis Joy, bro inlaw Joe.

I had a great time here in Aussie land and it is sad that my 3 month vacation will end soon. See you in Pinas and i will have more blogging time there..

Packing Away

Started packing my luggage this afternoon and oh my goodness they are so heavy and I am just afraid that is over 20 kilos already. My friends Erma and Vicky gave some chocolates as gifts and they are just so heavy. I will definitely bringing them all bec. my family back in Pinas will love that.

i have my handcarry which I believe is already over 10 kilos and my back pack (this will not be weighed anyway) was also heavy. Wow too much stuff on my luggages. I can never travel too light you know.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Qantas airlines will permit my heavy bags..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last shopping day

It's my last week here in OZ land and my sis and I went shopping for the last time at Mac Arthur square. We are actually looking for leather walking shoes of mom but it is really hard to find what she wanted. Anyway we still bought her a black one that is still soft to wear.

Sis JOY also bought nice winter clothes for her kids since some shops has discounts. I told her kids were spoiled but they deserve it anyway. The kids old clothes and toys will be sent to the Philippines anyway so that my other nephews and cousin's children can still use it.

Time is ticking

Oh my goodness... I have few more days to go and I will be going back home in Pinas.. it saddens me but i need to go home. i will miss my sister and her family, the food, the weather and just about anything. I hope this is not my last time to come here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Other Blogger Friends

My Co-Digiscrappers

Were back !!

We stayed for 2 nights at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, a 5 star hotel which is just about 2 minute walk to the Circular Quay and the Sydney opera house. It's my last weekend here so my very generous bro in law took us all for a great weekend at the city.

Micha and I stayed in one room, we have one bed each while my sis JOY and their 2 kids are on the other room. The view from our hotel room is amazing over looking the Sydney Harbour bridge a, Luna Park and some office buildings. Just across our room is the Sydney Museum of Art but we didn't go inside that. Just after arriving, we already had a walk along the Opera house.

We all enjoyed that weekend bec. we went to Taronga Zoo, it's also my 1st time to ride the cable car so this is memorable. We also went to the Sydney Royal Botanic gardens. It was a very relaxing weekend .. THANKS to my bro. in JOE who is so kind and generous.

Monday, April 14, 2008

: Keepin in touch

Almost all my relatives (father side)are already in the United States and they are actually American citizens now and have been settled there for good. Eventhough they have different nationality now they obviously did not forget their roots back home here in the Philippines. They will always be Filipino at hearts and in minds and that is what we are all proud of. They also not fail to call us every now and then using phone cards so that we can have more airtime talking about what is happening to us.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We're off to the City

This is just a quick post. We are preparin' to go to the City to have a lil vacation since this is my last week here in Sydney. We will be staying at the Intercontinental Hotel, a 5 star hotel, right in the hub of the city. We will be staying there until Sunday lunch time..

See you soon!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm a Domestic Diva

Actually just here in Australia that I can call myself a domestic Diva bec. I am doing almost all the household chores. I do the carpet vacuuming once a week, I also mop the floor downstairs sometimes 2x a week depending on how dirty it is.

The laundry is just easy, i just put it inside the washing machine and voila when it is finished I will just hang it outside their backyard to dry. I am not using the dryer when there is sun outside. Cleaning the dishes is not that hard either since my sis also have a dishwasher, the unloading and putting in the cupboard takes time to do so. I just do my own ironing since Joy iron their clothes on a weekly basis, hahaha just imagine her mountain load of clothes to be ironed it is just overwhelming.

Funny thing is that I never do all these things back home bec. we have a laundry woman but i do my own ironing which I hate most of the times lol.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

2 Boxes are on the way

Sis and I finally finished filling the 2 boxes that we will be sending back home in Pinas. Sis got some old stuff too here that she doesn't need anymore but will be in use by my family in the Phils. so we put them in the box. There are also new toys, clothes and bottled spreads(peanut butter, hazelnut spread etc-) for everyone to enjoy.

Actually we packed them a bit late now and for sure it will take about 3 weeks of sea cargo shipping before it will arrive. I will be coming home soon in about 2 weeks time and I know my family back home wanted to see me now and of course all of my pasalubongs that my sis generously bought for them.

So for my family in Pinas watch out for me and the boxes hehe!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bendeela Picnic Day

Wow it was a windy and chilly day when we went for a picnic at Bendeela near kangaroo Valley last March 30. It was about an hour and a half fun but tiring drive. It was fun driving around the country side.

The view is awesome so i got tons of pictures as souvenirs, my Australian vacation is about to end in 2 weeks time so i guess i have to savor the last days here. Watch out for more pics !!! Have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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New blog!!!

What????? Another blog for me??? Oh yes, I have already 4 blogs and it keeps coming!! I have been thinking about this lately if I really do need to open another blog and another domain but what the heck here it is now. So what is in store for this blog??? Hmmm, anything and everything, anything i say .. just take

Please bear with me while I tweak this a lot, keep visiting for more updates.
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