Thursday, April 24, 2008

Setting up your domain you bought at and Blogger as your blog host

I want to share this tutorial on how I redirected my blogger to my own domain purchased at

Anyway here is my own version of the tutorial and this will only works for domains bought from It works easily if you follow the step by step procedure, I have done this to all my 3 blogs so I know it really works.

1. Log in to 1&1 control panel . Add a new "www" subdomain for click DOMAINS -> New -> Create Subdomain -> enter www DO NOTHING ELSE with this !

2. Put a check on your box then click DNS >> Edit DNS Settings >> Click the CNAME button>>> then put on the alias blank field. Click ok.

3. Go to your BLOGGER, click Settings -> Publishing), switch to CUSTOM DOMAIN and enter This may take a while and your blogspot addy is redirected to your domain

4. Go back to your 1 and 1 control panel, check your then click DESTINATION>>>Edit Destination>>Click FORWARD your Domain

5. On the Forwarding Destination field , put (THIS IS IMPORTANT don't put www or else it your will not redirect properly).

6. Choose HTTP REDIRECT and click ok.
7. Your blog should be working by now, if not wait a day or 2.

I hope someone will be helped by this. You can buy your domain at for only $6.99/ year much lower than godaddy.

NOTE: You can also see this tutorial at my other 2 blogs using as my domain server


Anonymous said...

Hay naku ats! I can hug you for this tutorial!!

Super thanks po!!

Admin said...

And here is another hug!!

Obvious ba that I bought another domain? LOL!

Super thankies ate!!

Cre8tive Scraps said...

Thanks so much Jenny! Liz shared me your tutorial and it's very helpful.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I've tried to follow your tutorial but when I go to the step 3, to enter my domain, the Blogger has a warning message that "Naked domains are not supported".

For example, entering, the Blogger says you haveto enter

Any help with this? Perhaps it is a new policy of blogger?

admin said...

Hmm.... i never encountered such warning at blogger... may you are right many a new policy..

you can just follow my tutorial and see if it'll work.. good luck

Caitlin said...

hi there, what is the subdomain for? Im having trouble setting up my account and I was wondering if I need a subdomain or just do your instructions to the domain I have. Thanks!