Monday, January 31, 2011

My Life is Beautiful Digi Kit Design

This is the recent digital scrapbooking kit that I have at ARTSCOW and I named it LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

This kit is so versatile as you can use it for your different projects. For summer, family, valentines, mother's day, vacation, kids photos and more. I have lots of templates that I made using this kit and hope you can use them on your project. Just add this kit to your account at Artscow and you can use it to make different projects.

Point and Shoot Cam vs DSLR

Now that my 3 1/2 yr old Canon point and shoot digi cam is already broken, I already removed the SD card inside so I can still use it just in case I'll buy another point and shoot digi cam. I'm planning to buy Canon Ixus or something more affordable than that. I'm also leaning towards Panasonic Lumix5 that many of my friends have already but I'm still budgeting my money and prioritizing stuff.

Right now, I'm using my Canon DSLR once again as I have no choice to use it eventhough it's heavy and bulky to carry around. I stopped using it for months since I'm not comfortable bringing it anywhere but lately, been using it again to take photos.

Ahh.. I can't wait to have another p&s cam or the lx5 cam. yay!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Valentine Photobook Templates and More

Valentine is just near the corner and I'm sure you're already thinking of what to give to your dear someone. Flowers and chocolates are common gifts already but you can still spice up your gifts this year.

If you're looking for gifts to your husband, fiance, or boyfriends, why not make a photobook that can document all your love for each other. Aside from giving hime eotech stuff or gadgets, you can make photobooks and other personalized items.

Check out my Valentine photobook templates at ARTSCOW (images are linked) and have it printed at artscow as well. This may not come in time for Valentine's Day, as shipping from artscow may take a while (2-3 weeks) but worth the wait. You can still give them after Valentine right?

I made couple of PB's with different sizes such as 12x12, 8x8, and 6x6 and I hope you'll find something that you like. I'll post some more templates later. Enjoy scrapping!!

My Valentine Digiscrapbooking Kit

Here's my Valentine Digi Kit inspired "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" digital scrapbooking kit that is already up at ARTSCOW.

I had for free late December and early January and I hope you had the chance to add it to your kits at Artscow. Now, if you want to use this kit for your photobooks and other projects you'll be required to add $2.49 on your purchases. If you use my templates that I made using this kit then there's no charge on your part.

Check out this kit and my templates and make Love photobooks. BTW, this kit is not downloadable, you can only use it inside Artscow.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Mini Fleece Blanket Template at Artscow

It's cold lately and it's always great to snuggle in bed with someone or with your pillow or with you blanket. In some parts of the world there's snow and wrapping themselves with fleece blankets or jackets can promote thermogenesis, a process where you can produce heat.

If your love fleece blankets, you can personalize it by putting photos of yourself, your kids or your family and have it printed over at ARTSCOW. If you have no time to make a layout of your own, try using my MINI FLEECE BLANKET templates at Artscow.

All you need is to drag and drop your photos or you can even add text or rearrange the layout. Here are some of my templates. This mini fleece costs $19.99.

FREE: Jubilee Action from Paint the Moon

Don't you just love "ACTIONS"? If you do then check this out. PAINT THE MOON is giving away JUBILEE action just by clicking LIKE on their Facebook Page HERE.

I love using action on some of my photos to enhance them before I have it printed or putting it on my scrapbook pages. The good thing about actions is that you'll not spend to much time tweaking your photos manually because all you need to do is play the action at photoshop. They do wonders on photos believe me sometimes if you have acne scars, they'll be gone in seconds as if you have undergone acne scars treatment. It's like a miracle but only with the wonders of photo manipulation.

Anyway, check out the free action and enjoy using it.

Artscow's Hardcover 30-page 8" x 8" Photo Book only $9.99

If you're a digisscrapper like me and an avid fan of ARTSCOW, here's another great deal from them this week. Artscow is offering a ardcover 30-page 8" x 8" Photo Book for only $9.99/ea with free shipping. A great deal huh?
This is a checkout coupon that will expire on Jan. 27, 2011. CODE: 30P8X8999. Hurry up and order now.

I've been checking out lots of deals online and Artscow is one of my favorite place to have my photobooks printed. While surfing online I also came to know about Appetite suppressant diet pills, health tips, world news, crafts and other different articles and subjects.

Anyway, next week after finishing some of my tasks I'm set to make may A YEAR IN REVIEW photobobook using my template at artscow, so I can also avail of this promo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Themed Digi Scrapbooking Kits

I have started listing down all the themes that I wanted to make a digital scrapbooking kit for this year. I noticed that themed kits and photobooks sell well at ARTSCOW so I have to make sure to make at least 1 or 2 themed kits a month but that depends if I'm not too busy with some works.

One of the most requested digi kits that I got from friends and customers is a boy's kit probably with some rc trucks or balls as elements. I also got a graduation kit request.

Anyway, here are the themes that I want to make this year or so.
1. Mother;s Day
2. Father's Day
3. Pregnancy
4. Graduation
5. Pets
6. Sports
7. Easter
8. ABC Book
9. School
10. Friendship
11. Great Outdoors
12. Summer
13. Boy's Kit
14. Girl's Kit preparably with lots of flowers

Check out my DIGI KITS gallery at Artscow and I hope you'll find something that you can use for your projects.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Too Busy Designing Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Wow, my designing mojo is really overflowing these days.

Actually, I already finished yet another digi-scrapping kit that I have already uploaded at Artscow. I guess I'll join it at the bi-weekly contest to attract more customers in using that kit. I'm excited with this new kit as it has fresh and lively colors. I also made a year in review template using that kit and I'll be sharing this here.

During the holidays, when I have time, I'm just designing and designing and refrain from blogging that's why I was able to make new kit and lots of templates. It's quite tiring but it's fulfilling once I see my designs used by customers. There are times that my back is aching and been thinking if a varier kneeling chair can help my posture while using my laptop on table.

I'm planning to make another kit after I have done few more templates. I'm just taking the advantage of my designing mojo and my free time before I'll go back to my blogging mode once again. Stay tune for the new kit that I'm talking about that I named LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.