Friday, January 14, 2011

Themed Digi Scrapbooking Kits

I have started listing down all the themes that I wanted to make a digital scrapbooking kit for this year. I noticed that themed kits and photobooks sell well at ARTSCOW so I have to make sure to make at least 1 or 2 themed kits a month but that depends if I'm not too busy with some works.

One of the most requested digi kits that I got from friends and customers is a boy's kit probably with some rc trucks or balls as elements. I also got a graduation kit request.

Anyway, here are the themes that I want to make this year or so.
1. Mother;s Day
2. Father's Day
3. Pregnancy
4. Graduation
5. Pets
6. Sports
7. Easter
8. ABC Book
9. School
10. Friendship
11. Great Outdoors
12. Summer
13. Boy's Kit
14. Girl's Kit preparably with lots of flowers

Check out my DIGI KITS gallery at Artscow and I hope you'll find something that you can use for your projects.


Agnes A. said...

Hi Jenny! I love your templates at artscow. I use them a lot on my photobooks. But you only have one (as I recall) 4x4 deluxe photobook template. Please please make more 4x4 templates particularly for baby girls so that I can use them the next time those books are on sale.

admin said...

Hi Agnes.. i thought that 4x4 won't sell so I refrained from making them since it's also too small. I'll try making in the future..Thanks for using my templates!! I love hearing that, make me more inspired!

Agnes A. said...

They were on sale last week and I was able to order 2 of them but they were not your templates sadly. They are small but they are board books which is suitable for my daughter (because she can't tear the pages). I hope you'll have more templates available when the 4x4 goes on sale again :) Thanks :)

admin said...

Thanks Agnes.. I'll try to make some 4x4's the future.. maybe an ABC book for kids..
Thanks for the support! salamat ha