Friday, December 30, 2011

Technology Provides Enhanced Method of Education

As most people are exposed with advanced technologies, they continue to look forward for more innovations that will help them in their everyday lives or simply by giving them fun and entertainment. As what we can see, we have more advanced gadgets today that most people keep on patronizing.

Everyone wants an easier work that’s why we are becoming dependent with the technological developments because we always look and we always want instant and simpler solutions. We want to save time and energy that’s why we prefer to use the various innovations that are available.

With the long list of popular technologies today, we can further say that Internet is the most commonly used technology and it is indeed widely used all over the globe. It brings a lot of benefits to people especially when it comes to communication and this is the very reason why social networking sites are continuously evolving. However, Internet is not just for plain communication but it can also bring fun and entertainment and can definitely be used to develop the value and standard of education.

Like for instance, we have a new method today that is a web-based application designed to provide learning management. It uses the internet as their main tool because all activities are done on a cyber vicinity. Its main focus is to provide education to those who can’t go to school or prefer to study at home or anywhere they go. It has proven to be very effective because it uses tools for both students and instructors for them to be comfortable and feel like they are just in a normal class.

This lms hosting allows people to enroll via online. It offers many kinds of courses and that’s why students will be able to choose their preferred course. But one good thing about this is that, it also gives priority not only to students but also for any organization whether it’s an IT company, Media Corporation, banking and finance and many more. This provides them with the techniques and proper education on the development and training an organization with regard to teamwork and leadership in many ways possible.

Moreover, one of the best features of learning management system is its capability to track and generate reports of all activities done by an individual enrolled here. It gives priority to the content and most especially to the courses available. In addition to its features, both students and instructors are authorized to use the available tools during their online teaching such as online chat, video call and even the forums and e-mail services. This allows them to have the best online teaching experience.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to interact and get in touch with other people. Through that, they can e able to share their ideas, which in fact can help with their performance.

Remember that all records will be tracked and all activities will be recorded so as to monitor the performance or progress of an individual. Evaluations, examination and even their attendance will be used as the basis of their records so that students and instructors will be able to have feedback with regard to the students’ developments.

Indeed, technologies can really make things change. It can make complicated things easier than we expected and that’s why we opt to have these innovations. Surely, it provides help to most people but we also have to be prudent as we become more and more dependent with the technologies available in the market. We should know our limitations and we should also be certain enough that these technological developments are only for good purposes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Xmas Sale - 3 Cosmetic Bags for $10.99 Shipped at Artscow

image Still not done with shopping this year? Get ready and get the chance to get the Post Xmas Sale - 3 Cosmetic Bags for $10.99 Shipped at low price at ARTSCOW.

These cosmetic bags are my all-time fave. I ordered lots of these as Christmas gifts and they are a hit among my friends and relatives. They are very useful and durable. In fact, I’m also using them to put my cosmetics, external harddrive, charger etc. It comes in XL, L, M, and S sizes.

Here’s the code:

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1 / 10 / 2012

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Advance Your Arts Career

Do you enjoy the arts? Are you a big movie fan? Intrigued by visual arts? Talented in graphic design? If so, then a career in the arts is a great choice for you. As a creative individual, you need a job that will help you harness your creative abilities and find fulfillment in life. You are the kind of person that will never be happy with the typical nine-to-five job. Find the career path that suits your unique talents and find some happiness in your work.

What are some careers in the arts? The answer isn’t so simple. In fact, the arts field is actually very wide and quite varied. Some arts careers you might consider are:

  • *Graphic designer. If you are skilled visually, this could be a great job. Work in a corporation designing marketing material or work for a small advertising firm.
  • *Movie critic. If you love the movies, and always have an opinion about movies, perhaps a movie critic is a good career for you. Write reviews for the local newspaper or search for a freelance writing gig to get started.
  • *Chef. A culinary arts career is a great way to harness your creative side. Make beautiful dishes that taste as good as they look.


Photo by freshlymadephotos via Flickr
Advancing Your Arts Career

Before you can actually advance in any arts career, you’re going to need the right equipment and training. Afterall, you can’t go after a career if you aren’t qualified. To get started with an arts career, try some of the following tips:

  1. Get an education. Whether it’s a formal college education or some hands-on training, you’re going to need education to advance in an arts career. For example, if you want to pursue a career as a graphic designer, you’re going to need to learn all of the computer programs associated with graphic design.
  2. Practice. One of the best ways to learn something new is to practice. Keep at your talent until it’s polished and ready to be shared with an employer.
  3. Obtain the right equipment. If you want to practice and learn a new skill, you’re going to need the right equipment. A computer, laptop, and the software needed to run the equipment are all necessary. If you can’t afford a new computer, try a lease-to-own option from a company like


Photo by season wanderer via Flickr

A career in the arts is closer than you think. Find what drives you and then work towards a new career goal. 

Baptismal / Christening / Dedication Photobook Templates

Looking for Baptismal / Christening / Dedication Photobook Templates?

I made some over at ARTSCOW and you are free to use them. Just click the images to go to Artscow. If you’re not a member yet. Register here first.

imageHere’s an 8x8 – 39 pages template available for FREE to use at ARTSCOW. All you have to do is to add your own photos by drag and drop features and add text if you like. This template is fully customizable.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Refinancing: Is It in Your Best Interest?

Mortgage lenders are now offering substantial “holiday discounts” to reluctant shoppers who still haven’t taken advantage of the unbelievably low interest rates on mortgage loans. This can be a benefit, but there is often a catch.

Image courtesy of Flickr

Biggest Offers During Holiday Months

Banks and credit unions alike are rolling out the big offers during the month of December, offering waived closing fees, discounts, and other deals to convince individuals to obtain a mortgage loan. Capital One, for example, is providing waived closing costs to customers who refinance, which could provide an average of more than $3,000 in savings. Quicken Loans, an online lender, offers a guarantee of the lowest rates in the future if the interest rates continue to drop, with no additional fees for refinancing or closing costs.

Numbers of New Buyers Are Still Low

Since many of these bargains are targeted to refinanced mortgage loans, the incentive is not as high for new home buyers, but banks report that only 20 percent of mortgage customers are new loans. Some lenders are offering additional incentives for these customers, such as discount points, in which the borrower pre-pays the interest in order to secure a lower rate.

Read the Fine Print Before Signing

Many of these deals actually are offered in order to take attention away from higher interest rates or may require a higher down payment in order to offset the costs of waiving closing fees or other large sums of money. is currently offering interest rates below 4 percent for a 30-year fixed mortgage, where some of these lenders are offering almost 5 percent. However, banks argue that the purpose of these deals is simply to attract new customers and help them take advantage of the low rates. Online lenders are often the cheapest, since they don’t have as many overhead costs involved with running and maintaining multiple branches.

Image courtesy of

Making Payments and Avoiding Fees

Those who are current homeowners may struggle with making the payments on time, especially for those who might be enduring difficulties during the difficult economic situation. For this and other financial emergencies, customers can utilize payday installment loans in which the money is loaned as a short-term fix until the next paycheck comes in. Instead of accruing late fees or dings to the credit score, borrowing the money to make a payment on time can be a great alternative.

Always Go for the Lowest Rate

No matter what discounts are being offered, the bottom line is that the lowest cost in the long run is through a lower interest rate. Waived closing costs might be beneficial to home buyers who do not have a large chunk of cash to pay. But on a $275,000 loan in the 30 years that the mortgage loan will be outstanding, even a difference of just 1 percent on the interest rate would result in more than $40,000 in total costs.

Christmas Photobook Templates at Artscow

Christmas Photobook template

Christmas Photobook template 

Here are some of the Christmas Photobook templates that I made at Artscow. All you have to do is to upload your photos in Artscow, then use this template of mine then just drag and drop your photos quickly on the frames that I have provided. It’s so easy and in an instant, you’ll have a photobook that you can print at Artscow.

The samples above are 12x12 in sizes but I have 8x8, 6x6 both for regular and deluxe books and in various pages 20, 30, and 39 pages. Prices start at $9.99 and up. Sign up at ARTSCOW..


Monday, December 26, 2011

Can Meditation Help Pay Day Loan Recipients Under Stress

Urgent need for loans means either the loan seekers were not financially prudent before they fell on hard times, or they faced a sudden personal calamity such as an unfortunate accident or even a death in the family.

As the economic conditions have rapidly deteriorated under the Bush and Obama administrations, more and more families or single person households are facing bankruptcy, total financial misfortune and no ray of hope for as far as the eye can see.


Image via Wikipedia

Under such pitiful conditions created largely by the insidious monetary policies of Federal Reserve, Americans are facing dire circumstances until US Congress is overhauled with new blood, or the current administration is replaced with a new, more competent one.

But until then, pay day loan recipients must find ways to manage their lives as best as they can with the help of Payday One. During these difficult times, one of the main concerns should be minimizing stress since anxiety and this can cause or exacerbate existing medical problems to a much more tenuous degree.

One natural, positive and healthy way to combat stress is to meditate.  But before you start meditations you must learn the right ways to meditate.  Meditation should not be done without guidance or support as it can be dangerous for mental health.

Therefore, pay day loan recipients or for that matter any person who is under stress due to poor financial conditions or any other condition, can seek a local support group or social gathering which regularly holds free meditation and counseling sessions or classes.

You can walk from your house to a marketplace or commercial area with coffee shops, schools, colleges or libraries and check out bulletin board advertisements for free mediation support groups or classes.

In addition you can also pick up a free newspaper in your town at a nearby supermarket or gas station and see if there are any free meditation centers or non-profit charity groups which can help you cope with stress and teach you how to meditate.


Image by atsukosmith via Flickr

There are different ways to meditate, and there is no inferior or superior way to do this. Try different kinds of techniques if they are available, but at least start one type of meditation, whichever is available at the meditation center you decide to join.

Whether it is Zen meditation in the Japanese tradition, Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the Indian tradition, or some other form of meditation, the bottom line is you ought to get involved in some meditation group to attain mental tranquility and psychological stability in these perilous times.

Friday, December 16, 2011

‘Tis the Season : My Christmas Kit

Hey all. It’s almost Christmas time and to gear you up on making your Christmas layouts soon here’s my newest Christmas Kit I named “’TIS THE SEASON” available at Artscow.

Simple yet you can use the elements and papers over and over on your various Christmas projects as well as family layouts. I'll share some PB templates soon using this fab kit. Enjoy!

Working on Templates Like Crazy

Few days ago, I finished my latest kit and I have uploaded it at Artscow for the release this coming week. As usual, I need to make templates so that customers can see how it will look like when it is used on projects like photobook, cosmetic case, calendars and more. I started the other day and wow, I was impressed by myself. I made about 24 quickpages, few calendars and 35+ cosmetic case templates in just one day and that is a great achievement.

I was so inspired to make them and I deserve to be given plaques for working hard. My designing mojo that time was also overflowing but my blogging mojo is tailing behind. I need to catch up soon. Right now, I still need to make templates as much as I can before the year ends.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sneak Peek of My Upcoming Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Well, well, well.. again it rained last night and what do you expect? My internet connection at home is busted again! I’m not sure why my net connection is like that every time it rains! Boo… I think I need to report this already to my net service provider.

No net last night, I wasn’t able to browse online about the fluid technologies that I needed to read. With nothing to do, I was forced to just finish the newest kit that I’ve been working on and it’s about 98% done already.

Here’s the sneak peek of my upcoming digital scrapbooking kit.

sneak peek

Starting a New Digi-Scrapping Kit

The days are getting colder each morning here in our part of the world. I’ve been getting a dose of morning cold breeze in the last few days and that made me lazy to get up each morning to have my breakfast and start working on my new kit. It was also raining the other day and that made it even colder but not enough to wear a thick jacket like that of sierra designs that I saw online.

I also got piqued when my net suddenly was gone. I don’t want to end up doing nothing that evening so I opened my photoshop and started making a new kit. Yey! I was quick in finding a color swatch and that includes hues of orange, browns and blue. I will share my newest kit once it is done. I’m half way done but I still need to put some more elements and hopefully set of alphas.