Thursday, February 28, 2013

Professional Contractor for your Home

Our house is our haven, and as homeowners we always strive to maintain our house as much as we can so that it will last for years. However, no matter how careful we are, it’s a fact that houses will get damaged over time.

As we all know, roofing is one of the most important and critical parts of home construction, for it can serve as one of the “backbones” of your house. Our roof takes all the heat from the sun, rain and heavy snow for those living where snow can be brutal. Having good roofing can actually take all kinds weather conditions for many years.

Home construction or building should be taken serious and involve long planning. Always do your own research in finding a good contractor in your area that can work around your project, and within your budget and specifications. Roofing seattle like Achten’s Quality Roofing, is one of the licensed and professional roofing specialists in that area, providing their clients with quality and professional roofing services. They always make sure that their work complies with the manufacturer and client’s standards.

Achten, a Roof seattle contractor, offers various roofing options such as shingles, torch down, concrete tiles, wood shakes, metal roofing, chimneys, sky lights and solar tubes. The type of roofing that will be installed on your house depends on your preference. Going to their galleries and showrooms for Roof seattle samples can greatly help you in choosing the best roof for your home. It’s also best to converse with their staff to learn more about each roofing material so you’ll have a better understanding on what roofing is best suited for your house and its location. Nothing beats asking and getting a lot of information before proceeding with the actual construction of your dream house. Sitting with roofing experts and talking about what you like and what they can provide will always prove beneficial.

You can also start by filling out their free quote & roof inspection form on their website and a staff member will contact you asap. Have a look at the products here to see what they can offer.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digi-scrapping and more as Hobbies

Hobbies make us pre-occupied and lessen our worries or problems for our minds will be veered from doing something else. I have tried many hobbies throughout the years and to enumerate them:
1. topiary making and other arts
2. stamp, decorative soaps and other stuff collecting
2. beading
3. tatting
4. crocheting
5. cross-stitching
6. digital photography
7. paper and digital scrapbooking

Recently, I'm into digital scrapbooking and I'm just curious to know what will be my next hobby to get into. I know some people who are into coin collecting and that includes my older brother. For me, every person should have a hobby for it can it be a good stress reliever.

900 Free Photo Prints from Artscow

One of my favorite site to have my photos and photobooks printed is at artscow.  From time to time, well almost all the time they give their customers free vouchers or credits like this free photobooks or photo prints and you'll only pay for the shipping.

Now, get this 900 Free Photo Prints from Artscow by activating the code at your member credit dashboard.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Do Successful Shopping for Fragrance

You love to wear perfume but don’t know how to do shopping for fragrance. It means you are lacking to know a very important thing in fashion shopping. There is no doubt that whether it is a summer season or cold you like to apply cologne to smell good all day long. Also, it is undeniable that you want to collect wide varieties of colognes at your wardrobe to smell everyday different and good. A fragrance becomes an integral part of your makeup and fashion. So, it will be unfair that you don’t know the shopping tips for this most essential fashion accessory. 

To make shopping of fragrance successful, all you need to know about brands. You will be surprised to know that the world fashion market offers thousands varieties of colognes of more than a thousand brands. Every month you can see a fashion house like Benetton Fragrance has launched new flavour cologne for men or women. A tough competition can be seen among fashion houses to take their perfume market ahead. You need to be wise enough to make your fragrance shopping successful. Knowledge of varieties will help you collect several brands and flavours at your wardrobe.

While you step for purchasing your favourite brand cologne, ensure about the company logo. It’s good to take the photocopy of the logo along with you. It will help you buy authentic cologne. You will be surprised to know that replica of many top brands are available. If you don’t have knowledge in how to identify the authentic brand, you can end with purchasing replica at the same price you would pay for the authentic one. Logo, bottle design and information on a perfume can help you differentiate authentic from replica. While you are on your way for shopping Cartier perfume and several other brands, ensure that you have at least 1 to 2 hours. Never ever try to buy in hurry. Check out the store that has a good reputation in the market. It will help you buy authentic brand cologne. While going through cologne, check its packing, its information and its logo. The packing should be clean, the information should be clear, concise and without any spelling error and the logo should be matched with the brand logo.

Your local market probably offers heavy discounts on cologne. In this situation, it’s good to do shopping from online. You will find several online stores offering from 10% to up to 50% discounts on several brand perfumes. You just need to register with the online store that has a good reputation in the online market and is offering varieties at a great discount. Keeping these things to your mind will make shopping successful.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My 27th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

This is my 2nd volume (July- Oct.) of my A Year in Review Book for 2011.
 My 2011: A Year in Review -Jan- June (vol. 1) here

I was more than glad that I finished it and as usual have it printed at ARTSCOW
30 page Photobook + 1 add'tl page =  price $15.49
Shipping fee =                                          $  8.99

I should have paid $24.48 but s since I have a free 30-page code yey, I ONLY paid for the shipping fee of $8.99! Great deal. I will not find any local printed where I can pay that only $.8.99 (Php approx. Php370) !!!

Here's my PB.

The Art of Unlocking

Have you experienced being in locked out from your home because you forgot the keys inside? I know this experience will be a horrible one for I have experienced it myself. I was rushing out to go to my store one morning and I closed our doors in a hurry without realizing that I didn’t have my keys in my bag. I only found out that I have no keys when I want to come back inside for I forgot some papers to bring. Ahhhh.. I was just angry at myself.

The spare keys are of course inside the house so I have no way of getting them too. I called my brother for his keys but too bad he is just in the city for an errand and it will take him couple of hours to get back. I was in disbelief and could not do anything except trying out to open the back door but my efforts become futile. In the end, I just waited for my bro to come home to open the door. I was about to call a locksmith but thankfully, bro came much earlier than expected.

When faced with this kind of situation and you have no other option, calling an expert locksmith will be very helpful. In Calgary, Locksmith calgary by quick lockworks offers various locksmith services for residential and commercial. 

We can always try to do the unlocking ourselves with hopes of opening the door or the locks but more often than not, we damaged the keys and keyholes that can also result to replacement. Much better to call Locksmith calgary ne to do the hard work for you.