Sunday, July 28, 2013

My 31st 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

My family and I went to REGINA RICA in Tanay, Rizal after the Holy Week of 2012 and it was indeed a great experience for all of us. The place was so serene and perfect place to pray and reflect all teh things that you have done all your life.

I complied all our photos and made it into a photobook. This is an 8x8 30 pages PB that I have printed at.ARTSCOW once again. Again, I love the quality since I have been using their services for the last 2 or 3 years already.

The books are sewed and not bookbind making it more durable. The print quality can be a hit and miss (sometimes the colors are not faded and sometimes dark) but it's just ok with me haha.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paris Inspired Personalized Items

I've been telling this over and over on many of my blogs that I've been dreaming and wishing to go to Paris. I may not be able to go there in the distant future but I'm claiming git. It's already in my travel list and all I need is to save, save and save so that I'll have enough money to fund that trip. I've even go as far as researching for places to go and stay in Paris and has given me so much info in terms of accommodation.

With my fervent wish to go to Paris and experience this romantic city, I was even more attracted to buy some Paris inspired stuff. I already got a bracelet, keychain, shirt, bag, iPhone case and more in my possession and would love to get more stuff soon.

Loving the Paris inspired personalized items that I have been seeing online and they are always tempting me to order and buy some. Found these nice goodies: cushion and tote bag at

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Different Ways to Fold T-Shirts

Whether you work at a department, you work at Creative Ventures Inc., or you’re managing your personal set of clothes, folding T-shirts is a good skill to have. T-shirts are generally not hung up, so they typically go in drawers. Your drawer space can be disorganized and messy if you don’t properly fold and store the clothes that go in them. Your shirts may end up wrinkly or are hard to locate in a heap of tees stuffed in a drawer. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong way to fold shirts. But for starter ideas, rely on these tips and suggestions.

Traditional Method

Folding T-shirts does not have to be a time-consuming process. In fact, you can accomplish this process within 2 seconds and with 2 simple folds. First of all, find a flat surface to work on. Pick up the T-shirt so the front is facing you. You should grasp it so your thumbs rest on the outer edge of the neck of the shirt and your middle 3 fingers on each hand are on the back of the tee. Extend your pinkies out so that they reach the shoulder’s edges. Create your first fold by flicking your wrists inward and joining your pinkies together. Allow the bottom of the shirt to make contact with the table or floor you’re using. Your wrists should still be facing inward and you should gently pull the shirt toward you. Connect the top of the shirt with the bottom and let go right away. Now you have the second fold and your work here is done.

Rolled-Up Technique

Above was a quick and easy method for if you want to fold shirts. Yet you don’t necessarily need to fold your shirts to keep them neat and organized in your drawer space. Some don’t like this method because it leaves creases in the shirts. They prefer to roll up their T-shirts. This is a great way to maximize space while avoiding creases. Starting out, fold each sleeve into the front of the shirt. Next, roll your T-shirt width wise until it forms a cylinder. Then you can put the shirt away in a drawer. To use these excellent methods for folding away clothes, be sure you stock up on T-shirts from Creative Ventures Inc.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Creative Gift Ideas to Give

Sometimes gifts that we buy off the stores can become too common already. Finding gifts that will make every recipient happy and excited especially your loved ones can be a little hard but every so often we need to little creative when it comes to gift giving.

These days, personalized items are just some of the many ways that we can be creative. There are stores that offer customizations on various items but if your hand is great in making them on your own then that would be so excellent.

Scrapbook Page
Digital or traditional way of scrapbooking can be fun eventhough it may take time for one page to finish. Create a beautiful page and have it printed.

Ever since digital cameras came; almost every one of us took heaps of pictures almost every moment that we see. Putting them on your hard disc for no one to see for me is not rewarding. If you know how to use Photoshop, gather all your photos and make a collage, while there are also printing companies like where you can make photobook just by drag and drop of your photos in their premade templates.

~~This is a photobook that I made for my mom. I complied all the photos during her 78th birthday 2 years ago using my FREE to use template. Just drag and drop your photos in the template.

Customized Items

Various companies offer customization or personalization of bags, shirts, umbrellas and other items where photos, names or even logos printed on them.

Hand made Items / Cards

There are many craft stores where you can buy paper, ribbons and other materials, turn them into handmade cards and for sure your mom will love it along with a mom ring for Mother’s day or any occasion. Be imaginative and let your creative juices work on you!

Avoid the Crowds and Shop the Internet

Shopping on the Internet is such an enjoyable experience. You pick your items, click here, and voila, you have completed your shopping. No cranky clerks, no rude people, and no crowded stores; all the negative experiences removed, leaving behind only the enjoyable experience of shopping for new items. Christmas shopping is the worst time of the year if you don’t like crowds. Everyone and their brothers are out at the stores, shopping for that one special item for that one special person. The reality is that the majority of people who are out there shopping are shopping only for the sake of shopping.

If you really want a unique gift and a great shopping experience, you should try using the Internet for purchasing the majority of your items. Almost every major department and hardware store and most minor companies have Internet sites that you can purchase their products through. The Internet provides items as basic as household refrigerators and pool supplies to such unique items as custom art work.

There are sites that will incorporate themes into designing a room in your house. If you are into doing it yourself, there are sites that will help you. If your spouse or child is a football fanatic, then there are sites with professional football teams. If they are into lighthouses or oceans, there are sites with ocean scenery with lighthouses. If you can name your item, the chances are very high that you can find a site to shop for the items you are looking for.

The Internet is the best idea if you are looking for customized items, like pictures or photos. You can get something as simple as developing pictures of your family from the local drugstore completed online. If you are into customized artwork, there are companies that will take a picture that you have and create a customized picture out of your photo.

All of these shopping sites are basically designed the same. You browse their sites and choose what you want, and can even customize the item how you want with specialized colors and designs. You do this all by using your mouse and, as the screen says, “click here” to pick it. Shopping on the Internet is hassle-free and crowd-free.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Basic Photography Seminar by Jo Avila

If you want to learn a basic photography workflow from shooting, composing, lighting, post processing to printing, join JO AVILA's Basic Photography Seminar this August 2013. Choose among the 3 sessions: weeknight, Saturday and Special seminars to hone your skills in photography.

August 2013 Basic Photography Seminar (Weeknight Sessions)
August 6 – Basic Theories and Principles of Photography
August 8 – Composition Techniques
August 13 – Basic Studio Lighting & Flash Photography
August 15 – Basic Post Processing
August 20 – Basic Color Management and Ink Jet Printing

Sessions 1 & 4 (Basic Principles and Basic Post Processing) shall be from 630pm-10pm.
Sessions 2, 3 & 5 (Composition, Basic Studio Lighting and Color Management) shall be form 630pm-930pm.

Slots available: 10

Seminar fee of P6,000/participant for all the sessions..

August 2013 Basic Photography Seminar (Saturday Sessions)
August 18 & 25, 2013 Basic Photography Seminar (Special Sessions)

For more details check out >>>>>

Dressing up Our Gadgets with Pretty Cases

The advent of various gadgets in this modern world has transformed our way of living. From mobile phones to more high-tech gadgets like tablets, iPads and more, people are now crazy carrying and using their gadgets almost 24/7.

Why not? A smart phone has so many features already that a techie savvy individual will love. Anyone can do surfing on the net, listen to music, play games, use various apps for different purposes, take photos and share them on various social networking sites, text or call someone, watch movies, read e-books and do some other stuff just by using a handheld device. It’s a very convenient piece of modern innovation that can make the lives of modern people much easier or I should say more advance.

To protect our gadgets, it’s always best to use protective sleeves or cases to prevent it from dust and scratches. It’s even more appealing for there are various iPhone, tablets, e-reader, iPad cases with various patterns, colors and designs just like these cases that I adore.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quick Reference Guide on Manual Photography by Totally Rad

I still haven't mastered using the manual mode in my DSLR but I'm getting there. I guess I need to really practice a lot and put more time in learning these basics.

Here's a Quick Reference Guide on Manual Photography by Totally Rad that I'm sure will help me and anyone who is still learning to use the Manual Mode.