Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paris Inspired Personalized Items

I've been telling this over and over on many of my blogs that I've been dreaming and wishing to go to Paris. I may not be able to go there in the distant future but I'm claiming git. It's already in my travel list and all I need is to save, save and save so that I'll have enough money to fund that trip. I've even go as far as researching for places to go and stay in Paris and has given me so much info in terms of accommodation.

With my fervent wish to go to Paris and experience this romantic city, I was even more attracted to buy some Paris inspired stuff. I already got a bracelet, keychain, shirt, bag, iPhone case and more in my possession and would love to get more stuff soon.

Loving the Paris inspired personalized items that I have been seeing online and they are always tempting me to order and buy some. Found these nice goodies: cushion and tote bag at

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