Saturday, January 23, 2010

FREEBIE: Season Barcodes by Scrapmuss

I guess most of you are scrapping tons of photos from last year's events but not me :(. How sad it is really but I don't have much time as of this moment to scrap full time because of some online works but I'll NOT definitely abandon my love for scrapping.

I still freebie hunt once in a while after doing work or online searches like discount Coach bags, wallest and more.

Ikea Goddess Not Freebie Hunting Anymore

My fave digital scrapbookign Freebie hunter, IKea Goddess is no longer freebie hunting since late last year. How sad! It is where I find lots of juicy freebies from the digi-scrapping world. I passed by her blog once again today after looking for some cheap auto insurance for our vehicles, but she's really not into hunting anymore. Oh well just thought she changed her mind that's why I clicked her blog again.

I remember reading one of her post saying that she's no longer sharing freebies in her blog bec. she got tired doing it for many years already. Oh well I left a comment on that post and I sure miss her sharing freebies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Artscow COUPON CODE: 45% off all Valentine's Day Gift Items

Valentine's Day is coming and don't wait for it to come without any Valentine's gift on your hand. Here are some gift ideas that you can order at ARTSCOW.
You can order customize photo gifts, with various heart-shaped items such as mouse pads, dog tags, key chains and jigsaw puzzles and also customized photo cards and photo books all on a special 45% off offer. Validate the coupon code on your account and get the big savings. Hurry up
it will expire on Feb. 14, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

FREE: 10 (ten) 20-paged 7" x 5" photo books from ARTSCOW coupon code

Oh yeah while looking for best weight loss supplements online as a research, I stumble upon ARTSCOW's facebook and there I found their FREE: 10 (ten) 20-paged 7" x 5" photo books from ARTSCOW coupon code, which I immediately validated at my artscow account.

I ordered a 7x5 photobook last year as a Christmas gift to my sister so I know the quality as well. It's like their 8x8 photobook only it is smaller. Anyway here is the coupon code for this promo.

Coupon Code: 2010BOOKS

ARTSCOW REE personalized photo mousepad with FREE shipping

Wow it's almost 1 am now and here I am still wide awake looking for freebies and coupon codes. I hope my eye bags and wrinkles will not become worst or else I'll be reading articles from once again.

Anyway, look what I have found.. ARTSCOW( my fave photobook printing co. online)is giving away FREE personalized photo mousepad with FREE shipping.

Here's how it works:
1. Log into your Facebook account and visit (you must become a fan of ArtsCow before you can access this page).
2. Select your friends that you would like to invite to join ArtsCow.
3. Click on the blue “Send Invitation” button and confirm.
4. Return to the coupons page and retrieve your unique user-specific Coupon Checkout Code.
5. Create your mousepad at and use the Coupon Checkout Code to claim your free gift.

And due to it's popularity they are giving away extra 2,000 free mousepads!!!! Awwww what a nice treat. I'm going to get mine!

Friday, January 15, 2010

ARTSCOW Coupon Code for Cosmetic/Make Up Bag

Before I even begin my search for eye wrinkle cream for staying up late these past couple of days I wanted to share an ARTSCOW Coupon Code where you can order for a Cosmetic/Make Up Bag for only $8.99 and that includes free shipping already.

This practical sized bag is made from a waterproof fabric and is fully customizable on both sides. Designed to fit into handbags and on your travels, you can now stylize your own cosmetic bags.

Pretty neat to show off your vanity kit to your friends with your photo, children etc.

Coupon Code is : 899COSBAG2
Expire: Feb. 12, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FREEBIE:Think Pink Papers

Before I'll look into this lipozene online , I want share this freebie THINK PINK papers that I found online while freebie hunting. I wanted to go back to digi-scrapping soon if my work is not that hectic once again. I miss the days when I use to scrap from scratch and looking into my tons of freebie files. I have made several digi-scrap photobooks and I want to add some more into may collection. Have fun scrapping!! I want my mojo back too so i can join you.

Our Digi-Scrapping Forum is back !!!

Hooray, our digi-scrapping forum is back after long hiatus.

Thanks to Diane, who is so aggressive in wanting to put our forum back that we have sice 2007 if I'm not mistaken. She is then helped by Amore, Nits and Suzanne with their tech expertise and webhosting. Now it's on one again and we are ready to share all our digi-scrapping layouts, photobooks, digi-freebie finds. Aside from digi-scrapping related matters we also share topics under the sun, from everyday matters, photography related and more. Who knows we might share also weight loss product if one is willing to ask help. hehe.

If you're a Pinay and digi-scrapper you can join us at the our forum PINAY DIGI-SCRAPPERS FORUM. See you there.

Project 52

I successfully finished my Project 365 last year eventhough I failed to share each photo here on my blog. I have no intentions of doing it again this year because it's a bit hard to take photos each day as there are times I'm lazy or I simply forget about it.

I just heard about the Project 52 from co-digiscrapper and I guess that is only what I want to do this year. It only takes 1 photo a week and it's not that demanding as Project 365. We'll see if I can start that project once again. Anyway, I need to look into this phentermine online and later on check on my file photos to see if I have photos for this week. Gotta get startin.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eco- Friendly Shopping Bags

Everyone around the globe seems to be going eco- friendly these days. I guess this is our small little way of helping in the conservation of our maltreated environment.

Shopping malls are encouraging every shoppers to use non-plastic shopping bags and just use paper bags or cloth bags to minimize the use of plastics. Some companies even give promotional tote bags to encourage people to use eco or recyclable bags.

Monday, January 11, 2010

FREEBIE: 2009 Highlights Template by Mandagirl

~Image clickable~

I always love Manda Girl's freebie templates. Now that year 2009 is over, it is now perfect to scrap the highlights of each month. Thanks to Manda Girl for sharing this FREEBIE: 2009 Highlights Template over at her blog. Download her freebie at her blog. Hurry up it might expire!

Anyway, I hope I will be back in scrapping once again. Been busy lately with the holidays, my vacations sis and her family and some other offline works that I have no time to scrap. I still have to look into this Jimmie Johnson jacket that my saw online so I think it's gonna be a shopping time again for me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365 Photos Finished

Hoooray.. finally I'm done with my 2009 Project 365 Project photos. Now it's my time to continue my Proj. 365 layouts which I have stopped making for a while since the holidays. I was updated till month of November so I still have the whole month of December to finish and I'm already excited to have it printed over at Artscow.

I still have to backup all my Project 365 photos at my external hard drive, Cd and at my flash drive as I really have tons of digi photos to keep.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No scrapping during the holidays

Holidays kept me so busy with my offline life.

I got the best holiday vacation in Hongkong with my family last Dec. 21-24. Christmas is also fun together with my family. Gifts are opened on Christmas day, the kids got tons of unwrapping done and their eyes lit up while opening them. We had our usual family exchange gift last Christmas. I got some stuff that I can use like perfume and all. My brothers got some shirts, shoes and I should have given them an electronic cigarette
as added gift but it never crossed my mind when I went Christmas shopping.

New year was even more noisy, loud, fun and chaotic. We had videoke all night long. I hope you all had a great holidays as well.