Friday, April 27, 2012

Flowers for your Digi-Scrapbooking Layouts

Flowers are just so versatile as gifts. You can brighten someone’s day, and give a smile just by giving them flowers. You can also express  your sympathy, sorry and love just trough flowers and of course if you coupled it with a warm embrace. Easter may have been gone but you can still order and Find Easter flower coupons here! Nothing beats purchasing items and that includes flowers with a discount.

Flowers are great for decorations on just about any occasions and of course on all your digital scrapbooking layouts. I just love putting flowers on almost all of my layouts!

Here are some digital scrapbooking flowers that you can purchase at Sugar Hill. I just love Wendy Page’s flowers!



My 9th Artscow 39 pages 8 x 8 Photobook

I’ve done around 25 photobooks already and too bad, I wasn’t able to share all of them here. Been busy and sometimes I forgot to upload the pics here.

Anyway, here is one of the many photobooks I have done in the past. I’m so happy with the books that I’ve made because I don’t need to have the pics printed and also buy an album to keep them. When I’m free and relaxed I can make several layouts in just one sitting. How much more if the my work area has a soothing sound of water just like in a wall fountain, I'm sure I'll be more inspired to make layouts.

Most of the times, I just look at the photos that I have and start making an album. I still have so many photos that are begging to be made into a photobook and I promised to myself that I will make even just one book per 1or 2 months so there’ll be no backlogs.

Here’s a photobook that I ordered at
IMG_0177© IMG_0180

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harley / Motorcycle Themed Digi Kits

I have some friends who are into riding motorbikes and I was thinking of scrapping their photos and give it to them as souvenir. I'm sure they'd love to see their photos  while riding their precious bikes. So cool!

So I went online and found these motorcycle themed digikits that I can purchase but it would be great if I can find a freebie with this kind of theme.

imageimage image

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Done with my Photobooks

Yey! I feel so creative and productive these past few days. Imagine, I made 6 photobook this month from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. This is my very 1st time to have done such and I feel so happy. 3 of my photobooks already arrived and I'm going to share the photos later. I still need to order the other 2 books maybe next week or so for I still need to check on the pages that I have made if there are errors before I will send them for printing at Artscow.
Artscow gave another promo codes for their 8x8 and 9x7 20 pages photobooks and I’m sure I’ll be needing them for my order. I am guessing that Artscow's commercial production place is within one of those steel arch buildings for I know they have lots of orders to be manufactured. I sure hope that my scrapping mojo will be on my side the next time I want to make photobooks again.

Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Photobooks Free from Artscow

Since Holy Week, I was so inspired to make photobooks. I have tons of photos from 2011 that needed to be printed and scrapped so I was glad that my scrapping mojo was overflowing during those days.

I made about 6 photobooks this month and already  ordered 5 books. I was waiting for some new free photobooks from Artscow and I was so happy that this came in my mail.

I’m yet to finish the 8x8 20-page photobook that I started the other so this promo came just right in time.

Expiration: April 20, 2012

Music- Themed Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Lately, I have seen lots of birthdays with Rockstar or music-themed birthday parties and they are just so cute and fun. The birthday celebrant and the guests will enjoy the party esp. if Numark products are used by the lights and sound people. My niece will be celebrating her 9th birthday on May 2nd and her mom and I have been thinking if she’s going to have a party or not. Been hearing that she loves like a Barbie rock star party if ever her mom will grant her request.

If you’re children celebrated or will be celebrating their party with music theme, it’s also be fun to scrap their photos using these music-themed digital scrapbooking kits.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Photo-a-Day : Day 6-10

I’m enjoying this Photo-a-Day challenge that was initiated by FatMumSlim as it has themes on photos. I’m only using my iPhone to take pictures and put some filters on it and shared them at Instagram.

I already finished the March PAD themes and  I’m up to date on April. Here’s the continuation.
Day 6: Lunch
April 6 falls on a Good Friday, so as Catholic and as out tradition, we don’t eat meat like chicken or pork during that day.
Day 7: Shadow
This is my shadow while taking my dog Sophie for a morning walk in our village.
Day 8: Inside your wallet
Day 9: Younger you ----I’m skipping this hehe..

Day 10: Cold
Yay, it’s summer already here at our end and what a good way to stay a bit cool is to drink cold juices and of course eat ice cream. Temperature ranges from 30-34C (86-93F) and it’s freaking hot and humid most of the times.

April Photo-a-Day


Yay, it’s already mid April and I’m up to date with my April Photo-a-Day! Actually, I’m posting it and sharing my photos at my Instagram and want to share them here but there are times that I have no time to post them. Talk about laziness.. hehe.

Sharing some here
Day 1 : My Reflection
Day 2: Color
Day 3: Mail
Day 4: Someone who makes you happy
Day 5: Tiny

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Palladium the New White Jewelry

The newest hot precious metal is palladium. Palladium wedding bands are becoming very popular. There are a lot of people that love the look of white precious metals, so they are now turning to palladium as a choice over white gold or platinum. Both gold and platinum rings can be a lot more expensive than palladium. There are a few pros and cons for each type of metal but it seems that if you are going for a specific look then palladium is something you should look into.

A palladium wedding ring is both timeless and affordable. You get the same look as platinum at a heavily discounted price. This is a great way to cut back some of the expensive costs of getting married. You can spend your hard earned money on other more fun things like your honeymoon or a big screen tv.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Made Another Photobook


Hooray.. I'm so productive these days when it comes to making photobooks and layouts. Actually, I made another photobook which is 2011 A Year in Review. I made just a simple book that focuses more on the pictures so I can make it faster.

It’s a like a magazine style and not much elements included too. I love it that way since I also don’t have much time to spend scrapping for hours only on just 1 page.

Anyway, I had this printed over at and it was shipped already.’Now, I’m waiting for it to arrive maybe next week already. Yey!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check Out the Pearls

Join the trend and show off what you are wearing, everyone is wearing freshwater pearls.  They can be natural or cultured, which ever you desire but just know that they are not much different because both have imperfections which make them unique and special from one another. I love them and think they are a great way to add some character to your outfit. They are so unique and simple! Check them out to see why everyone loves them. You will be able to stand out from the crowd, yet follow the trend, if you cave in. You will fall in love when you see the shine of the only gem that is created by a living creature.

Okay, pearl pendants are always stunning- each one I have seen is just gorgeous! They are so simple and add so much “flavor” to an outfit. I love them and create a look that is wonderful. Whenever a pearl is paired up with a gem or some type of stone they are absolutely phenomenal. This addition to a simple chain looks great on anyone and everyone, and then what is even better is when you can wear the necklace to any setting and feel confident in your jewelry to make a statement! Now can you see why everyone is wearing them?! I sure do!