Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Photo-a-Day : Day 6-10

I’m enjoying this Photo-a-Day challenge that was initiated by FatMumSlim as it has themes on photos. I’m only using my iPhone to take pictures and put some filters on it and shared them at Instagram.

I already finished the March PAD themes and  I’m up to date on April. Here’s the continuation.
Day 6: Lunch
April 6 falls on a Good Friday, so as Catholic and as out tradition, we don’t eat meat like chicken or pork during that day.
Day 7: Shadow
This is my shadow while taking my dog Sophie for a morning walk in our village.
Day 8: Inside your wallet
Day 9: Younger you ----I’m skipping this hehe..

Day 10: Cold
Yay, it’s summer already here at our end and what a good way to stay a bit cool is to drink cold juices and of course eat ice cream. Temperature ranges from 30-34C (86-93F) and it’s freaking hot and humid most of the times.

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