Friday, June 24, 2011

Free 8x8 and 9x7 Photobook from Artscow


Creating photobooks is one of my hobbies as it can preserve life’s precious moments. Here are FREE 8x8 and 9x7 photobook codes from Artscow. you can make a layout of your own or just any of the available free templates and just pay for the shipping.

If you have an account at Artscow, validate the code at your credits and discount section and when you order a photobook, it will automatically be for free.

Coupon Code :7EG3NNBK

Expiry Date: 7 / 5 / 2011

Effective Period: 30 Days

Monday, June 20, 2011

iPhone or Blackberry

My 4 yr-old Nokia phone needs a replacement already. Although it is still running good, it’s becoming too jurrassic for me already. It has no camera and can’t even connect to the internet. There are times when I’m too lazy to open my laptop or desktop and I just wish that I have another phone where I can browse the net even if I’m out.

Actually, I can buy a new cellphone anytime if I want but if I’m going to replace it I’m going to make sure that it’s either a blackberry or an iPhone. If not, I’ll just stick to my old phone. I hope on my birthday this year, I’ll have one already. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Personalized Christmas Ornaments on SALE


  image image


Start ordering your Christmas ornaments from ARTSCOW this early to avoid delays in shipping. You know when Christmas is few months away, there’ll be loads of orders and chances are there’ll be delays in shipment. To avoid such, start making your layouts now or better yet use MY ORNAMENTS TEMPLATES at Artscow so it’ll be easy for you. Just drag and drop your photos or even add your own text at my templates and you’re all set.

Click on the images to go directly at my templates gallery. Enjoy!

Use this coupon code to avail of the promo:SUMORNOS
expiration: July 2, 2011
PRICE: $1.99/each with free shipping

Independence Day Sale

There are so many malls and stores that offer Independence Sale last June 12 and I was one who got attracted and off I went to the nearest mall in our place alone. I enjoy shopping alone as I have the liberty to go in and out of any store without thinking of someone waiting for me. I shop quite long as I’m picky at times but when I really love something then I can immediately buy it without blinking my eyes hehe.

I shopped for some personal items and for the house and since it was sale, there are many shoppers that lined at the fitting room and paying at the cashier.  

How’d I wish there’s also a 50% off sale at some digi scrapping stores for I might have purchased some CU items that I need.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Need to Digi- Scrap and Digi-Design Again

Oh dear… my scrapping and designing mojo are gone once again. Blame it on weekends where I just really focus on shopping hehe, just not thinking about how to relax, laze around or day dream that one day I'll own a Table Rock real estate property.

Actually, the Father’s Day Kit that I started several weeks ago has been buried and I don’t think I can still finish it. Too bad, I wasn’t able to release it just in time for Father’s Day this weekend. Oh well, I’ll just have to save it and will just use it for next year’s occasion. That what happens when I stop designing, the mojo will just go away and the idea will vanish slowly too. I’m hoping to get back on the groove once again as I’ve been lagging behind my designing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Artscow Digital Scrapbooking Kits Gallery

image image 


I’ve been a customer of ARTSCOW since 2008 but it was only last year when I became one of their designers. I thought of trying it out at their company since I’m looking for other ways on how to earn money. Even if I wanted to learn about IT and hoping to get tech jobs in the future, my fate brings me to the world of  digital scrapbooking designing.  It was in 2007 when I tried my hand in designing and I use toI sell my designs on a different online digi-scrapping store but I had to resign because I can’t keep up with my designer and member duties there.

What I like about Artscow is that we are a freelancer and we’re free to put our own designs and templates without any obligations just like other online stores. Of course we need to advertise our products so we can have more sales but we are not obliged to comment on forums etc. I’m just fortunate to have known Artscow where I can share share and sell my designs at the comforts of my home. No need to commute and dress up for the office, and no boss that will tell you what to do.