Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finding What You are Passionate About

It is true that when you found what you love, you'll love very bit of it. Just like if you love the work that you are doing, you'll not regard your work as a burden but a venue where you can share your knowledge and skills. You'll not only help the owner of the company but you'll be able to grow and learn more info and skills along the way. However, if you didn't like your work and always complain, how can you be productive?

 It is the same with your hobby or the things that you can do on your spare time. Learning new skills is always a good thing. Be it be learning how to drive, to play musical instrument like guitars using edirol brands, or writing songs that comes from your heart and mind. If you are passionate about something, you need to give time, money, effort and dedication to it. Give it a try, push hard and don't stop.

Cool Cats Digital Papers and Cliparts

I made another cat digital papers and cliparts and this time, peach and blue shades are used. I love the turn out of this set and hope that you will like it too. It is now available at all of my online stores.

~~12 pcs. digital background papers
.JPG format
Size: 12 x 12 inches (3600px x 3600px)
Resolution: 300 dpi

INCLUDED:clipart PNG form (transparent background):
8 cats (approx. size: 8" width
3 paws

The Hobby That Never Was

I am always in admiration everytime I saw people playing musical instruments. Much more admiration to young individuals who are very much into music and nothing beats those who knows how to play an instrument very well. I remember when I was still young, I wanted to play the acoustic guitar but lack drive to pursue it further that I end up not playing it at all. I was discouraged at the first part while strumming the strings as they hurt my fingers. I regret not playing or practicing more.

My 2 brothers and nieces know how to play the guitar and love seeing them jam and sing if they get together during weekends. I even got jealous everytime I see music instruments near me and near our place. I guess I need to find a lot of courage once again to start playing and see where it will take me.