Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't You Just Love Your Digital Cameras?

I reckon that digital cameras are heaven sent and one of the best inventions of the modern gadget world. Aside from not worrying about buying a film for the camera, I also don’t need to be too aware of how many shots is still left the film that I loaded.

The convenience of taking lots of photos to your hearts desire and seeing the result right away using a digi cam are just awesome. With all the photos that you got, you also had the chance to choose the best shot that you want to be printed or shared online.

Anyway, I got my very 1st digital camera way back in 2005; it has no memory card installed at that time and the lcd monitor was just about 2 inches wide. I upgraded in 2007 with a Canon point and shoot digicam which up to now is still working great.

Later Nov. of 2007, as a birthday gift to myself, I bought my very 1st DLSR and it’s Canon 400d or rebel XTi. I was ecstatic that time and so very keen on taking lots of photos. Later on I found myself upgrading my 18-55mm lens kits to 50mm 1.8 II lens and now to Canon 18-200mm IS lens.

Being new to DSLR back then I was confined on using the Auto Mode since I don’t know how other settings work but later on I was able to get off the auto mode after experimenting and reading my camera’s manual. I’m still learning each time I hold my camera, I can now take shots using Manual, Program (P), Aperture Priority (AV) and the Shutter Priority Mode (TV) but my fave is the AV mode.

I’m still challenged by the Shutter Priority Mode (TV) and I’m not sure if I can master that. Oh well, I still have lots of room for improvement but I’m proud of myself. Just like last year I had this big project, the Photo-a-day or the Project 365 and I did it will flying colors. I was able to finish the whole year of taking photos each day and I’m proud to say that I have my photos printed on a photobook already. I will share the photos of my photobook here soon.

Yay, I Bought These Realistic Ribbons (CU Ribbon Palooza) for only $1

Wow, after 100 years, I bought a digital scrapbooking elements once again. I was just reading my mail and saw mail from Shabby pickle designs and I clicked it. I browsed the store and voila found these cute CU Ribbon Palooza that includes 7 different realistic ribbons with 4 BONUS paper flowers from Kasia Designs and bought it immediately because it was on sale for only $1.00, orig price was $6.00. Don't miss this SALE!

I hope I will not be addicted in buying digikits once again or else the disks of my desktop and laptop computers will be full once again. I'm also glad I have a 500gb of EHD that also holds some of my digiscrapping kits.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness Sale at ScrapArtist 2010

Oh my goodness, there's a March Madness Sale at ScrapArtist from March 24-28, 2010. Hurry don;t let this pass.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Digital Scrapping for a Fee: Professional Digi-Scrapper

A co-digiscrapper friend of mine who is also a CT of one of the popular online Sweet Shoppe designs is also accepting job as a digi-scrapper. I'm not sure if she got the job by looking in a job search online but with the looks of it she is enjoying making digi-scrapping layouts for people who have no time or really have no skills in this craft.

Really my hats are off to her because aside form being a full time mom, a blogger and a scrapper, she still has time to accept digi-scrapping jobs. SHe's really a multi-tasker!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Skinny You Digi-Scrapping kit

My favorite online digi-scrapping store aside from the Lily Pad, Scrap Artist, Oscarps is Sweet Shoppe Designs, their designers has been coming up with lots of nice and interesting digi-kits that we all can use. If you are one of those that are reading phentermine review and other weight loss products for your weight loss journey why not document and scrap your photos so that you can see how you progress.

I know it's not easy but at least you'll have something that will remind you of how you conquer your weight. This FLAB-U-LESS digit kit by Traci Reed & Libby Weifenbach is very much perfect. Sold at Sweet Shoppe for $7.99 and it includes 20 papers (12 patterns & 8 solids), 4 lowercase alpha & number sets.

Happy Scrapping!

Pregnancy / Expecting Mom Digi-Scrapping Kit

image is clickable
Hey moms to be, I hope you are having a great pregnancy and taking your prenatal vitamins on a daily basis. I know your anticipation for the coming of your 1st baby or another baby is bringing you so much joy and excitement.

In the meantime, if you are also a scrapper and wanted to scrap and keep all the memories that you have while you are pregnant here's a perfect kit for those photos. This "Oh Baby" Pregnancy / Expecting Mom Digi-Scrapping Kit by Lauren Grier and Christy Lyle will surely document your pregnancy journey. Sold at Sweet shoppe designs for $7.99

Enjoy and have a safe pregnancy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Scrapped !!

Finally again!! Hooray it calls for a celebration.

After finishing my 2009 Project 365 or Photo-a-Day project last February, I immediately had it printed over at my favorite online printing shop which is ARTSCOW. I've been using their services many times now and eventhough shipping is delayed because of the distance it's just fine with me because it is affordable yet the quality is good.

Just last week when I had time, I already started to scrap our Hongkong Vacation photos and right now I'm on my 27th page already. I am guessing that it will take me about 60 + pages to finish them since we have tons of photos to scrap.

I know I don;t need to scrap all of the photos but what I'm doing is a magazine style on my layouts for me to do it faster. Can't wait for it to finish.

What a Girl Wants Digi Scrapbooking Kit

Every girl wants to have some fun. Teens dressing up to impress boys. Putting lipstick, trying out new nail polish color or eyeshadow and putting different eye shadow and trying not to have an acne and treat them with differin because it's their nightmare.

This "What a Girl Wants" Kit by Heather Roselli is perfect for all your girls' dress up pics, teen photos or just about any girly pics that you have.

Veggies Stickers and Fresh Picks Doodles

I just love browsing for free digi-kits and elements that I can hoard and download but most of the times there are nice elements that are also for sale. Been browsing Kate Hadfield's online store at Lily Pad and just in case you are in search of a weight loss pills and wanted to document your weight loss and living healthy journey by digiscrapping your photos, here are some veggie and fruit elements that you can incorporate on your layouts.

These days we all wanted to be healthy and fit and I'm glad that digi-kit designers are also creating healthy designs.

Shaping Up Doodles by Kate Hadfield

These days most of us are in search of fat burners that can help us lose that unwanted belly and fats that we all hate. If you are dieting or trying to maintain your good weight, here's a perfect doodles FIT FOR LIFE from Kate Hadfield where you can scrap all your before and after pics of your weight. Perfect for those who are documenting their weight loss journey.

It is sold at the Lily Pad and costs $4.49

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artscow Mini Stretched Canvas Coupon

I had some time yesterday to clean my room a bit and arrange some of our outdoor furniture since I'm not too busy with some online works. I took advantage of that time since it's not always happening. It also reminds me of the free mini-stretched canvas from Artscow.

The stretched canvas are priced at $9.99 for 2 and that includes free shipping. It is perfect to display it at home. Here's the

Expiration: March 21, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't wait for my 60-paged 8x8 photobook to arrive!

As you all know, I'm quite busy these past few days with all my online works and searches about finances and credit repair services that a friend needed and with my offline duties that I've already set aside my desire to scrap a page from scratch.

But here's a good news, I was able to finish my 2009 Photo-aday layouts and I'm proud to say that I already made it into a photobook and have it printed. I actually ordered it from ARTSCOW, last week using their promo coupon. I will tell more when I already got the photobook. I just can't wait!

In Search of Graduation Digital Scrapbooking Kits

I have 3 nephews and 1 niece graduating this month and we are busy busy busy. Their parents are actually the ones busy preparing for their graduation toga, suit (no tuxedo vest for the boys) and dress while I'm busy looking for some freebie digi-scrapping kits that I can use for their graduation photos.

I know it will take me sometime to whip up some layouts once again since I'm a bit busy with some works but I'm never too busy to hoard digi Anyway, if you see some graduation digi kits, can you please buzz me where I can find it? Thanks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Personalized Photo Pillows / Photo bags, Photo Blankets and more

I personally think that these days we have more options on what gifts we can give to someone. The "in" thing right now are personalized gifts for a more personal touch. A photo of someone on a photobag, photo pillow/blanket or a mug can always delight the receiver. I think these gifts are perfect for anyone and occasion.

I also make photobooks to give to my friends and relatives and they always like it.

Photobook Making Business

My sister who recently got a photobook as my gift to her last Christmas told me that she loved the way I made the photos into a book. She's asking me then that I can make it into a business that she can share to her friends. I told her that I don't have much time to scrap photos and what I gave her is a labor of love and I just sneaked a time to finish it.

I reckon that making layouts for photo books can be a lucrative business and that i will not worry anymore about getting  a printer that can issue a receipt. All I need is a computer, Photoshop software, my skills and time to make photobooks. Maybe if I got more time, I can consider this business.

Laptop or Netbook?

It's been our fervent wish of my bestfriend to have a laptop. I got mine (DELL) last year and now my friend is more eager to get hers. Actually at first she wanted to have just one of those netbooks but since she is multi-tasker as well she opt to buy a laptop instead. She's still saving for it and she badly needs it because her kids is competing with her using their slow