Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Scrapped !!

Finally again!! Hooray it calls for a celebration.

After finishing my 2009 Project 365 or Photo-a-Day project last February, I immediately had it printed over at my favorite online printing shop which is ARTSCOW. I've been using their services many times now and eventhough shipping is delayed because of the distance it's just fine with me because it is affordable yet the quality is good.

Just last week when I had time, I already started to scrap our Hongkong Vacation photos and right now I'm on my 27th page already. I am guessing that it will take me about 60 + pages to finish them since we have tons of photos to scrap.

I know I don;t need to scrap all of the photos but what I'm doing is a magazine style on my layouts for me to do it faster. Can't wait for it to finish.

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