Friday, January 30, 2009

Project 365: Week 1

Here is my Project 365: Week 1 layout that I wanted to share, I have also made a layout for week 2-4 but I have not finished putting journals that is why I have not uploaded it. Yay my ambitious project, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish it till end of December. Weee what a project that is.!! Sometimes when I am so inspired to scrap, I already forgot about the time.

Been doing scraps everyday but this weekend I promise myself that I will treat myself at the mall. I will also have my broken 50mm lens fixed and I will also look for a nice tv stand for my room.


Day 30 for Project 365

Hello everyone, I have been so inspired to take shots and scrap lately and did some errands yesterday. I was at the mall yesterday, i'm looking for entry and that I will put here at my store but found none.

Anyway,I can't believe I've been taking shots each day so that I can have an entry for my Project 365 at Flickr. Though I have missed 3 shots (for 3 days) but now I am managing to religiously take a photo. I posts my entry here and at my Flickr account, hope you can take a peek (lots of photos there). I am also scrapping my shots daily and hopefully I can finish them till the end of next year. BTW,It's an ambitious project that I am doing, scrapping all the photos by week. I will share my layouts soon when I finish with the journalling.

Anyway, here is my entry for Day 30. My brother bought about 4 boxes of Chinese TIKOY and some HOPIA at ENG BEE TIN store in Binondo yesterday bec. passed by the area. We ate some yesterday for snack and ate this for breakfast this morning. And right now I am again eating some of it for my afternoon tea. YUM!
Day 30: Tikoy Day

More Photos ; Project 365

Just sharing some of the shots I made for Project 365...These are what keeping me busy each day, taking shots and they help me improve my skills.
Day 28
Day 28: Ripe Mangoes
Day 29
Day 29: Inks

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 20: Broken

Day 20: Broken! :(
Day 20: Broken:

It's a very sad day for me yesterday when I accidentally dropped my crumpler bag with my gadgets in it. Really heartbreaking for me to not use my 50mm 1.8 lens bec. it's not focusing anymore. Now, I am stuck with my 18-200mm lens for now. I am still glad though that my zoom lens was spared or I will be doomed. We should really be careful with our gadgets bec. they are delicate and sensitive, just like the phone with
GPS of my niece, it was almost unusable when she dropped it as well.

Complete Story of my sad day HERE. Anyway, thought of adding a texture on my photo (thanks Riss for the inspiration), it added a drama on my broken and lonely lens.

Bought 2 Retiring Kits at SPD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
I was so sad yesterday bec. my 50mm lens is not working, it's not auto or manual focusing anymore after I dropped my camera bag with the cam and lens in it.!!!!! What a bad day huh? Can't take that incident off my mind up to now. To make myself feel good after it, I bought 2 retiring kits from Shabby Pickle Designs and it's from Kasia Designs.

Love the colors and the elements in it so I decided to buy them., it's not that expensive though It's just worth $2.35 and $1.90 bec. it is on SALE. Can't wait to use them on my future layouts!! Now I need to find photos to scrap using these kits but before that I still need to read this diet pills review I saw online (nope it's not for me but for a friend) and later on I will try to scrap once again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365: Day 19

Day 19
FINALLY FINALLY, got the time now to upload my PROJECT 365 at my Flickr Account. yay, I have been busy lately that I have no time to resize and put them there. Finally it's there now for viewing. Got the idea from my co-bloggers/co-scrappers to do this project too.

Click image for more photo a day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mag Style Scraps

I can't wait for the photobook to arrive maybe next week that I ordered at Artscow. I hope it will turn out nice and my layouts perfectly fit in the bleed area. Anyway, I started another photobook for my niece. She came home last Dec. 2007 for a vacation and I thought it will be great to scrap her vacation photos here. This will be my Christmas gift for her this 2009 bec. she will be coming home again and I know she will like this.

To make it easier for me I decided to just scrap it magazine style so that it will be much faster and indeed, in just few days i made about 14 layouts already. have shared some of my layouts at my flickr account. My niece really looks good eh, how'd i wish that I am as lean as she is, she doesn't even need to read any best diet pill review haha. Oh well she is very sporty that is why she kept her body like that. She also like posing for the cam so I have no problem in making her poise. It's natural for her.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photobook now in Order

Yebahhhhh.. finally ordered my very 1st 20 pages (actually 24 pages)8 x 8 Photobook from ARTSCOW just this minute and I am sooo soo excited. Haha after months of digiscrapping I hope the photbook will turn out well if not perfect. I am having some .25 bleeding/cutout issues for a while but with the help of co-scrapper Aggie and Diane who helped me enlighten about it, i hope I made it right.

Now I am so excited to finally receive my photobok in about 2 weeks time. Here are some LOs that I included in my photobook. Click for bigger view.
Jump for Joy
Christmas Eve

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year New Hope!

Image Hosted by
This is our family photo during our New year's eve. It was not that great since it was raining and after midnight it was BLACKOUT, bad trip but hmm we still had fun though. The kids put the toppings on their mini-pizza, shredding their own cheese, lighting up some sparklers and enjoyed viewing the fireworks in our neighborhood. You can see more NEW Year PHOTOS HERE.

It's new year once again and lots of new opportunities, work etc. will be coming our way and we should be thankful for that. Anyway, a day before the new year's eve I was able to clean up my room, i threw all the old stuff that are broken or will not be used by anyone. I also gave my old clothes to my niece and she is more than happy to receive it. I also wanted to have my room painted for fresher look. Lookin' forward for more this 2009. Happy New Year everyone!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fireworks Display Photos

Here are some photos to share. It's actually a fireworks display that SM Department store hosted here in our place last DEC. 30..My bro and his family, my mom and I went there to see the display. It was around 8 pm when the fireworks started and we are all very excited.

Just love the presentation especially the finale where a firework seems like a meteors falling off the sky and above all of us. It is such magical. Hope you like the photos that I took

the crowd claps when they see this
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
The Smiley Face that the crowd loved
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Me with my nephews and niece. We all had fun wathcing the fireworks display