Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year New Hope!

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This is our family photo during our New year's eve. It was not that great since it was raining and after midnight it was BLACKOUT, bad trip but hmm we still had fun though. The kids put the toppings on their mini-pizza, shredding their own cheese, lighting up some sparklers and enjoyed viewing the fireworks in our neighborhood. You can see more NEW Year PHOTOS HERE.

It's new year once again and lots of new opportunities, work etc. will be coming our way and we should be thankful for that. Anyway, a day before the new year's eve I was able to clean up my room, i threw all the old stuff that are broken or will not be used by anyone. I also gave my old clothes to my niece and she is more than happy to receive it. I also wanted to have my room painted for fresher look. Lookin' forward for more this 2009. Happy New Year everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.. Happy New Year to you too and to your family.. :)

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