Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

How are you all? I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas like what we had. I's been a good year for me and I hope this coming here my online works will still continue and my internet cafe will also be stable. We all know that there is a financial crisis globally these days and I hope it will not affect our country much. There are many alternatives that we can do, in fact we can set up a home business that we like, in that way, we can still generate extra money.

I hope 2009 will be a fruitful year for all of us. Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Just sharing our mini-Christmas tree with gifts that I wrapped last night. Have a great Christmas to all!!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

I’ve been bitten by the Artscow Photobook Bug

Oh yeah you read it right! I have been hearing about photobook from co-digiscrappers for sometime now but I am not really paying much attention to it bec. I know it is quite expensive to order one esp. online. One time my co-digiscrappers Aggie and Diane showed their finished photobooks and told the prices that they ordered from Artscow, then that is the time that I was inspired to make one for myself.

I am very thankful bec. they have shared it to us, never thought that I can order online on such very cheap price. Right now, I am making some layouts for my Australian Vacation photobook and I am hoping I can have it printed 8”x 8’ with hard bound case.

I am pretty excited, and in fact I have made about 18 layouts so far (yey congrats to me!!) and I am still inspired to finish a 39 pages photobook. Wish me luck guys hehe!! I will share layouts soon bec. I have not yet saved them as jpeg, it’s still on photoshop format so I can still edit when needed.

Wee… with all the artscow madness that we are having among my co-digiscrappers, I am still lucky I was bitten by this bug and not something else. At least I keep myself occupied and artistic , digi-scrapping keeps me away from other worries in life. Hope you can try digi-scrapping as a hobby, another good for of exercise (of the mind and creativity). Ok gotta go, I’m going to make new layout before I go home and I have to research about Apidexin online.

Freebie Hunting

Christmas is coming!! Are you all excited? I have been freebie hunting these days for digi-scrapping kits or samples from different designers online for my photobook. There are actually lots of Christmas kits all over the net and I have downloaded few of them. found some nice quickpages too just in case I have no more time to scrap a new layout.

I know a lot of scrappers will be on vacation already, hmm many in vegas or carribean, ahhhhh would love to be there and leave some worries and scrapping aside for a while. I just envy those who are away this holiday. Anyway, while they are away, I’ll just be scrapping and free hunting till I drop.. lol

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1

My co-twitters/digi-scrappers had a kris kringle or exchange gift and via online bunutan (raffle) we are given a "baby" and of course someone will pick my name.

And look what I got at the mail the other day. I am smiling from ear to ear when I saw this package in my desk that morning and I know it was from my "mommy", can't reveal who is she yet bec. not all of us have received our gifts already. She was suppose to get my 1st priority the Lens Hood but she sais it was out of stock but it's ok with me.

Thank you thank you Mommy! Love it and I will definitely use it esp. this Christmas when we will have group shots. I don't need to run in my place when I clicked timer on, this time I can click the remote anytime I want.

Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for my Rebel XTi
Accdg. to Amazon: The Canon RC-1 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-1 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release.
Compatible with the Canon EOS Elan II/Elan IIe, EOS Elan, EOS 10S, and EOS IX.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Now I Want a Tracy Joy Bag??

Just bought my 6M Crumpler bag few weeks ago and I have not used it to go some place, it's just in my locker for sometime now and here I am wanting a Tracy Joy bag. Gosh what is happening to me?? boy oh boy!! Ok, I saw that my sister JoyD got her new Tracy Joy bag just this week and she is lovin' it, that is why I wanted one. Oh no, i don't really get

Anyway, I already got my new Canon remote control fro my DSLR from my Twitter mommy and that makes me one happy girl hehe. Oh well at least I am not craving for an
Oscar de la Renta shoes this time. I need to be satisfied with what I have right now or else I'll be a shopaholic girl.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Christmas QP

Click image to download at the designer's blog
Isn't Christmas a lot of fun? Everyone seems to be joyous and giving and why not? Christmas is really for gift giving aside from sharing love of course. Designers are also generous with us scrappers so they never failed to make us beautiful quickpages so that we can just slip our photos that we will be taking during this 2008 holidays.

I am betting that most of us scrapper will be on holidays and setting aside scrapping for a while and probably would be enjoying time with the family in Disneyland or perhaps a cruise.  This is the time of the year where most family bond together. Ahhhh I'm really looking forward for the holidays.

Freebie Christmas Quickpages up for grabs

click images to download at digital artsist's blog

Hey scrappers, Christmas is really just around the corner and are you already feeling the spirit? I am if you gonna ask me, i can feel the people is somewhat rushing or is it only me while shopping. I was at the mall last Sunday and oh boy it is jampacked already. I know most of us scrappers will have tons of photos this Christmas and is perfect to scrap them and keep them as souvenirs so here's qucikpages that you might want to download.

Right now, I am scrapping for the photobook that I am making and I hope I can finish that early next year so I can see the finished product. In the meantime I need to search for some insurance quotes online and will continue my scrapping in a bit. Happy scrapping every one!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My new 6 Million Dollar Crumpler Camera Bag

yay, almost forgot to share this here.....As you all know it's my bday last Nov. 16th and as a gift for myself this year, bought myself a new Canon 18-200mm IS lens that I bought at Henry's. Last Saturday, my friend and I went to Greenhills shopping center to buy some stuff and just to canvass for a camera bag. I really have no intentions of buying a camera bag that day but when I saw this crumpler bag, I can't let it go and so I bought it after much thinking and scrutinizing the inside and out of the bag.

That day i brought along my DSLR cam and my old Lowepro bag so I was able to test if the camera and other lens fits in it. I bought this Dark Brown/Oatmeal/Light Olive color 6 Million Dollar Crumpler Camera Bag and it doesn't look like the old fashioned video/cam bag. I can use it and still look fashionable.

You can put cover on the camera and lens for more protection and added space. You can even put your charger, extra stuff "abubots". There are also front pocket ( I wasn't able to take photo of it). Love this bag bec. I can put my wallet and more when I go out. It is perfect for travel, very roomy, and I feel like my camera and other accessories will be well protected. The only downside I guess is that it is a bit a big for me as a walk around bag since I am just small & petite. wink*

Where to buy?
Crumpler Store at SM Megamall
Digital Walker at Virra Mall
or online at Crumpler US

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies

Wow it's almost Christmas and designers are having a Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies where they give freebies to digiscrappers like us. There are tons of freebies there that you might be interested. So grab them now!! I am also so happy that after a long spell of not scrapping, finally scrapped. I will share my layouts on my future posts, need to look for a Dansko professional leather clog that will be perfect as gift.

Happy Scrapping everyone!!