Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo Frames / LCD Digital Photo Frames

Don’t you just love technology these days? With the boom of digital cameras in the past years, taking photos and seeing them right away after it was taken was a very innovative invention. There’s no more hassle in buying a film and waiting for an hour or so for it to develop. I love taking photos of just about anything and just in case you didn’t know I am into my Project 365 or the Photo-A-Day project. Just imagine tons of photos that I can take everyday.

Actually I have also bought an external HD just to keep them there and right now I am eyeing this digital frame where I can display not just one but many of my favorite photos that I can brag to my friends and family.

My Old Nokia Phone Needs a Replacement

PROJECT 365: Busy Day
Just take a look at my old yet reliable Nokia phone, I suddenly realized that I am already using it since 2006 and it was only given by my brother in law. Funny thing is that it has no camera, no bluetooth and the features are just way too behind on the new cellular phones that are sprouting on the market. If given the chance and if I have money I'd like to buy an iPhone especially cellphone prices are dropping every day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proj. 365: Don't FlyAway

June-20 (SATURDAY) Day 171
I saw my nephew taking pictures of insects for his Thesis on his Photography Class that he will submit. His thesis was about insects and they should submit a compilation of it in a book form. A very long and tiring work for them bec. he is already graduating at UST.

Anyway, so after he took pics with his macro lens then it's my turn to take some shots. I know it's much nice if i have a macro lens.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Specs of NIKON D90 DSLR Camera

My brother recently bought Nikon D90 at Mayer's Store in Hidalgo. They were suppose to buy at Henry's but unfortunately when they went there it was not available to they are forced to buy at Mayer even though it was a bit higher than Henry's.

Anyway, my bro and his son were so excited to use this camera and just right in time for the photography thesis of my nephew. here are some photos of the NIKON D90.
From Nikon:
12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor
AF-S Nikkor 18-105 f/3.5-5.6 mm VR lens
3" display
World’s first D-SLR with an HD movie mode: Record cinematic-quality 24fps movie clips with sound at up to 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixels) in Motion JPEG format, enhanced by NIKKOR interchangeable lens quality and versatility.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Sister's Diamond Collection

Image Hosted by
Photo grabbed from my Sister's blog
My sis Joy is also a blogger and a photo hobbyist, she actually got the inspiration from me as far as I know hehe. Just take a look at this photo that she took bec. I love the detail and the sharpness of it. I could not help but to get envy her ring and earrings because she got these diamonds as a gift on their 7th Wedding Anniversary last Dec. 2007 from her husband. These are here fave jewelries and actually she's wearing it everyday as per her husband's instructions. She has a very generous husband because she got nice elegant gifts from him on special occasions.

How'd I wish I have just even one ring. Maybe someday I will, that is if someone will give me one :).

Kitchen Make-over

I was digi-scrapping last weekend, finishing my project 365 photo layouts when mom suddenly called me to show the almost clogged sink that we have. I told her that we should put a mesh in there so that the excess rice and other left over foods will be trapped. I guess in no time it be will clogged up too bad so we need to take action on that one. I know it's really hard to maintain one's household because sometimes when one gets broken another one follows. I've heard that there are more innovation when it comes to kitchen stuff and I need to find out if the zero radius sinks will eliminate the problem that we are having. Just in case it will, oh boy we need a kitchen make-over particularly the sink.

Accesorize your Canon Powershot camera

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Just when is everybody is using DSLR nowadays, there are still people who love using point and shoot because of it's affordability and portability. I still use our p&s camera when I can bring my bulky DSLR.

Anyway saw this promo at and you still have more chance to grab this for your Canon Powershot point and shoot camera.

How Can I Resist This Brazo de Mercedes cake from Goldilocks?

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Yummm.. this is one of my fave cake from Goldilocks. It's fluffy in the outside and has cream inside made out of egg inside. Ahhh.. I'm craving for one again right now eventhough I know that it's loaded with sugar. Fattening I can say but how can I resist such cravings? I guess if I ballooned into a huge woman then I that's the time that I already need to take appetite suppressant that I came across online. In the meantime, I will eat this cake that I desire. Want some?

Project 365: Paper Puppet Show

Project 365: Paper Puppet Show
The prince looking for her prince
the prince winning over the beast
It was playtime one afternoon for us here when my nephews and kids are not in school yet. My 6-yr old niece Reign made this paper drawings except the horse and the castle which is made by her dad and the castle made by her brother.

It was so fun that afternoon while we are playing because I was telling a story while we are moving the puppets while I had a hard time taking the photos because I am holding the cam on my right hand while holding some puppets at my left hand. Go

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun Family Outing

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It was a fun-filled day for us one summer time when we, together with the kids went to Cavite to visit someone and to have a short trip to the province. Cavite is just about 2hour trip if we used the C5 road. We arrived early morning at our destination and fortunately the kids didn't complain much eventhough we are a bit overcrowded at the van as you can see. I am just thinking how fun it would be if we are using an rv (recreational vehicle) on our next trip. I guess if we own one then for sure it'll be more comfortable for the kids thus making our family outing more fun.

Proj. 365: Winning Piece

My bro winning at the GSIS painting Competition last June 3. Need to brag it here too.. LOL More stories and photos at my MAIN BLOG
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My bother with his winning painting, trophy and his plaque
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Proj. 365: Snack Time

PROJECT 365: Meryenda Time
One late afternoon, I was so busy that I nearly forgot to have my snack. It was also raining that day so I am just too lazy to go out and buy snack for myself. Not knowing what to eat, I just decided to get a cold Coke at the fridge and this chocolate cake that I got in the grocery last weekend.

Oh how I just wish I can go out with my friend at the mall to have a good snack. I am also craving for a blueberry cheesecake or that delicious Pad Thai noodles of the Thai resto that I once visited. Ahhh.. if only I can taste all the food and the dessert in the world but I also worry about my bills when they swipe it on the portable credit card machine when I am paying. Next time, I hope I can also eat the luscious mango cake from Red Ribbon and coffee from Starbucks.

Proj. 365: Simple Beauty

PROJECT 365: Simple Beauty
Leaves of Dapo Plant or Palpak Lauin
Taken at my brother's garden one afternoon, I was so curious about the flower and that curled leaves.