Monday, October 25, 2010

My TRAVEL TIME Digital scrapbooking Kit at Artscow

This is my newest kit TRAVEL TIME, exclusively found at ARTSCOW. I'm offering this FREE up until Oct. 30, so be sure to ADD it YOUR KITS so you can use it for free at Artscow.

I also have lots of photobook templates and other items. Be sure you are logged in at your ARTSCOW account so you can add and use it to make your photobooks.

Digital Scrapbooking Designer Kits Contest Result at Artscow

Teehee, I won 3rd place at Artscow's bi-weekly digital scrapbooking contest! My UNCHANGING LOVE kit got the 3rd spot, eventhough I think I deserve a much higher place because I have lots of quickpages and templates that I offered for free. But since it's a contest and customers have their own preference on kits, then I'm still happy for the prize.

I'm so thankful that I learned how to design kits for ARTSCOW and right now, I see it as one of the successful home business that I can think of. It's hard to design kits that can take up a week to finish and 2 weeks the most for making various templates but all the hard work will paid once the kits and templates are used by their customers.

Right now, I joined the contest once again and I hope I can win the 1st place this time. I'll be sharing the kit and link on my next post.

The Need to Be Fit

Like they say, exercise makes us fit and healthy. Since that I’m having a sedentary lifestyle nowadays because of too much digiscrapping and designing, I guess I need to be more mobile by exercising. I’m walking with my dog in the morning for few minutes and I know that is not enough.

My bestfriend and I once thought of buying a treadmill so that anytime, we can just hop in it and run for few minutes of so. We even saw refurbished fitness equipment being sold and we’re tempted to buy. I guess one day, we can buy one or if not I just haveto walk for longer minutes.

Pending Scrapping Projects

While browsing and sorting my photo files that I can scrap in the future, I found some photos of my nephew. It also reminds me the days of my vacation at their house in Sydney few years back. I had the chance to take care of him while he was a toddler and I saw how hard it is for him to have eczema. His skin was dry and often itchy, what makes me pity him is that he’s scratching it until it bleeds.

He has some ointment medication that was given by the doctor as an eczema treatment but most of the times he doesn’t want he mom to put it on her skin. Fortunately, now that he’s already 7, his eczema was gone already and I just hope it will not come back. I’m looking forward to get more of his pictures and if I have extra time, I can scrap their vacation photos here.

Digital Scrapbooking Kits Freebie Hunting

I have not bee doing some freebie hunting for a while since I'm a little bit occupied with digital scrapbooking kit designing. Aside from that I'm doing some research online about health and acne products that I need. I just need to be more conscious about how I look these days so I'm compelled to do so.

I'm checking out lots of designers blogs for possible freebies and eventhough I can design digi kits of my own, it's also nice to grab beautiful creations from other designers that I can also use in my scrapping. I'm also hoping that there are also freebies that is ok for CU- commercial use.

Off to hunt now and will try to share them here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Matter of Patience

For most of us, keeping in shape is one of the things that we all wanted to achieve in our bodies. If you’re trying to lose weight, I guess you are finding good ways on how to attain the perfect body. Losing weight is not an overnight thing, for others taking vitamins for weight loss can be the answer but it may not work for you. So check ways on how to lose weight that can suit your body.

First, you need to discipline yourself and focus on your weight goals. It might be hard for others but if you set your goal and you’re passionate in shedding those extra pounds in your body then nothing will be impossible.

Work, Birthday and more

Oh dear, I'll be turning another on my life come next month and I'm already at the age where wrinkles and other problems are surfacing. I'm not really worried with my wrinkles because I can remove forehead wrinkles with some medications. I'm just worried about my health and knowing that I really should get up and see a doctor.

In the meantime, I drowning myself with work so I can save and not be worried all the time that nothing is happening to me while I'm just at home. At least I'm very productive with my work, digital kit designing and blogging.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Unchanging Love Digi- Kit Exclusive at Artscow

This is my newest kit, UNCHANGING LOVE available only at Artscow. This is FREE for 2 weeks only from Oct. 3- Oct. 16, 2010 (HK time) only. Feel free to copy my sample photobooks that I made there as well . ADD TO YOUR KIT at ARTSCOW, to get it FREE. After Oct. 16, it will be sold exclusively at Artscow.

You can make lots of layouts using this kit. Perfect for weddings, pre-nup, anniversaries and even for your little girl

If you don't have an account yet at Artscow, Sign up

Friday, October 8, 2010

Overflowing Digi Kit Designing Mojo

So my designing mojo since the other day and I have to hake advantage of that. I set aside my blogging stuff for a while that day and deeply think what theme should I make this time.I initially wanted to make another girly kit but since I have some already, I thought something else will definitely make my customers buy.I already had a color theme for it but I changed my mind later on and I'll just do that next time.

Some few friends suggested that I make a travel kit and I thought it's a great theme since all of us have travel photos that are waiting to be scrapped and printed into a photobook. So with that theme in my head, I quickly opened my photoshop and the color wheel chart to create a color scheme.

Now, I'm already made some elements from scratch and will use some CU elements most especially the realistic flowers that I'll put in there. I just need to make some more elements and patterned papers and it will be ready. As usual, I'm excited with my upcoming kit so watch out for it.

I'm thankful that whenever I'm lazy blogging or too burned out with online work, I can design digi-kits to help me refocus and relax. Instead of puffing an electronic cigarette
that others do when they are idle, I bring out my creativity onto my digi scrapping designs. I can't wait for the kit to finish and uploaded at my Artscow gallery.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here We Grow Digi Kit

I always admire designer Dani Mogstad. I remember when I frequently visits her blog to see her designs and latest layouts with her cute little girl's photos. Eventhough I don't buy kits that much lately, this HERE WE GROW kit from Dani Mogstad is so cute and a great buy. Sold at Sweet Shoppe Designs for $7.99 (a bit pricey but worth it).

You can scrap baby photos, both girls and boys. Kids grow up so fast even without the aid of hgh supplements these days that's why you need to document their photos as they grow up.

Work It Digi - Kit

If you're documenting your health and weight loss journey , this is the perfect kit for all your photos. This is a collab kit from Trixie Scraps Designs and Golden Girls Digital Designs in girly colors. Sold at scrapmatters for $6.99.

Sometimes it's really hard to get fit and maintain the weight that you've been wanting all those years. Just in case you want some help in losing those extra pounds, you click here or much better, start your exercise regimen by either brisk walking in the morning, going to the gym or start eating healthy foods. Those are a good start.