Friday, October 8, 2010

Overflowing Digi Kit Designing Mojo

So my designing mojo since the other day and I have to hake advantage of that. I set aside my blogging stuff for a while that day and deeply think what theme should I make this time.I initially wanted to make another girly kit but since I have some already, I thought something else will definitely make my customers buy.I already had a color theme for it but I changed my mind later on and I'll just do that next time.

Some few friends suggested that I make a travel kit and I thought it's a great theme since all of us have travel photos that are waiting to be scrapped and printed into a photobook. So with that theme in my head, I quickly opened my photoshop and the color wheel chart to create a color scheme.

Now, I'm already made some elements from scratch and will use some CU elements most especially the realistic flowers that I'll put in there. I just need to make some more elements and patterned papers and it will be ready. As usual, I'm excited with my upcoming kit so watch out for it.

I'm thankful that whenever I'm lazy blogging or too burned out with online work, I can design digi-kits to help me refocus and relax. Instead of puffing an electronic cigarette
that others do when they are idle, I bring out my creativity onto my digi scrapping designs. I can't wait for the kit to finish and uploaded at my Artscow gallery.

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