Friday, March 7, 2014

Crafts for Kids During School Break

Summer and school vacation are coming in no time once again. This only means that kids will be out of school and will stay most of the times in the house. Kids need to be kept busy all the time since they usually get bored easily when they are not doing something or they might end up bugging their parents all the time. Parents can enroll them on various summer activities that they like but there are parents who have no budget in sending them on summer classes. Arts and crafts at home will come to the picture.

Kids should focus their energy and time making arts and craft at home supervised with their parents or guardian. While kids are having fun, parents can do their work at home or their online chores. Browsing for vehicle export and other services can be done while the kids are doing their activities at home. Just  make sure that parents check on their kids on what they are doing to avoid accidents or misbehavin'.

Pinterest is loaded with craft for kids ideas and here's what I found: 21 flower crafts for kids

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Drawing Skills and More

My 10-yr. old niece is still addicted to My Little Pony characters, or MLP as she calls them all the time. There's never an instance where she didn't make a drawing of various colors, designs and actions of MLP. She's even making a home video about it using her MLP toys around and she was inspired to do such because she's also been busy watching MLP videos on YOutube.

Drawing various cartoon characters enhances her drawing skills but I am not wondering anywhere where she got that skill  because her father and uncle and even cousins are into visual arts. They all love creating arts through various medium.

Since her birthday is coming once again on May, I will just give her art materials that she can use everytime she wants to draw, paint and make some crafts.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Personalized Recycle Bags

These days, everyone of us mostly uses recycle bags when we go shopping for plastic bags are banned in most cities already. There are many bags that we can use like bags made of cloth and those water-resistant bags are very popular to use because it’s not just water repellent but also can be fold into small shape and it’s lightweight. Carrying them inside the bag is not a hassle.

Now, you can order Personalized recycle bags at artscow, wherein you can easily put your name, logo and even your own photos. Perfect for personal use, as gifts to love ones and even give-away for any occasion. But if you are looking for a bag that can carry you instruments, you'll find this cajon bag from musicians friend to be helpful.

Here are some recycle bag templates that I made for Arstcow. The small (S) one can be ordered for $9.99, for $10.99, L- 11.99 and XL for $12.99. These templates are easy to use, just drag and drop your photos and you can even put your own text on them too.