Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freebie Desktop Wallpaper for August

My friend Kaje e-mailed me the other day asking my permission that she wanted to make a desktop wallpaper for August that she'll offer for free on her blog. She used my CHERISHED MEMORIES kit that I made about a 2 months ago and is exclusively available only at ARTSCOW.
I said yes and here's the Freebie Desktop Wallpaper for August that she made using my kit. Download it at her blog (image linked) and don't forget to say thank you when you have downloaded it ok.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Country Quilts

We’re already on the second quarter of the year and soon it’s holiday once again and I guess it’s never too early to look for possible gifts already. In this way, we can scour the net for new and unique gifts this year. Thanks for the review of Country Village Shoppe and now I have more choices like country quilts, county baskets, candles and more as they are great to decorate in our homes as well.

Importance of Vitamins and Supplements

I’ve been advised by many to take vitamins and supplements since I’m not getting any younger anymore plus to give myself extra boost or energy to keep me going. My work also requires me to stay up late when work deadline is coming so I needed that too but there are times when I’m lazy or forgetful to drink them. Now I need to discipline myself if I want a healthy body.

Bath Towels

I’m a towel person. I have a towel just for my face and another one that I use for my body after taking a bath as I’m not comfortable using just 1 for my whole body. Bath Towels are fun to buy especially if they are soft that will not harm our skin. Thanks for the review of USATowl and I just learned that they have wholesale towels at a good price.


We really need to get insurance whether for your car, health, home etc. for we never know when accidents will happen. It’s will come in the blink of an eye and when we least expect it so being prepared is good choice. Thanks for sharing the site for we now know where to get cheap insurance in easy steps.

Hunting for Digi Kits and Home Ideas

Aside from hunting for fabulous free digi-scrapping kits online I'm also fond of looking for contemporary furniture online that I can incorporate in our house. There are days that I'm also browsing for nice home ideas so that when the time comes for our house renovation, I'll already have an idea what I want it to look.

It's so inspiring to see lots of beautiful houses these days and I'm dreamin' that one day our house will be just like those houses.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Birthday Bash Digi-Kit at Artscow

This is my latest kit that I'm offering for free at Artscow for 2 weeks only. You still have the chance to add this BIRTHDAY BASH kit up until Jul 24, 2010 only. So hurry. You can use this to make layouts then later on you can have it printed over at artscow.

I have also made some quickpages at artscow so you can make photobooks easily. If don't have an account at ARTSCOW sign up HERE.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sports Memorabilia

I believe that most men love sports and those that are really die hard fans will always make extra effort in getting to know more about their favourite team or even players. Your review of Hollywoodcollectibles will surely be a great help for sports memorabilia collectors just like my brother.

Carpets for the House

With your enthusiastic review about CarpetExpress, it made me browsed the site and just like you I found their collection of carpets very appealing. Now I know where to get a carpet the next time I’ll need one and I hope I’ll be given the same 50% off like what you got.

Comment on Affiliated Auctions Review

Thanks for sharing the site of AffiliatedAuctions where we can join military auctions and more online or at their venue. It is nice to know that there’s a site that can give info about different auctions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comment on ImmunoLytics Review

It’s not often we get to read good information about molds and other organisms that can actually harm our health. It’s good to know that there are mold test kits by ImmunoLytics that can help determine if our environment is not safe anymore for our health. In this way, we can prevent future illness and help people learn more molds that thrive in our environment.

Comment on Fremont Industrial Supply Review

About two months ago we noticed that we are running out of water in the house, my bro checked it and he found out that the motor that pumps water in our reservoir is not working properly. Usually the motor will just automatically run to pump water in. Right now, we are just manually doing it and we have no choice but to replace the motor. I’m asking my bro to find a replacement and up to now he has not seen any Electric motors that are similar with our motor. I guess we need to check out Fremont Industrial Supply that you have reviewed and check if they carry such motor.

Comment on Innovatech Review

I remember when my sister was renovating their house and removing their old floor tiles, they’re having quite a hard time doing it by themselves. To alleviate their burden they hired professionals to do the job in changing the tiles and polishing the other floors in their house. If not for the high performance concrete polishing machine that they have the job will not be done in a swift manner.

Comment about Marine Engine

My brother is the one in-charge of our vehicles and just recently our van was having trouble and it looks like that the engine is failing already and need to be seen by a certified mechanic. I hope it can be fix asap as it is so hard when vehicles are not in good condition. Thanks for sharing this review and for sure someone will find it helpful in finding good rebuilt Marine engine and more.

Monday, July 19, 2010

THE INCH WEIGHT LOSS digi-scrapping kit

Hey there scrappers, if you're one of those that are reading hydroxycut advanced reviews, exercising, dieting , eating healthy foods or whatever method you're doing to get off those unwanted fats of yours, I reckon it is also nice to document your weight loss journey.

This THE INCH WEIGHT LOSS digi-scrapping kit by Dawn Inskip is perfect for your photos. Sold at Pickleberry Pop for $5.50. Check it out and happy scrapping! I hope you'll be inspired to scrap when you see this kit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Things Freebie

Before I even begin my research for the cheapest term life insurance, I'd like to share this freebie that I found online. GOOD THINGS mini kit by Lipstick Designs.

I'm hoping to scrap soon but I don;t think that is possible because I'm a little bit busy these days. I'm also designing kits that I'm uploading over at artscow and that eats up my time also. I have so many photos that I wanted to scrap but I will set it aside for a while since my designing mojo is here. Maybe if I got lazy making designs then probably I can scrap again.

ON Designs Retirement SALE

I guess scrappers will really love her designs and since ON Designs is retiring, grab the opportunity to buy her on sale digi kits. Not quite sure why she's not designing anymore, maybe because she's already exhausted with designing and other duties of designers at the store.

I know how it feels because I had experience selling at a store because it's eating up my time and I could not keep up. It's like a quick weight loss for me bec. often times I'm tired. Anyway, grab some sale till July 15th only

Working so Hard

Hi all, I've been working so hard these weekend that my immune system kinda wack. I had migraine last night and feels like my head is still heavy. I still have colds but hoping it will go away as I hate runny nose. I notice a zit on my face and it seems not too alarming so looking for the best acne treatments is not needed yet. I guess I just need to give myself some more rest, fluids and more sleep to recuperate.

I don't plan of making a new kit right now bec. I want to rest for a while. BTW, my new birthday bash kit was up at artscow now. I'll share a preview later bec. my EHD is nowhere to be found lol.

Won at artscow

Yay, thanks to all who have added my FUN SUMMER digit kit over at artscow for it won 1st prize at the bi-weekly digital scrapbooking contest. So happy for that.

Really I was too tired after making that kit and the quickpages, it's like I had an ab workout after doing that. I have a new kit up right now and I don't think I can join in the next contest for I feel a bit exhausted. Hehehe.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Fun Summer Digi-Kit FREE (limited time only) at Artscow

Yey, this is my new kit up for grabs at ARTSCOW. My FUN SUMMER Digi-Kit is FREE for limited time only (2 weeks) from June 26- July 10, 2010.

Add this beautiful kit of mine by clicking the ADD TO MY KITS button. This kit is loaded with lots of fun elements that you can mix and match. I also provided lots of quickpages there that you can use so can easily make a photobook.

Here's my layout that I made using this kit.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Excited About the Digi-Kit I'm Designing

I'm actually making a new kit these days that I can share and later on sell over at ARTSCOW. I love the color scheme and I almost half way done with it. I just hope that I can finish it before Saturday so that I can upload it to the store already. I just need to finish watching TV and read this site then perhaps I can continue my kit designing again.

My designing mojo is free flowing these days because I'm inspired. Digi kit designing is a bit time consuming but when I finished it and see the results, all the hard work is worth it. Plus when I receive comments that my kit and quickpages are nice that will make more inspired.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fit For Life (Shaping Up) Doodles

We all wanted to have a healthy body and as we strive to do that we should be disicpline sand really determined if we want to attain the body that we want. If you are documenting your health change or your dieting days through digital scrapbooking here's a SHAPING UP doodles by Kate Hadfield that you can use on your layouts. This doodles are sold at the Lily Pad for $4.49.

Whether you're into exercise, slimming pills, or eating healthy foods, you can always document your weight loss journey.

It's Fun Digi-Scrapping!

In the early 2000, my hobby is cross-stitching and I was able to finish some few projects that are already framed and hanging on the wall. Later on, I'm so happy that I've found this digital scrapbooking as my hobby since 2007. Since then I got hooked that I even went into digital scrapbooking kit designing as well.

Having a hobby, keeps as happy and relaxes our minds and veer us away from any worries. I don't think we don't need to buy anti aging supplements just yet if we are having a healthy lifestyle. I suggest that anyone should have a hobby whether it be just plain coin collection, to digital photography, digi-scrapping and more.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finding CU Items and more

Since yesterday, aside from scouring for some nice bathroom fixtures for the house, I'm also looking for some nice CU (commercial use) items that I can use on my future digital scrapbooking kits.

Actually, all I want are realistic ribbons of different sizes because I don't want to take photos or scan some ribbons for me to use it. It's actually a bit hard to clean the edges so I might as well buy them. I also have a flower elements on my cart right now that I'm going to buy soon. Expect new kits from me in the coming weeks.

Limited Edition Freebie Kit

Grab this Limited Edition WAY UP HIGH Freebie Kit by Kari over at Scrapbookbytes. It's only available from June 30- July 15, 2010. It contains 6 papers and 10 flowers up for grabs. Hurry!