Friday, October 30, 2009

My 6th ARTSCOW 39 pages 8 x 8 Photobook

This is my 6th ARTSCOW 39 pages 8 x 8 photobook that came last October 20th after over a month of ordering. I did understand the delay because we had a great flood here last month that for sure contributed to the delay. Anyway, I am so happy with the results once again.
My 6th Artscow Photobook
My 6th Artscow Photobook
back and front (i'm a lil' dissapointed bec. it was a bit off center, maybe my fault on my layout or their error but nevertheless it came out great.
My 6th Artscow Photobook
My 6th Artscow Photobook
Notice the stitch that holds the photobook thus making it more durable and you can lay it flat out without worrying that the pages will fall off.

I wa able to scrap the photos of our highschool batch '84 motorcade and alumni night in Photoshop CS3. I got a great deal bec. should have paid $31.38 (photobook $19.49+ 11.99 -shipping) BUT I only paid for the shipping $11.99 bec.of the FREE 39 pages coupon promo that I used. From time to time Artscow give discounts and promos to their customers.
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Oh btw, ARTSCOW not only prints photobook but photos, personalized bags, umbrellas, wallets, pillows and more, perfect gifts esp. now that Christmas is coming.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

FREEBIE: (3) three 7” x 5” 40-paged Photo Books from ARTSCOW

Oh dear I was so glad to read this is my mail. ARTSCOW is giving away (3) three 7” x 5” 40-paged photo books for their loyal members as Christmas present !!

The instructions are just simple and all you have to do is to sign in and VALIDATE the coupon code into your account and you will be credited with free hard cover photo books.

Coupon code: 40PAGEBOOK
Expires on: 11/12/2009

1. Log into your account and visit the Credit & Discount section under the My Account tab.
2. Enter the coupon code and click validate. The 3 free credits should now appear below.
3. During checkout, the free credit(s) will be applied automatically.

Actually I've been waiting for this bec. I missed the last 7x5 freebie that they have before. How'd I wish it's as easy as looking for New York Jobs. Anyway, if you have not landed any job yet, use your spare time to scrap your photos.

Look I'm ordering now, it's gonna be my gift for my sister and bil shhhh.. don't tell her ok? I'm only paying $4.99 for shipping. Thank heavens for freebies!!! Thanks ARTSCOW!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FREEBIE: Lil' Ghosts and Goblins Flair add-on

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Click Image to go to designer's blog for download

Now that Halloween is slowly creeping in, take time to download these cute Lil' Ghosts and Goblins Flair add-on for Free that you can use on your layouts. I guess most of you are already geared up to this event and have bought some masks or Halloween costumes but not for me and the kids here. We are not celebrating it this year, maybe i will just take the time to go shopping to buy some Christmas presents.

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My 5th ARTSCOW 8x8 Photobook

back and Front Cover
Yay, I definitely forgot to share this earlier. This is my 5th Photobook that I ordered from ARTSCOW last June.

I made this photobook as a very late gift for my mom instead of giving her a whole life insurance package. I scrapped her 75th birthday photos and that was 2 years ago..LOL. I added 4 more pages so the 20-page became 24 pages 8" x 8" Photobook. The book was hard bound and STITCH bind. so it's durable unlike those that only offer glue bind. I made it at Photoshop CS3 using a photo template form and I just added some elements and papers.

LOOK 20 page costs $9.99
I added 3 more pages 1.50 (50cents each page)
$11.49 + $7.99 shipping fee = I should pay total of $19.48

but i only paid $9.49 because I used a coupon. Great savings huh!! If you'll sign up as a new member you'll get lots of credits and discount too! So sign up now at
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ARTSCOW 8pcs Free 20-paged 8” x 8” Photo Books COUPON Code

I'm definitely a fan of ARTSCOW!! Take heed of this 8pcs Free 20-paged 8” x 8” Photo Books promo that they are having right now and it's simply amazing especially if you are crazy about their Photobooks.

All of you have to do is to
validate the code in the Credit and Discount section of your account and you will be accredited with 8 free hard cover photo book. The code will expire Oct. 31, 2009. So hurry validate the coupon now!!

Gift Certificate Code: 8X8OCT2009
Expires on: 10/31/2009
*credits will expire 30 days after validation

Yesterday just in case you want to know after doing a research on auto insurance, I re-ordered a 30 page 8x8 photobook that I will give a a Christmas present wahooo..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking and Learning Online

I know and have some friends who after getting married, giving birth and started their own family have sacrificed a lot in terms of their careers. Some have quit their job to fully take care of their family while some stayed at home but learned to devote their time to scrapbooking and earning online.

Years passed by and some of the work at home moms are also looking for different kind of satisfaction other being a mom and a digital scrapbooker. They can still however continue their studies as there are online university that they can enroll without leaving at the comforts of their homes.

This is a great opportunities not only for moms but for others as well. If you are leaning toward health care , for sure this online nursing degree can boost your confidence and knowledge. I reckon evethough you are studying, find some time to do your scrapbooking so you’ll also have a break. After all we all know that scrapping is a stress reliever.

Friday, October 16, 2009

FREEBIE: Calming Down Digi-Kit

Oh I can't resist downloading this FREEBIE: Calming Down Digi-Kit by Aprilisa designs so I hurriedly downloaded it eventhough I am still on semi-scrapping freeze for a while.
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click image to download at designer's blog

I am too busy lately with lots of works online and offline that I got sick for a day too. I did shed a few pounds I guess since I have no appetite in eating. It also prompted me to read how to lose belly fat fast online while I was at home nursing myself to full recovery. I hope you are still scrapping and having the best time while doing it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New FALL Products from Little Dreamer Designs

I can't believe it's the 1st week of October already and I am just so excited!! Simply because Christmas is coming already and our overseas trip will be coming as well. As usual I still have no time for full scrapping although I am making mg Project 365 layouts. I am still quite busy with some of my online and offline works so what I am doing right now is to hoard freebies and buy some kits once in a while.

Whilst browsing for a disability appeal online , I came across this new FALL Products from Little Dreamer Designs that you might be interested in purchasing.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Patiently Waiting for My Photobook

I ordered an 8x8 40 page PHOTOBOOK this month from ARTSCOW and I got a notices that it was already shipped already last Sept. 16 but until now it has not arrived bec. of the typhoon.

I do understand why it has not arrived till now because as you all know Phils. was battered by a very destructive typhoon last week and flooding are all over the place so it is not possible for the postmen to deliver the letters and all. Everyone is also busy cleaning the mess and getting their lives back, while some are still at the evacuation centers. It is also depressing to know that many lives are gone and they simply have no insurances like that of Blue Advantage.

I will patiently wait for my photobook to come but we heard that there a new typhoon is here in the country.