Saturday, October 24, 2009

My 5th ARTSCOW 8x8 Photobook

back and Front Cover
Yay, I definitely forgot to share this earlier. This is my 5th Photobook that I ordered from ARTSCOW last June.

I made this photobook as a very late gift for my mom instead of giving her a whole life insurance package. I scrapped her 75th birthday photos and that was 2 years ago..LOL. I added 4 more pages so the 20-page became 24 pages 8" x 8" Photobook. The book was hard bound and STITCH bind. so it's durable unlike those that only offer glue bind. I made it at Photoshop CS3 using a photo template form and I just added some elements and papers.

LOOK 20 page costs $9.99
I added 3 more pages 1.50 (50cents each page)
$11.49 + $7.99 shipping fee = I should pay total of $19.48

but i only paid $9.49 because I used a coupon. Great savings huh!! If you'll sign up as a new member you'll get lots of credits and discount too! So sign up now at
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Butchay said...

your work Jen, this is it I will definitely make one na! :)