Monday, May 30, 2011

Custom Flower Delivery


It’s a known fact that one of the safest gift that you can give to your loved one are flowers. People are already accustomed on sending flowers of various kinds and it’s a way to express your feelings and greetings. A birthday or anniversary will be more special when women receive flowers. You can send a bouquet, flowers arranged beautifully in baskets or vase and there’s no doubt that the recipient will be elated and thrilled to receive such.

These days, people have become busier so online stores are the best option where you can order. Online florist such as EZ Bloomers will take your orders and will personalize the flower arrangements according to your specifications. Check out custom flower delivery if you need to send flowers on all occasions.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Scrapped!!

Oh crap, the internet connection at the house was on and off since yesterday afternoon and I blame it on the bad weather. Yesterday afternoon, I was in the middle of blogging and looking for mobile homes online that my uncle asked me to do when the loud thunder caused the light to went off. Few minutes after the blackout, our internet never came back till this mid afternoon.

With nothing to do last night, I opened my picture files and decided to scrap my birthday photos. Yay, I was able to make about 10 pages of simple layouts and hoping that I can finish some more so I can have them printed as photobook at Artscow. Oh well, even if there is no internet, I was still creative and productive by scrapping.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unfinished Digi-Kit

Oh boy, May is about to end in about 2 weeks and I really have to hurry up finishing the father’s day kit that I started in April. The reason for not finishing asap is I’m busy researching and writing about Bronx Medical Malpractice Attorney and doing some offline duties.

Actually, while I was sleepy this afternoon, I attempted to work on it but I managed to only make “1 element”. My designing mojo has slept for a month and I guess it needs a major jolt to awaken it again, hehe. I’m hoping that I can finish the kit before the month ends, that is if my mojo has come back.

Monday, May 16, 2011

BIL Learning Photography

I'm always reading the blog posts of my sister who is in the middle east right now and I was thrilled to know that her husband finally bought a Nikon D90 DSLR camera for himself few weeks ago. At first, she didn’t approve of her husband’s idea to seriously take photography but later on after having bought the Nikon D90, they’ve been attending workshop and seminar that deals with photography. Funny thing is that, my sister even joined him even if she’s just using her Canon point and shoot camera.

Right now, they are given some photo assignments to do and I’ll be seeing their works the next time she posts photos at her blog once again. I guess BIL needs to read the manuals first and just shoot more to practice. I’m sure he’lll be using the Auto mode 1st just like any other beginner and certainly, he’ll veer away from that mode to experiment on manual etc.

I remember the times when I was also starting to use my DSLR, I just shoot just about anything to know different results on different settings. From flowers, toys, vase, custom plantation shutters to sceneries and more, my camera is ready to shoot. Sad to say though that I have little time now to use my DLSR because most of the times I’s using my p&s camera.

I know that my BIL is very eager and excited to use his DSLR camera and who knows one day he can even become a pro photographer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Shopping During iNSD

Sniff.. sniff..

I failed to shop during iNSD last weekend and I regret it. It’s not that I forgot about it but all along I know that I can’t shop because my debit card in my paypal is already expired. I’ve been meaning to get new CU digi items at some shops but knowing my limitation, I wasn’t able to buy them. Too bad, some items are only for $1 and some are slashed from 50-70% off. I could have grabbed those nice ribbons and flowers that I saw at scrapbookgraphics and sugarhill stores.

Anyway, I know that sale will come by again though it’s not like iNSD where all items are pretty cheap. To my dismay, I just browsed some digi-kit stores during that time. Oh well at least, I saved some money by not buying some digi-kits once again.

Friday, May 6, 2011

iNSD ({inter-} National Scrapbook Day) 2011

Hey there scrapper prepare yourselves (and your pockts! once again as iNSD : {inter-} National Scrapbook Day is here once again. iNSD is celebrated by all scrappers in the world every first Saturday in May. All digiscrapping stores will be having massive store wide sale that all scrappers are waiting all year long. This Saturday May 7th is the start of the sale and I have to say that I need to look for some goodies esp. the CU items right now.

Some of the stores that I’ll be going to is Sugar Hill Co., Scrapbookbytes, Sweet Shoppe Designs, The Lily Pad, Oscraps, Gotta Pixel, and lots more actually.

So are prepared for this big event in the scrapping world? Oh actually lots of stores are having sale from 50% off and up!

Moving is Never Easy

I still remember the day that my aunt moved from the province to the city. Armed with a good education and experiences she wanted to try more challenges, share her knowledge and upgrade her life status so off she went to the city. Even before the moving began, she asked for my little help in packing. It was quite hard to do but we successfully finished it.

She even asked for my help to look for moving company that can ship her stuff. Since the internet is the easiest place to look for such services, I quickly found and signed up for their services. Eventhough the fee was a little bit on top of her budget it was worth it since the service is good.
Enclosed Auto transport
The only thing that we didn’t thought is not getting the services of an auto shipping company to ship her car. It would have been nice and not stressful if we also hired an Enclosed Auto transport that can quickly transport any vehicle. It was already late when I saw it online. Just in case we need that service in the future, I know now what to call. I can even get a free quote on Auto transport rates at I should have known this much earlier.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grandparent’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, Grandparent’s day will fall on September 11, 2011 and you still have lots of ample time to prepare and think of what gifts to give to your dear granny and poppo. I'm sure they'll be happy to receive any presents from you. Just in case you can't make any photoalbum or any personalized items, it's also best to just order online for there are quite a lot to choose from.

Elders love to receive items with their grandson or granddaughter's photos so a photo frame such as this is something that they will treasure. Here are just some Grandparent's Day gifts from Personal Creations. Prices vary from $9 up.

 image image

image image

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Printable Book/Notebook Labels/Stickers by Martha Stewart


Just this morning, my SIL already enrolled her daughter for the coming school year come June. I promised that I’ll be giving her money to buy the books for my niece but unfortunately it was not available yet today but the school said it’ll be available next week. For sure this May and early June, many parents will be buying school supplies at the school & office supply stores and uniforms for their kids. It’s always practical to buy them early to avoid mad rush of buyers plus the fact that there are still many choices and stocks available.

One of the things that mommies do when their kids have new books and notebook is to put personalized notebook/book labels with their kids name on them. Here are some cute Free Printable Book/Notebook Labels/Stickers by Martha Stewart that I found at her website. Images are linked.