Monday, May 16, 2011

BIL Learning Photography

I'm always reading the blog posts of my sister who is in the middle east right now and I was thrilled to know that her husband finally bought a Nikon D90 DSLR camera for himself few weeks ago. At first, she didn’t approve of her husband’s idea to seriously take photography but later on after having bought the Nikon D90, they’ve been attending workshop and seminar that deals with photography. Funny thing is that, my sister even joined him even if she’s just using her Canon point and shoot camera.

Right now, they are given some photo assignments to do and I’ll be seeing their works the next time she posts photos at her blog once again. I guess BIL needs to read the manuals first and just shoot more to practice. I’m sure he’lll be using the Auto mode 1st just like any other beginner and certainly, he’ll veer away from that mode to experiment on manual etc.

I remember the times when I was also starting to use my DSLR, I just shoot just about anything to know different results on different settings. From flowers, toys, vase, custom plantation shutters to sceneries and more, my camera is ready to shoot. Sad to say though that I have little time now to use my DLSR because most of the times I’s using my p&s camera.

I know that my BIL is very eager and excited to use his DSLR camera and who knows one day he can even become a pro photographer.

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