Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Rockstar Theme Party

These days, theme party decorations are very popular. Another daughter of my friend will be celebrating her 7th birthday this November and her theme will be a Rockstar Theme party. I'm very sure that it will be another great party with lots of food, gifts, surprises and fun. Rockstar party will not be complete if there is no music, singing and dancing. 

I already learned that there is a runway where kids can dance and sing. The birthday girl will also have   that she can use to sing and thank all her guests.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My 19th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

Christmas 2009 is a very special to our family. During that year, my sister and her family who residing in Sydney came home to let her 2 little kids experience how Christmas is spend here in the Philippines.

Her kids are amazed about our Christmas traditions like the Manuhan wherein kids can ask for some gifts (money or not) to adults. They also experienced a lot of things and even ate native foods.

I compiled all the photos and made a photobook and have it printed over at ARTSCOW.


Door Hanger Advertising

These days, the competition among businesses can be real tough and challenging. A company or a store cannot solely rely on walk in customers for they cannot target a large group of customers that can patronage their service or products. This is where advertising comes in the picture that can help any business survive and be known. 

We have seen a lot of different kinds of advertisement and it can be in the form of TV/radio commercials, print ads, social media advertisements, flyers, banners, stickers and whole lot more. If you are seriously considering of aggressive advertisement of your business, you can try the door hanger advertising wherein your company/logo, products and what you offer are printed in full colors on both sides that you can hang on any doors. Hanging Ads, an Airdrie Advertising company in Canada can help you with your door hangers. 

 Every business needs exposure and marketing and hiring a Cochrane Advertising company can always lend you a hand in many great ways to let your business target your customers. Be aggressive and focus in promoting your business, it can be a real hard work at first but in the end all your efforts will be replaced with good profits and sales.

Personalized Calendar Sale at Artscow

Everyone is getting ready for their Christmas gifts and giving personalized calendar are cool gifts to everyone. I gave one to my sis last year with our family photos and she loved it so much that she even kept the calendar up to  now.

Code: CALENDA2013
Ends: Nov 12 (Free Shipping)

mini wall calendar 8.5"x6" - $6.99
wall calendar (12 months) - $8.99
wall calendar (18 months) - $11.99
desktop calendar 8.5"x6"/ 6"x8.5" - $8.99
desktop calendar 11"x5" - $9.99

I made some calendar templates FREE to use at artscow.com, please check them out

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nothing Beats Christmas

As Christmas draws near, I'm so sure that all of us will be busy making a list, shopping and wrapping gifts that we can give to our loved ones. Apart from that not only our homes, office and malls will be filled with filled with beautiful garlands but also churches and chapels. It's even more nice if you can donate Church furniture or any church items not only during Christmas but any time of the year 

Nothing beats the happiness and the festiveness that we get during Christmas that is why a lot of people all over the world is awaiting for the most wonderful time of the year. 

My 18th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow


This is my 18th photobook that I ordered from Artscow.com. My friends and I met for lunch about a year ago and to preserve the memories during that occasion, I thought of making a photobook. I only used MY MINIMALIST 8x8 template that I made at artscow and all I did was to drag and drop my photos in the template but also made some few arrangements.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophie Digi-Layout

18 copy

This is one of the pages from my Sophie 2009 photobook that I made for my dog Sophie. This layout is very simple because I want to emphasize the photos of my dogs. Also, I have little time to make intricate digiscrapping layouts that’s why I opt for a simple one.

My dog Sophie is turning 4 this January 2013 and I’m actually thinking of giving her a simple party just like what I gave her for 3 years already. This time, I can give her a new pet bed and new toys as my gifts.

My Days of Summer Digi Kit

DAYS OF SUMMER, is my latest kit available only at artscow.com.

I just love how this kit turned out. The colors are lively and fun and for sure your summer photos will come out great using this kit. I also made a lot of pre-made samplers and templates that you can only use inside Artscow and I hope you can use them.