Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proj. 365: Friends For Life

PROJECT 365: Friends for Life
My friend RACE and I have been friends since 2nd year in high school and it was already 27 years of blissful friendship. We managed to keep our friendship for all those years because we keep the lines of our communication open. It also helps that she was just residing at a nearby town so it is easier for us to visit each other.

She's a career woman and mother of 3 and just recently quit her job so she can take care of her kids and have a small business. Now that she has more time to herself, we both dreamed of taking a vacation, I reckon one of those Carribean cruises would be a dream come through for us. We just need to save if we want that. I hope in many years to come she'd still be my friend.

Proj. 365: Fly High

PROJECT 365: Fly HIgh
May-25 (MONDAY) Day145
Few more days and it's school year once again for students here. My nieces and nephews where actually savoring all the time that they have left from their summer vacation. The had done a lot of activities from playing the computer, playing games outside, swimming, doing arts and crafts using rubber stamps and even painting in a canvas in Reign's case. One of my nephew even served as a knight in our local church to make them occupied and productive.

In this photo, my nephew was actually on top of our garage's roof flying his improvised kite. I just love the clouds that day that serves as a backdrop. I took several shots of this until i got this good shot.

My 4th Artscow Photobook Arrived

Project 365: My 4th photobook arrived
I made this new photobook for my niece Kathleen. She turned 18 last Sept. and this is my late gift for her.

I ordered it at ARTSCOW and this time it was delivered much early. It's an 8x8 20-page Photobook. Order yours now at ARTSCOW.
Front page

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proj. 365: Another Photobook in the Making

PROJECT 365: Another Photobook in the making
Last Sunday, it was a lazy day. I was suppose to go out today to purchase an external Hard Drive and to look for bustier sets but laziness struck me once again so my plans of shopping for the day didn't pushed through.

Anyway, I just stayed at my shop to do some scrapping and I am actually making my 6th photobook. This will be a simple one since it has multi pictures. The 4th PB (18thbday of my niece) is arriving from Artscow hopefully at the end of the month. I'll be ordering the 5th PB (mom's 75th bday) by next week or so. I've been scrapping continuously ever since I got my 1st PB from Artscow. It's very inspiring to see your works printed already.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proj. 365: Paper Boat

PROJECT 365: Paper Boat
May-11 (MONDAY) Day131
It's Summer vacation and kids are out of school so they are finding ways to make themselves busy.
Saw my nephew and niece making paper boats and floating them on a big basin with water so I took some photos.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunduan Festival Photos

Pauleen Luna
Toni Gonzaga & Paul Soriano
Toni Gonzaga, singer, actress, host (my townmate) and her bf Paul Soriano
Alex Gonzga and IC Mendoza
Alex Gonzaga and IC Mendoza
Jao Mapa and Nene (PBB)
pinakamagandang karosabeauties ng bayan namin
It was the SUNDUAN Festival on our town last Sunday (May 3) and I was able to watch it after watching the Famous Pacquiao and Hatton fight that I watched online.
SUNDUAN - meaning "to fetch". Sunduan is an old Filipino fiesta ritual that pays tribute to the Filipina's unique Asian beauty. This is participated in by the muses and escorts of the town's different communities. These muses are then fetched by their escorts with the town Mayor accompanying them from the farthest end of the town to the festival site.
It was so hot that afternoon but I didn't go home not until I took photos of the beautiful muses parading. The festival was highlighted by the participation of our local movie stars like Toni Gonzaga, who is my townmate and lots more. The crowd went crazy when we saw them. The muses were all beautiful wearing their gowns made by our town's good designers and I am not sure if their have bustiers underneath them. It is held every year during the month of May.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 3rd Artscow Photobook arrived

I am so happy bec. last week I already received my 3rd digital scrapbooking photobook that I ordered at ARTSCOW and again I was satisfied with the result.

I ordered 39-page 8x8 photobook and I only paid $16.49, if not for the 30-age coupon code that i got i should be paying $26.49. It was really so cheap compared to other photobook prices that I came across, thanks i have found Artscow.

It is affordable but the quality is still good. Photobook is
~stitched bind that makes it more durable, unlike others that is only glue bind it
~hard cover
~ pages used 157gsm Premium Paper. You can your photobook at

PROJECT 365: My 3rd Photobook Arrived
Aussie Trip Photobook
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photohunt: Walking

Image Hosted by
Our theme for this week at PHOTOHUNT is Walking. This is my sis and her family walking together inside the Sydney Botanical Garden very late afternoon last March 2008.