Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proj. 365: Friends For Life

PROJECT 365: Friends for Life
My friend RACE and I have been friends since 2nd year in high school and it was already 27 years of blissful friendship. We managed to keep our friendship for all those years because we keep the lines of our communication open. It also helps that she was just residing at a nearby town so it is easier for us to visit each other.

She's a career woman and mother of 3 and just recently quit her job so she can take care of her kids and have a small business. Now that she has more time to herself, we both dreamed of taking a vacation, I reckon one of those Carribean cruises would be a dream come through for us. We just need to save if we want that. I hope in many years to come she'd still be my friend.

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Race said...

yap BES we'll be friends forever! thanks for all the time and memories we've spent and shared together, you're the BESt talaga!