Friday, March 30, 2012

My Favorite Hobbies, What’s Yours?

Like they say, Äll Work and no Play Makes a Dull Person". If you're working too hard 24/7 and have no time or opt not to have a "me" time then you are punishing yourself by doing that. Personally, I love arts, crafts and designs.

Here are some few hobbies that I have tried before and now:
1. Crocheting – have made center pieces
2. Topiary Making- used to make small topiaries made or buttons, flowers.
3. Crafts – like making wreaths using fabric, native items.
4. Tatting – made of loops and lace like that I used to put at the edges of hankies or table runners.
5. Collecting decorative soaps
6. Cross-stitching
– started this in the late 90’s up to year 2000.
7. Paper Scrapping – only have tried this for short period of time bec. it’s too messy and expensive
8. Digital Photography – using my DLSR, point and shoot cam and now even using mg iPhone.
9. Digital Scrapbooking – scrapping photos digitally, making photobooks

What about you what’s your hobby/hobbies? I hope you are into one because it’s relaxing and it can let your creativity show up.

Collecting stuff is also great, my bro collects old items. If you love yo-yo, then I'm sure you know about yomega yoyos that became part of our childhood.  Too bad, not many children know how to play yo-yo and other outdoor games anymore for they are stuck paying with their psp, xbox, ipad, pc and other gadgets.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pregnancy Themed Digital Scrapbooking Kits

I have few friends that are expecting a baby this year and I know their husbands are already excited to welcome the new addition to their family. I will not wonder anymore if they are already searching for djarum little cigars that they can hand to their baby's relatives.

These friends of mine are also digi-scrappers just like me and I’m sure they’ll be excited to document their pregnancy though scrapping. Here are some pregnancy themed digital scrapbooking kits that you can also use if you’re pregnant and scrapper as well.

Images are linked:
Pregnancy Themed Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Pregnancy Themed Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Yey, I’m Scrapping


Yes... I'm so inspired to make do some layouts and make photobooks!! I’ve already finished layouting my Instagram photos for the year 2011 and I have already ordered the photobook at wahooo!

To make my work faster, I just made a simple layout since my pages are multi-photos. I also used the template that I had already so all I need is to re-arrange the layout and insert the photos and journaling that I want. I will share the finished Photobook later.

Perfect Gift Baskets

I’m planning to visit relatives this coming Holy Week because it’s been ages that we have not seen each other. I know that Facebook and other social networking sites are ways to keep in touch but nothing is more great than to see and talk to them personally.

I also thought of bringing some gifts and aside from the local sweets and delicacies that our town have, I guess it would be perfect to give something like these shari's berries gift baskets where there are fruits, nuts and even candies included.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Photo-a-Day Challenge Day 1-5


I’m not done posting all my photos for the February Photo-a-Day challenge and it’s March already… yay! I don’t think I will be able to complete my Feb PAD photo posting here anymore.

Anyway, I joined March challenge and I’m on track. It’s almost half way and we’re all loving the challenge.
1. UP 2. Fruit
3. Neighborhood 4. Bedside
5. Smile/s

Weight Loss Journey Digital Scrapbooking Kit

For many trying to lose weight can be a journey. Losing weight and being fit and healthy is not an overnight thing for it requires a lot of dedication and discipline. You also need to research on various ways to reduce your weight. If you want diet pills then you need to know are diet pills safe? If you want to go dieting then be sure to ask your doctor first or research on what dieting meals are good and read reviews.

If you’re also a scrapper it’s best to document your weight loss journey through scrapping to see your progress. I’m sure you’ll be more inspired to exercise, eat healthy foods and have a clean living once you see the results.

Here are some Weight Loss Journey Digital Scrapbooking Kit that you can use. Images are linked. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where's My Designing Mojo?

Last January, my designing mojo was overflowing so I was able to finish about 2 digital scrapbooking kit and had it published at Artscow. But where's my designing mojo now? I guess it's hibernating for now but I hope I'll be back designing again soon so I have new releases on coming days. Actually, I still have one more digi-kit but it still needs some tweaking before I can release it but since I still don't have inisprations so it was shelved for a while.

Right now, I'm getting addicted to Instagram where I took photos on my iPhone and share it through (now In fact, I have finished a photobook and ordered it already. I also love going out these days, shopping. I just love the sound of barcode scanners every time it's hitting my purchased products but it’s hurting my

Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Photo-a-Day Challenge Day 11-17

11/29: What makes me happy

12/29: Inside my closet

13/29: What makes me BLUE

14/29: Heart

15/29: Phone

16/29 : Something new

17/29: Time