Friday, March 30, 2012

My Favorite Hobbies, What’s Yours?

Like they say, Äll Work and no Play Makes a Dull Person". If you're working too hard 24/7 and have no time or opt not to have a "me" time then you are punishing yourself by doing that. Personally, I love arts, crafts and designs.

Here are some few hobbies that I have tried before and now:
1. Crocheting – have made center pieces
2. Topiary Making- used to make small topiaries made or buttons, flowers.
3. Crafts – like making wreaths using fabric, native items.
4. Tatting – made of loops and lace like that I used to put at the edges of hankies or table runners.
5. Collecting decorative soaps
6. Cross-stitching
– started this in the late 90’s up to year 2000.
7. Paper Scrapping – only have tried this for short period of time bec. it’s too messy and expensive
8. Digital Photography – using my DLSR, point and shoot cam and now even using mg iPhone.
9. Digital Scrapbooking – scrapping photos digitally, making photobooks

What about you what’s your hobby/hobbies? I hope you are into one because it’s relaxing and it can let your creativity show up.

Collecting stuff is also great, my bro collects old items. If you love yo-yo, then I'm sure you know about yomega yoyos that became part of our childhood.  Too bad, not many children know how to play yo-yo and other outdoor games anymore for they are stuck paying with their psp, xbox, ipad, pc and other gadgets.

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