Friday, April 29, 2011

New Digi Kit in the Making

Fortunately, last Holy Monday, I had some extra time and so I thought of starting a new digital scrapbooking kit. Thankfully, my designing mojo is also there that day so I was able to create an upcoming kit for Father’s Day. At first, I was hoping to research about creatine powder but decided to just design and take the free time that I had.

The hardest part of starting a kit is what color scheme to follow but luckily, I already had a color theme in mind and just tweaked it a little bit before starting. It took me several hours to fill the kit up and I’m satisfied as I was able to make quite a lot of solid and patterned papers and few elements.

So far, I have not made new elements since I became too busy once again but I’m hoping to finish or maybe make more elements in the coming days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Customized Memo Pads at Artscow

Here are two of the note pads that I made using my "A MOTHER’S LOVE KIT" at Artscow. These memo pads are customizable wherein you can out photos and your own text. You can use these templates for Free.


Memories of my Dad

An accidental trip to a nearby mall last weekend made me think about my father. There are many nice polo shorts, shoes and even a Rocky Patel that were on discount and wished he was still here so I can buy him something. I could not remember what was the last gift that I gave him.

I also can make a photobook for him just like what I made for my mom on her 75th birthday. It is something that she can cherish and can be viewed or open over and over.

Been Away For Quite a While

Sorry for not updating here for quite sometime as a became busy with a lot of things. My distant cousin will be tying the knot soon so I have to buy her a bridal lingerie for her bridal shower soon.

Holy Week also passed but I got almost 2 days when I had the time to find a nice color theme for the upcoming kit that I'm making. Actually, I have made solid and patterned papers already and hopefully when I'm not too busy once again, I can make elements and even word arts.

I also wanted to scrap and finish a photobook but it's too impossible for me to do it at this point. I'm really eager to make a new PB but sometimes my mojo is nowhere to be found.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Man’s Meaning Scrapbook Kit for Father’s Day

We always try to make photobooks of our sons/daughters but have you made a scrapbook of your husband or your dads? Father's day is coming very soon and now is that time to get started to make a photobook or even a hybrid project. You can scrap all the things about him, his antics, his facial expression and all the things that you love about him. image

Whether he is showing some symptoms of low testosterone, his hair getting fewer, his belly getting bigger, or just about anything about your man. You can keep all the memories alive with this kit. I know he'll be thrilled to know and see the photobook that you have made for him, for I know he will cherish that in his lifetime .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My A Mother's Love Digi Scrapping Kit

Hey all, here's my brand new kit over at ARTSCOW.

This kit A MOTHER'S LOVE, is my Mother's Day kit available ONLY at ARTSCOW. It's free until April 16, 2011 only but it's not downloadable on your computer. You need to add this to your artscow account and you can use this for free only inside Artscow.

You can use this kit not just for your mom but also for your other 'girly' themed projects. Enjoy!

DIY Invitation Cards

My distant cousin's daughter will be celebrating her 18th birthday this July and I know they are already looking for special occasion dresses for her daughter and for the whole cotillion entourage.

Since my cousin know that I make invitations, she asked me to make a layout of the invitation for the debut of her daughter. I still don't have any idea what to make because will come back again for some samples and instructions. I'll wait for her so I can figure out what to layout.