Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young and Innocent

I have this photo taken last year on my mom's b-day (Oct. 18, 2008) and i told my niece Reign to pick some flowers for my mom to give her (hehe cuz it's free). We have a gumamela plant in front of our house and it was planted many years ago, i guess 6-8 yrs. ago and is abundantly flowering that time.

I am so thrilled that she is so game in posing for me cuz there are lots of times that she shy away or even would run away when she saw my holding my DSLR cam, lol. She is so cute at this photo, very innocent here and NO TANTRUMS lol. Her mom is also happy to see her photos and I told her she'll miss these moments when she is already old and already have bf and receiving one of those engagement rings yay!. She's been my model for my photoshoots and sometimes I need to bribe her just to pose for

Proj. 365: Kamote Chips

PROJ. 365: Kamote Chips
Feb.24 (tues.)--Day 55
This is what I had for meryenda (snack) that afternoon, oh so yummy KAMOTE (sweet potato) CHIPS and it is coated with brown sugar. I was craving for this for a long time but finally yesterday, I asked my bro to buy me and mom each. It costs P10.00.

Yummm.. i was loaded with sugar that afternoon bec. I paired it with Not a very health conscious snack but what the

Project 365 Layout: FEB. Week 3

Woohooo.. I am so proud of myself that I am religiously taking photos each day eventhough sometimes I already run out of ideas. I must have taken photos of anything already and haha I got a new idea, I think it's fun to take a photo of the area rugs in my aunt's office. I wonder what it will come

Anyway, I have a layout of my Project 365 Layout: FEB. Week 3 using a template by Shabby Miss Jen (thanks so much) and I can't wait to have it printed again over at ARTSCOW.

BTW you can view my PROJECT 365 PHOTOS HERE

Project 365: Australia in my Hand

PROJ. 365: Australia in my Hand
Sorry for posting this late..
(Oh boy, I had a hard time with this photoshoot. Only had one hand holding my heavy DSLR on my right hand and this keychain on my left hand.)

Anyway, this is just one of the souvenirs I had from my frequent visits to the Land Down Under. 3x in 4 years is a great opportunity for me. Thanks to my bro inlaw JOE and sis JOYD for always sponsoring me. I always had a blast while there. Dunno but it feels like it's like my second home already cuz I got my sis there. I also had fun shopping there, my sis and I always go to the shops to look for deals, I bought fossil watch, bags etc. Sometimes they have sale on furniture like tv stands, electronic gadgets, tons of toys.. Ahhh wish I can bring them all back home here w/o me paying airport

Anyway, if you plan on taking a vacation, why not head at OZ Land.? The koalas and the kangaroos would surely love to see yah. hehe.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Power of Photoshop

I am glad that I have Photoshop bec. if not I already deleted this flower photo that I took last Sunday. It was really underexposed and with no life but I decided to play around with it at photoshopCS3 using some actions and voila it turned out nice. Good thing is that photos can now be retouched.

You can even see beautiful photos of models or celebrities that is almost flawless but little did you know it was already photoshopped so much lol. Photoshop CS3 is definitely a good purchase that I have made and it is very useful to me in my photo processing and in my digital scrapbooking layouts. Oh ok, i need to make new layouts later and look into this sleep number bed that I saw online.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scrapping Layout: You and I

yOu AnD i
click for credits and bigger view

Anyway, just added some few pages for Micah's 30page photobook,, finally I'm done and I already have it printed today at ARTSCOW and they are now shipped. Wow can't wait to receive it. This is me and my niece, the photobook will be my gift for her this Christmas. For sure she will love it!

Project 365 Layout: FEB. Week2

Click Image for bigger view and for other layouts

I decided to change the background of my layout this February. This is my very ambitious project, taking pics each day and put them in a layout each week. Hope I can finish this till the end of this year so I can have it printed again at ARTSCOW bec. i don't have printers like what they have. This is what is keeping me busy all the time. I love scrapping and taking photos each day for the Project 365 that I am making. It's fun to have a hobby that keeps me company, at least I am very productive and I am seeing the fruits of my labor.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365: Day 45-46

Project 365: Town Fiesta
Feb 15. Sunday day 46
Project 365: Town Fiesta Parade
Feb. 14 (Sat.)--Day 45

Last Sat. there was a parade here at our town. It rained so hard that we thought that the parade will be cut short but fortunately rain stopped.

Of course the much awaited in the parade are the celebrities. Celebs that was on the parade was Eric Fructouso and Gene Padilla who got soaked in the rain, i wan't able to take pics of them bec. I don't want my camera to get wet. of course .. Teens went ga-ga when they saw Rainier, Ryza Cenon and Jackie Rice, they are pretty in person while Rainier is good looking as well.. He has that smiling face talaga.

There's also Krista Ranillo Krista - daughter of Matt Ranillo III. Gosh she is soooo skinny and almost flawless in person.. The parade took about 2 hours and it was fun. The participants looked all tired that I reckon they need a rest (in a Westgate resort, why not? Anyway, my SIL even sell mineral water and chichiria etc in front of our garage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 365: Day 43

Project 365: Advance Valentine's Day
Silhouette Love
Feb. 12 (Thurs.) Day 43

This is also my entry for Litratong Pinoy. This week's theme is HEART or Heart Shaped. Ahhh it's Valentine's Day again soon and as usual I don't have someone to spent it with but it's ok I am used to that haha.

I took lots of shots with different angles but and i can't find the right effect that I wanted not until I transferred location with good lighting and changed my White Balance. This may never be an original concept but I am happy with my own version. Happy valentine's Day

Win a Shootsac!

Ahhh I would love to own one of this. MORE info at HERE

Friday, February 6, 2009

Project 365: Day 36-37

Project 365: Future Artist/Designer?!!Project 365: Gloomy & Rainy Day
Feb. 5--day36 *** Feb. 6--day37
Feb 5: That is is my 5yr old niece Reign who loves to draw since she was 2 years old. She loves drawing dresses, girls and almost everything. Recently she is fond of designing clothes, I guess this must be bec. she always play dress up games at Y8.

It's raining since morning and a perfect time to laze around. I was too lazy to blog but had time to whip up a new scrapbook page for another photobook that I am making. I hope the rain will stop tonight bec. I didn't my umbrella with me. Ok I guess that's it for now, I need to check this auction online that I saw lotsa items are there including wholesale lots and more.

My Artscow Photobook is HERE!!

Project 365: My Photobook (Digi-Scrap)
FINALLY!! After so much wait my photobook finally arrived 2 days ago and I was so excited when I saw the mailman. I ordered it at ARTSCOW last Jan. 11 and they shipped it on Jan. 24 and I received it last Feb 4. I opened the neat package that came from Hongkong and I was really SATISFIED with the results!!!! None of my journaling were cut off and the printing was just amazing. The book was STITCHED bind so it hold s all the pages neatly and safely.
I ordered a 20 page 8x8 photobook but I added some pages so it was 24 pages. The cover is hardbound and the pages are thick papers I am extremely overjoyed with the outcome and I will definitely order once again. Actually I have made another book for my niece and I will order it soon. Ahhh what more can I say... I love my photobook!! Order yours now at ARTSCOW!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canon Store in Megamall

Canon's P&S cams
Canon's EOS
I went at Canon Store in Megamall last Sunday to have my 50mm lens checked bec. I recently broke it. I was wrong bec. the Canon store in Mega was not a service center but a show room and store for all Canon products so my broken lens was not fixed yet. I had the chance to shoot some of their displayed camera, the P&S and their EOS cameras and I am still drooling over them eventhough I already have my own.

The sales attendants there were all accommodating so I had also the chance to hold the Canon 50d camera which I must say is a nice camera to have. It captures crisp and good photos that you don;t need to edit on photoshop. After some time at Canon store, I strolled all the shops in there like Cinderella, SM, Celine and more. I even went inside the Fossil store and looked at the Fossil watches that they have on display. I have few fossil watches that I have bought through the years. After a tiring day at the mall I decided to go home already.

Project 365: Week 2-5

Finally finished all the layouts from week 1- 5 that I made. I am over excited about this big and very ambitious project of mine that I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish all the weeks till end of this year. Actually to help me scrap all of them much faster and to save me more time, i just used a template that I have downloaded.

If I am successful with this project I will have it printed again at ARTSCOW, where I have printed my 20 pages 8 x 8 Photobook last January but unfortunately my photobook hasn't arrived yet. I wrote to their customer service already and it should be arriving this week..
Week 5Week 4
Week 3Week 2