Monday, November 28, 2011

Holy Sacraments: My Christening/Baptismal/ Dedication/Wedding Digi-scrapbooking kIt

PREVIEW holy copyPREVIEW BAP paper copy
At first, I really have no plans of creating this kit but when a customer requests at Artscow forum, I decided to quickly whip out a kit and I love the way it turned out. This kit is so versatile because you can use this to create layouts for baptismal, christening, dedication, in memory of, wedding, engagement and lots more.

This HOLY SACRAMENTS kit, inlcudes alpha and even word art.
Available at
My ETSYstore

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go for White Furniture for a Classic Look

Aside from browsing digital scrapbooking sites, I also love surfing and getting home ideas and lately I am loving white furniture. White color symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and innocence. With all the other colors white can blend or can be paired with just any other colors so it’s too easy to use. If you paint your walls with white paint, your room will suddenly looks wider, spacious and will give you a feeling of cleanliness instantly. In our home, we always go for white paint inside the house and just incorporate other colors to to jazz it up.

To go along with your white paint, white furniture can definitely make your place classic. Nothing beats simple furniture as it can convert any room into classic and elegant place. If you love white stuff, check out The White Company for they have wide selection of stunning and elegant selection of bedroom accessories and home furniture. Choose the right pieces for your home and convert your dull home to a classic one. You’ll never go wrong with white furniture for it can bring out sophistication in a room.

Friday, November 25, 2011

3 photo dog tags for just $8.99 plus FREE shipping at Artscow


Another great offer from Artscow, 3 photo dog tags for just $8.99 plus FREE shipping at Artscow”

Check out my FREE dog tag templates there.

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12 / 02 / 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BBQ Times

It’s no secret that our family loves Sunday barbeques or even bbq on special occasions. My oldest brother is the one mixing the marinade sauce for our bbq while my other brother is the one who’ll manage the hot task of barbequing. It’s certainly a joy to us to have grilled pork spareribs while I always enjoy the hot and sweet taste of the chicken barbeque. Oh dear I was quick to eat with my bare hands during mealtimes hehe. Mom on the other hand, would always ask to have fish so a big tilapia fish stuffed with ginger and tomatoes will be made for her.

My sister who lives with her family in Australia also loves barbeque and I guess all Aussies do too. I remember my BIL would fire their weber outdoor grill and cook all the big slices of meat and even the big shrimps. I reckon a bbq grill is a must have for every family and you can always purchase different kinds of grill online like at DealsDirect. They certainly have wide range of outdoor rotisserie and grills.

Now, I’m picturing barbeque times this December for holidays are the best time to fire the grill and have some bonding time cooking and eating with the family.

No Time to Date

Oh well, up to these days some of my relatives, friends and even just new acquaintance still bug me if I got a boyfriend or when will I got married. I heard that question for decades already and I'm kinda used to that already. I'm not getting angry anymore but there are times that it's already annoying when they repeatedly asked those questions. They even wanted me to try the Zyngle free dating online and other dating sites but I always say thank you and give my sweetest smile. lol

I wish they will stop bugging me for I have no time to date or don’t have any interest on finding a date or to get married.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

DSD Sale is Over.. Yay!

Ok, I can breathe now, it feels like a pin is off my chest for DSD Sale is over. Actually, when DSD was on, my heart is literally beating fast for there are huge digi-scrappng kits for sale on all digi-scrapping sites online.  How can you not be excited when there are 50- 75% off on digi-scrapping items?  I wanted to shop on my stores but I end up just shopping at one store, which is at Sugar

I spent over $35 mostly on CU items and what makes it more exciting is that Miss Tiina designs gave me a $100 voucher on her store because I spent over $20 on her store alone yipppeeee… I can use it till next year so I’ll just wait for her new items on the store before I will use it.. That is whole lot of scrapping items already and I hope I can use all of them when I’ll make my own kits.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

75% off on CU Digi-scrapping Items at Sugar Hill for 24 hrs. only

 imageHoly Moly, it’s DSD sale once again and I can help myself to be excited. I could not even properly browse the net for titanium rings that my sister asked me to do for her.

Anyway, I shopped at Sugar Hill today. Actually I spent about $23.00 for Miss Tiina designs and another $8 for Wendy Page designs at Sugar Hill. I just love their CU (commercial use) items that I can put on my own digital scrapbooking kit. I have paid all of them today and by tomorrow I will start downloading each of them. I will not attempt to download them tonight because the site might become to busy because of scrappers buying and hoarding items.

Getting a Job

I guess, I'm getting impatient to wait when will my nephew will get a good job. You see, he has graduated for almost 2 years now but still he has not landed a good job that can support or help her parents with the finances at their homes. It's also frustrating because we don't see him being aggressive or enthusiastic in looking for a job. I even told him to check online for possible job even related to his course or any Recreational Therapist Jobs if he likes as long as he get a job. Sorry but we already need to pressure him to have one since he need to earn as well.

Anyway, we’re just wishing and praying that luck will come his way soon… soon… 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let’s Celebrate: My Birthday Digi-Scrapbooking Kit

PREVIEW let's celebrate copyPREVIEW let's celebrate paper copy

This is my 2nd birthday kit and I’m loving it.

You can use this for both girls and boys birthday photos. This is a fun birthday kit to use as you can mizx and match the papers and the elements on your layouts.

Available at