Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 10th 8x8 (60 pages) Photobook

I’m so happy that I’ve made about 34+ photobooks already but I have not shared all of them here one by one. Anyway, here is one of the many photobooks that I’ve done about a year ago.

This is our HONGKONG trip photo album that I made. We travelled in HongKong for 4 days in December 2009 and I made the book in early 2010. I just love this book as it contains all the  happy memories we had in Hongkong.  Wish we all can come back there as we had little time to explore other places.




Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Digi Kit in the Making

It's the start of summer is some parts of the globe and I know that this season has been long awaited for winter can be depressing and gloomy. During summer time, there's no need to use your ventless fireplace or heater for you can freely wear tank tops, shorts and sleevess shirts now. It's also the time to hit the beach and take a summer vacation.

With the arrival of summer, I’m already starting a summer digi kit and it’s going to be a cute one. I’ll be including lots of flowers and the colors are just alive. I’m not sure when I’m going to finish it but I hope soon so I can share it here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Free Happiness Digi-Scrapping Quickpage

I just released my new HAPPINESS Kit at Artscow just this week. This is FREE to use inside ARTSCOW until June 23, 2012 only if you  have an account there. Just in case you don’t have , register at Artscow to use this kit.
PREVIEW happiness 
Here’s a FREE quickpage that I made using this kit. Just put your photos and journaling.
jennyL_happiness_quickpage1Here’s a sample:

jennyL_happiness_quickpage1 sample

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Happiness Digital Scrapbooking Kit

It’s been so long that I have shared my digi kits here. Anyway, here’s my new kit and I named it Happiness. Whilst browsing online, I came across a lot of gray and yellow color themes on many items that I saw and that serves as my inspiration.

I hope you’ll like this kit that I made. It’s FREE to add at ARTSCOW if you have an account there. Just click the image and Add my clicking the ADD TO MY KIT.

Oh btw, don’t forget to check out my free templates at artscow.

PREVIEW happinessPREVIEW happiness papers copy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doctor / Sick Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Being sick is definitely NOT fun but we really can’t predict if our body will fail. For those with Mesothelioma, it’s even harder to know the mesothelioma life expectancy of every patient so be sure to spend a lot of time with your sick loved ones.

If you want to scrap a photo of your kids getting boo-boo, photo of you when you are under the weather or want to scrap the memorable photos of your sick loved ones, this Good medicine digital scrapbooking kit is perfect for that.

Note: Image is link to the designer’s store.

June Photo-a-Day


Hello June!

Have you noticed that months are coming by so quickly these days? I just finished my May Photo-a-day but unfortunately have not shared some pics here because I’ve been sharing them at my Instagram and  Facebook accounts.

Anyway, I read all the keywords for this month from Day 1– 30 and some words are pretty  much challenging. Actually, I’m already thinking of what photo to shoot or share for a particular day. It looks like that at Day 10, my entry would be like a photo of us at my bro’s place at their