Monday, March 28, 2011

FREE Printable Birthday Labels

Hey scrappers, here's a FREE Printable Birthday Labels from Studio Flergs and I'm sure you can use it on you kids' birthday parties. These days, almost all decors in a party are personalized and can be done by you already just like what I made for my sister last month. I hope I can share the labels that I made for her.

Anyway, you can download this at Studio Flergs' blog. The image is linked.

Will Give Myself a Break

A friend tweeted yesterday about the ongoing airline (Cebu Pacific) fare sale yesterday and I hurriedly went online to book myself. I was scheduled to attend the 1st b-day of my goddaughter in October so this is a perfect time to book. I'll be going to Legazpi, where Mayon Volcano is located and will have a short vacay with friends. With God's grace, I hope it will push through as planned and who knows in the future I'll be in Singapore, Macau Hongkong (again!) so I can enjoy more.

Right now, I need to work hard and even make more digital scrapbooking kits that I can sell over at Artscow. I have a new kit at the moment but I still need to make a photobook template using the kit but sometimes I became too busy with my other offline and online works that I have no more time to make some templates.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking is Therapeutic

I've been digital scrapbooking if I'm not mistaken since 2006 and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I actually didn't enroll in any scrapbooking courses or anything but what I did was to experiment on my own and read some tutorials online. It also helps if you browse scrapping galleries to get more ideas and to know what is the trend at the moment.

Digital Scrapbooking for me is a hobby and it can be therapeutic. It can take my mind of some worries about my work, problems in life, frustrations and anger. Just like any other hobby, you need to put it by heart or else you'll also get bored. You need to enjoy it and you need to have patience over it coz sometimes, layout mojo will not just come easily.

So if you have troubles or worries like your SSDI or if you need to find another great hobby, why not try digital scrapbooking this time. It can save you glues, cutting physical papers and other supplies just like the traditional or the paper scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking can also bring out the creativity in you.

Start scrapping now!

My New Blog Header

Yey! I've got a new blog header!

I finally made a layout for my blog header last week and I love what I made. The last color theme that I have was red (maroon) and this time I wanted a beige one. I also used some elements on my new upcoming kit and I love how it turned out. Simple yet with scrapbooking style. Hope you like my new blog header and I'm sure it will stay here in my blog for a long time. Also, please do watch out for my new mother's day kit.

Making Digital Scrapbooking Templates at Night

I slept a little bit late last night once again as I'm trying to make more templates at Artscow. What I hate about sleeping late at night is that acne will usually appear on my face and I don't know if there is a connection between the two. All I know is that I heard that accutane can cure it but I'm afraid of the accutane side effects that I'm reading online. I'm sure this pesky acne of mine (located below my lips) will go away in few days. Maybe, I'll minimize sleeping late at night and see if it goes away faster.

Anyway, I have few templates that I made using my Mother's Day kit (upcoming kit) and hopefully tonight I can make more templates like photobooks and for mugs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shopped for Commercial Use Digital Scrapbooking Elements

My good friend Zanne buzzed me at twitter the other day and she told me that SugarHill is having a sale on their retiring CU stuff. I quickly thanked her and told her I'll peak at the sale later.

My excitement sends me to the store fast and saw some nice elements like ribbons and flowers that are only $1 that can be used commercially, so I grabbed them fast. I'll definitely use some of the ribbons for my new digi kit that I'm still completing.

Yay, I shopped once again but at least I can use them for my CU digi kits that I sell at Artscow. I can't wait to use them on my future kits already. I also hope my friend will buzz me again when she finds a good deal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Designing Skills

Before I even get into digital scrapbooking designing, I thought of enrolling myself in one of the short courses about using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic designing. The thought of having an online it degree entered in my mind as well.

With no budget and no time during those days, I decided to just self study. I bought a CD and explored photoshop. Since I already know how to use JASC (now Corel) Paint Shop Pro (which I also explored on my own) it's not very hard for me to learn photoshop easily. I also read online tutorials and even asked some of my friends when I can't find a button or do a simple task, but the tutorials on youtube and other sites were very helpful.

I'm still learning photoshop and I'm discovering new things along the way. It's a very powerful tool for designers and I hope I can explore my PSCS3 and my Adobe Illustrator more. I just envy other deisgners who can come up with beautiful doodles and designs on their digi-kits.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Personalized Memo Pads Promo Code at Artscow

Just one of my fave Artscow product are these Personalized Memo Pads that comes in 2 sizes. I ordered the small one before to give as gift to my niece and true enough she loves it. I also ordered a couple of pads for myself that I can use to put my notes for the day, things to buy like Moen faucets for the house, my wish list or just about anything I want to take note of.

It's now on PROMO and you can get these 2-pack memo pads for just $2.99, or add an extra a dollar to upgrade to the larger editions. They offer FREE worldwide shipping.


Expiry: 3/25/2011

Hurry, grab some of these now!

Oh, BTW, I made some Memo pad templates at Artscow, you can use it for FREE if you have no time designing one for yourself.

Here's a sample:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sneak Peek of my Upcoming Digi-Scrapping Kit

Here's a of my upcoming Digi-Scrapping Kit this month. Actually I started making this kit last February but since I became too busy with some online and offline works, I wasn't able to finish it yet.

I'm still working on it right now, still adding few more elements but I'm already done with all the papers. I'm also thinking of adding some more word arts and hopefully alpha as well. I love the color theme of this kit as this can be a versatile kit that can be used for moms and girly layouts.

Watch out for it soon!

ProFlowers Promo Codes

Make someone's day special by giving her flowers today. Flowers bring smile to every woman's faces when they received it on a special day or no occasion at all. Giving flowers show warmth, appreciation, love, care, sympathy and of course like I said it can bring smile on anyone.
We can give flowers on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, or just about any or no occasion at all. There are various types and arrangement of flowers that you can choose. Here are ProFlowers promo codes that you can use to save you some bucks when you order.

Photobooth: Just Be Silly by Dani Mogstad

Saw this hybrid project from a friend and I found this very cute. It's a design by Dani Mogstad and available for $3.99 at sweet Shoppe Designs. You can print this and use it when you have a party or just want to have fun with your friends or family.

These fun illustrations are printable and I hope Dani also made some funky and colorful mens ties too for daddies. I also want to try this one day as I love that red lips on me hehe.

SALE: Playing Cards at Artscow

Playing cards with our family during the weekends can be another good bonding experience. It's also fun if you have personalized playing cards to play with. You order at artscow by making your own or using their templates.

Here's a promo right now:
$5.99 for singles,
$7.99 for 54 designs and the fully customizable multi-purpose cards discounted to $9.99.

All prices include FREE international shipping.

EXPIRY DATE: 3/22/2011

I also made some playing card templates at Artscow, you can use it for free.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Designer Call

I was looking at my spam mails that I'm about to delete when I saw a mail from a digi-scrapping store owner. I was so elated when I read that she's asking me if I want to part of their store. I had to think for a while because it's another good opportunity for me to earn extra aside from earning from Artscow. It's also nice to showcase my digi-scrapping designs at different store with different customers.

With deep thinking and all, I decided to decline that offer and emailed the store owner telling her why and of course thanking her for noticing my goodies. I know it's not like jobs in healthcare, wherein I need to work everyday but as of now, life can be too busy. Aside from that, I also have some online works that I need to accomplish and I guess it's also not fair to be in a store where I can't commit and share with the community.

The store owner was so nice that she said if I wanted to have my goodies in their store anytime, I just need to contact her.