Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Designing Skills

Before I even get into digital scrapbooking designing, I thought of enrolling myself in one of the short courses about using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic designing. The thought of having an online it degree entered in my mind as well.

With no budget and no time during those days, I decided to just self study. I bought a CD and explored photoshop. Since I already know how to use JASC (now Corel) Paint Shop Pro (which I also explored on my own) it's not very hard for me to learn photoshop easily. I also read online tutorials and even asked some of my friends when I can't find a button or do a simple task, but the tutorials on youtube and other sites were very helpful.

I'm still learning photoshop and I'm discovering new things along the way. It's a very powerful tool for designers and I hope I can explore my PSCS3 and my Adobe Illustrator more. I just envy other deisgners who can come up with beautiful doodles and designs on their digi-kits.

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