Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Genres to Fit Your Fancy

For bibliophiles, picking something new to read can be a difficult choice. You have to consider genres, favorite authors, length of the book, paperback or hard copy, not to mention plot and your interest in the characters. For example, if you want to read a story about cops and lovers, you could probably find one in multiple different genres! There are three genres that seem to top the charts, though, in which you'll most likely find your next read.

Romance is a bustling genre filled with dozens of its own subgenres. Anyone looking for a little taste of love is sure to find a great story here. When some people hear "romance," they might have pictures in their heads of paperback book covers adorned with long-haired, shirtless men on white horses and beautiful women draped in flowy dresses blowing in the wind. This isn't so for all romance novels, though. Some take place in the west, some in Victorian times, and all other specialties that could appeal to any taste.

Mystery is another area that has been climbing into popularity lately, and perhaps the best place to find a book you can't put down. Many mystery authors have countless volumes of stories starring the same characters or detective, such as the classic Agatha Christie, or the more contemporary Tana French. This genre is a great place for people who love to ponder a story after they've closed the pages or crack cases all on their own.

Especially in young adult fiction, adventure novels are becoming the new normal. They keep readers' minds engaged and hearts racing until the epic ending! If you're looking for a little adrenaline rush during the lull in your day, an adventure novel is the way to go. The non-stop action will make you feel a part of the story.