Friday, December 31, 2010

The Eventual Pick of Regular Explorers - Rolex GMT-Master Replica

A professional and proficient watch is the symbol of achievement and status in the eyes of a lot of people. This is the very rationale for booming people to use the most deluxe and lavish watch available. The Rolex GMT-Master replica watches are without a doubt the first preference of people who are looking to obtain a status among their friends and associates.

The techniques which are employed for the production of these replicas are unique. The most recent automatic chronographic movement in the replica watches has made them one of the most widely accepted watches all over the globe.

The actual praise and recognition in this regard should still be given to the original Rolex for producing magnificent and brilliant watches. Even the imitations of these original Rolex watches are much better than the original timepieces of numerous brands.

The robustness and the durability of the Rolex GMT-Master replica watches are marvelous as well. These attributes have become the grounds for people widely looking to buy these replicas. Another feature of these replicas is that these have the capability of exhibiting the times of manifold time zones. It is tremendously simple to adjust the time of all the zones on your watch. With this brilliant watch, you have the time of two time zones on your wrist which could be very constructive for traveling rationales.

In order to fulfill the requirements of people belonging to middle class, the Rolex replica watches are available at very reasonable and inexpensive prices. These watches can easily be purchased from your local stores or website on the internet. It is the ultimate selection of people who are more recurrent travelers since the times of two time zones can prove to be very useful for them. Indisputably, these replicas are very deluxe and precise.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Magical Memories Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Here's my MAGICAL MEMORIES digi kit that is only available at Artscow. You can use this digi kit to make layout of your Disney adventure vacations and other photos.

I've also made lots of templates using this kit. Hope you like this.

Erratic Weather

Been hearing news about too much rain in Sydney these past few days to think that it's summer there already. I spoke to my sister the other day and she confirmed that it's raining cats and dogs and they are wearing rain boots and rain coats for it is raining most of the times.

The weather is so erratic as what sis mentioned. Sometimes it's raining, sometimes it's too hot and there's even a hail storm. Argghh the weather is really changing.

My Winter /Snow Photobook Templates at Artscow

Here are my Winter /Snow Photobook Templates available at Artscow. The good thing about templates is that you'll not worry anymore if you have no more time to make a layout because these templates of mine are easy to use. Just drag and drop photos and you're ready to have it printed at Artscow.

Click image to view the photobook

Just drag and drop your winter or snow photos. It's fun to play in the snow, snowflakes sparkle like blue diamonds and for sure your snow photos have lots of memories in it. My templates are available in different sizes 12x12, 8x8, 6x6 and 9x7.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Winter /Snow Digital Scrapbooking Kit

I've been quite busy these past few days as I'm not only doing some online tasks but I'm also making some digital scrapbooking designing as well. I decided to make a winter/ snow digi kit that I named SNOW FUN Digi Kit for you to enjoy. I just love this kit turned out and it's exclusively available at ARTSCOW, they are not download but you can use it to make personalized photobooks, mousepad, mugs, and more and have it printed at Artscow.

So for those that experienced winter while wearing their favorite ugg boots, you can easily make photobooks and other items out of your snow and winter photos. Just drag and drop your photos or add some journaling or texts and have it printed at artscow.

Enjoy my kit.!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Photobook Templates for Cruises/ Travel or Vacation

I made a travel/ vacation kit for Artscow i named TRAVEL TIME and here are some of the photobook templates that I made using the kit. You can use the kit to make your own layouts for photobooks, bags, watches etc.

Here's a perfect Cruise photobook template that you can use to put your pics from your cruises.

Just drag and drop your photos at these templates available in 8x8 and 6 x6 sizes. No need to make a layout as it is already ready. Enjoy!

Photobook Templates for Babies

Kids grow so fast these days as if they are taking any human growth hormone, so while they are still babies and kids, take the time to scrap and put their precious baby photos.

These are the 8x8 and 6x6 photobook templates that I made for babies. I used my PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES kit at Artscow for these templates. You can use these templates for FREE, and have it printed at artscow. Just drag and drop photos or even add journaling.

If you don't like to use templates, create your own using my kit. Enjoy!

Note: images are linked

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog Contest at

I'm just so excited as my friend Faye of is holding another contest at her blog . I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this because I love that Fossil watch. There are lots of entries submitted and I'm sure everyone wants to win. The Contest ends on December 18, 2010, so hurry you can still join. Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Personalized Apple iPhone 4 Case from Artscow

I just love ARTSCOW and I know you too! They have the most affordable prices and good quality personalized products that you can order. I have ordered tons of items from then since january 2009 and I'm always satisfied with the quality. Products are printed in Hongkong and shipping time is about 2-3 weeks depending on what items I ordered.

They have new products launched this month and one of them is this Apple iPhone 4 Case that comes in white and black colors. I'm not sure if they'll have cases for htc sense in the future but that would be a great addition to their products.

Here are just some of my Apple iPhone 4 Cases templates that I made at Artscow. You can put your own photos and text as well. It's just easy to customize. It costs $15.99 each.

CHECK OUT MY Template Gallery at Artscow.

Personalized Mousepad and more

These days, almost all things can be personalized. Thanks to ARTSCOW for they have tons of items that can be personalized and can be given as gifts to friends and family members. They have photobooks, umbrellas, mugs, watches, mousepad and more that can be personalized. You can put your own photos, names and even quotes.

I've been making some templates from time to time at Artscow and customers are free to use them. The customization is just quite easy as it is has the drag and drop feature. The items are perfect as gifts for yourself or for others. It may not be as expensive as those cubic zirconia rings but the memories and love that you put into those items are much more valuable.

Here are some of the mousepad templates that I've done at artscow. Check them out at my TEMPLATE GALLERY.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Christmas Digi-Kit at Artscow

Here's my Christmas kit "CHRISTMAS CHEERS" available exclusively at ARTSCOW.

If you don;t have time to make layouts at Artscow, you can use my templates HERE. available at different sizes

My Christmas Digi Photobooks at Artscow

I've been very busy these past few days because I've been working on my Christmas kit and Christmas Photobook at Artscow. Actually, I'm a little bit late in launching my Christmas kit at Artscow as many customers already ordered their Christmas ornaments as early as 1st week of November.

Anyway, if you're still thinking of what to give this Christmas for your loved ones then I can suggest that you can make a nice brag book or photobook. Guys would love to get hand rolled cigars but women will be pleased to have personalized items such as photobooks, bags, cosmetic cases and more.

Here are some of my Christmas photobooks at Artscow (available in many sizes: 12x12, 8x8, 6x6 4x4) that you can use for FREE at ARTSCOW. Just drag and drop your photos and it's done.